7 Ways To Simplify Your Back To School Makeup Routine

Whether you are going back to school, work or just need some tips on getting out the door faster. These are 7 ways to look polished without sacrificing your arrival time!

Summer is almost over and it is that time of the year when we start having less time for ourselves because we are occupied with classes, homework, and life in general. Getting ready in the morning becomes a daunting task, so we are here to teach you how to always look flawless and spend less time putting on makeup.

1. Double duty products

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There are many products out there that were literally made to make your makeup routine easier and faster. There are other products that are just great in a variety of uses. When I am in a rush I will use my bronzer in the crease of my eye to add a little definition, and if I want to add even more to the look I will use my highlighter as a lid shade.

There are many cheek and lip products out there that act as blush and lip color. Nudestix is a great brand that makes products that can do double duty. They come in a chubby stick format which makes them great for on the go. Bite Beauty is launching their Mutisticks this month and they are going to be usable on your face, eyes and lips!

2. Create a monthly (or weekly) makeup basket

This is something I started doing a few months ago and it has changed the game! If your makeup collection is slightly above average, it can be a hassle reaching in all the drawers, baskets or whatever storage you have to find products to use.

If you have a very large collection it can be a task itself just picking out which items you want. I started a monthly makeup basket, which is the top drawer of my vanity, that contains a few items from each category of makeup that I want to focus on using for that month. A couple foundations, some blushes, lipsticks etc. Not only does this help make sure nothing collects dust in my collection, it takes the guess work out of choosing!

3. Keep your staples out in the open


If you don’t like the idea of a whole monthly or weekly makeup basket, keep your staples out in the open and ready to grab! Things like your favorite brow pencil, mascara, lip balm – all the makeup you know you are going to reach for. If it is small enough, I recommend getting a pencil holder or even a mug and keep them on top of your desk, vanity or counter.

4. Use your hands

As cliché as it sounds, your hands can be your best tool! I have a few BB creams and lightweight foundations that I absolutely love to use my hands with. When blending with your fingers you can easily reach every portion of your face easily. If you are just putting some shadow on your lid, using your finger can not only work but I find putting shadows on my lid gives great pigmentation!

5. Try tinted/semi-permanent products

You have probably seen lots of viral videos floating around showing crazy looking peel off makeup. It seems super gimmicky, but if you are someone who needs to spend the majority of their makeup routine on their eyebrows, these kinds of products could come in handy!

Many Korean brands offer peel off eyebrow tints, that can help bulk up your brows and will last for a few days. This will cut down the time you take to fill them in, or maybe you can skip them all together.

Other products like Wunderbrow, a tinted gel, will do something very similar without the peel off aspect. If you have very light lashes, a tinted mascara may come in handy. Rimmel recently released one that tints your lashes over time, this can cut down on layering mascaras or the desire for false lashes.

6. Skip the unessential

woman applying makeup

As much as I love it, on the days where I’m in a rush, winged liner and a bold lip are just not possible. But, I want it to be done right anyways! The day when you are trying to get out the door quickly is the day your winged liner is going to go wrong and you are going to spend even more time trying to clean up the mess you have made.

I have been there, getting ready for an event, trying to apply false lashes and the glue is EVERYWHERE. If you really want to rock a bold lip or something that requires a little extra time, put it in your bag and apply it if you get a moment once you get into school or work.

7. Wake up 10 minutes earlier

I hate to even make the suggestion, but it’s true! If you are anything like me, you wake up and the first 10 minutes are spent scrolling on your phone, checking emails and maybe some Snapchatting. If you wake up just 10 minutes earlier, you can scroll with ease then head to your makeup table without having to rush!

I hope you find some if not all of these tips helpful! Getting ready can be such a relaxing bit of “me time” to start the day. Comment below with your tips on streamlining your morning routine!

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