5 Brilliant Blushes to Fake That Summer Glow All Winter Long

Is winter leaving your skin looking lacklustre? Check out our top 5 blushes to bring back that gorgeous summer glow.

When that familiar chill creeps into the air and department stores deck themselves out in lights, we know the holiday season is well and truly upon us. What does that mean? A perfect excuse to shop, some amazing end of year parties and the return of the Starbucks Gingerbread latte.

We love winter. Our skin? Not so much! Without regular doses of vitamin D, it can be hard to maintain a gorgeous, radiant glow and even the best cared for skin loses some of its lustre.

Don’t despair; the right blush can do wonders to breathe some life back into your complexion. Check out our list of the 5 Best Blushes to keep you looking fresh this winter.

1) NARS Oasis ($29 USD)


NARS are true pros at the blush game. Most beauty junkies swear by their ability to create, smooth, long-lasting and gorgeously pigmented blushes. NARS Oasis is no exception. Pegged as a “sparkling pink champagne” colour, this blush will glide onto your skin in a harmonious marriage of berry and golden shimmer. Did we mention that mauve is totally trending this season?

Apply Oasis with a stippling brush for a gorgeous wash of colour that will help you leave your winter woes behind. If you want a more dramatic finish, use your regular blush brush, but be warned: this baby packs a punch!

Dupe Alert: Girls on a budget who are dying to get their hands on Oasis should check out ELF’s Studio Blush in Berry Merry ($3 USD) for a similarly silky shimmery mauve colour.

2) Benefit Dandelion Box Powder ($28USD)


Check it out here

Okay, so the Benefit Dandelion Powder isn’t strictly billed as a blush… but this gorgeous peachy gold (or “sheer ballerina pink”, according to Benefit) brightening face powder is too perfect for winter not to mention. For those who want to fake a subtle, healthy summer glow without so much as setting foot in the sun, this universally flattering shade will definitely do the trick.

Keep in mind that this brightening powder is marketed at fair to medium ladies and may not show up so well on darker skin.

Dupe Alert: Not willing to shell out $28 for a blush? W7 has got you covered with their similarly packaged pink brightening face powder in Candy Floss (around $5 USD).

3) NARS Orgasm ($28 USD)


Let’s face it – no blush list could ever be complete without the infamous Orgasm blush from NARS. This industry favourite boasts a silky texture and natural finish that will flatter most skin tones. The colour is somewhere between coral and peachy pink and contains just a hint of golden shimmer. This naughtily named blush is a must-have for a youthful, radiant complex all year round.

Dupe Alert: Looking for a cheaper alternative? Some beauty junkies insist that NYX Pinched ($5 USD) is a good match. Although this coral coloured dupe is slightly pinker than Orgasm, it will do wonderfully in a pinch (get it?)!

4) NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks ($6 USD)


Check it out here

Cream blushes are a great choice for those of you who experience dry skin in winter, because they’ll minimise the amount of flaking you’re left to contend with. The NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks has a velvety smooth and easy to blend formula that will help you achieve an oh-so flattering natural flush in no time. Unlike most of the other blushes we’ve discussed, Red Cheeks isn’t pink. It’s actually a sheer, sultry red that will really shine on all your super pale beauties out there.

No need for a dupe here. This price is a steal!

5) Sleek Blush By Three in Pumpkin ($12.49 USD)


Check it out here

A lot of the blushes we’ve discussed so far are aimed at girls with a light to medium complexion. However, if you’ve got a deeper skin tone, this one’s for you.

Sleek’s Blush by Three palette is a great value trio palette, containing the shades Pumpkin Pie (a dusky coral with gold flecks for highlighting), squash (a bright, buildable medium pink) and lantern (a gorgeous matte orange).

These hues will show up perfectly on fair and medium girls, but they look particularly lovely on dark skinned darlings. Lantern is an awesome pick for those wanting to give their sun starved complexion a glowing pick me up.

Again, no dupe here, because we’re dealing with a competitively priced trio palette.

What do most of these blushes have in common (other than a silky texture and impressive wear time)? Golden shimmer. Keep this in mind for your own blush hunt: the best blushes for winter 2013/2014 sport golden flecks to leave your skin illuminated, fresh and totally glowing all season long.

We wanna know: What are your go to blushes for the holiday season?

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