Secret Tips For Wearing Dark Lipstick Like A Pro

Now that Labor day has passed, it is time for fall. If you are going for deep and vamp lips, check out our tips for wearing dark lipstick like a pro.

Deep wine and burgundy lipsticks are a classic go-to for fall lipsticks. Depending on the undertone they can suit just about any skin tone. Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb and Dior Rouge Ambitious Matte are two of my favorites.

Berries are a great choice too. They can range from bright to quite deep, I find with most formulas you can dab it on as a stain or layer it up for more intensity.

MAC Rebel is absolute must have, it looks different but gorgeous on everyone. Maybelline Blissful Berry is another more affordable option that has that perfect berry hue.

Brown and rusty oranges have made a comeback from the 90s and are in full force for fall 2016. They can seem unwearable but I encourage you to try!

Bite Beauty Cognac is a deep warm brown that is much more flattering than you’d think. Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Out Loud is a warm orange with a matte but comfortable formula.

Here are a few tips for wearing dark lipstick that will ensure your fall lipsticks look Instagram ready!

Preparation tips for wearing dark lipstick

tips for wearing dark lipstick

It is important to think about “prep work”. It may sound excessive, but if you have ever worn a dark or super matte lipstick with dry cracked lips, you know the struggle.

It is a similar notion to skincare, in the sense that if you have a good skincare routine, your makeup will look that much better. The same applies to your lips.

Exfoliating before applying dark lipstick

As the season changes to fall, the moisture leaves the air and your lips can be left feeling dry and cracked. To ensure you have a smooth canvas to apply your lipstick it is important to exfoliate. In addition to that, the smoother and softer your lips are the fuller they can look!

There are a few ways to go about exfoliating:

1. If you feel like you really won’t have the time to add an extra step into your routine I recommend while in the shower or just out of the shower taking your towel or face cloth and gently rubbing your lips. This won’t do a full exfoliation but it can help with any patchiness.

2. Although I have never tried this myself, a clean dry toothbrush (used solely for exfoliation) when rubbed against the lips with a little petroleum jelly can smooth out any dry skin.

3. I love to create my own DIY exfoliators, you probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen. Sugar, olive or coconut oil, and petroleum jelly will do the trick.

4. If you’d like to purchase one, brands like Bite Beauty and ELF Cosmetics both make them. ELF’s comes in a convenient lipstick shaped tube so you can rub it on with no fingers.

Moisturizing tips for smoother lips

tips for wearing dark lipstick

Once your lips are feeling even and smooth from exfoliating, your next step is moisturizing. Not only will this make your lips feel hydrated underneath potentially drying matte fall lipsticks, but your lips will look better too!

Moisturizing your lips at night is very important. I don’t feel right going to sleep unless my lips have been slathered in something. I personally love very thick, heavy balms at night. When you wake up your lips feel hydrated and soft.

When the product is super thick, you may not want to wear it during the day. So the perfect time to apply it is in the evening after work, or before bedtime.

I love the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm. It contains honey which is a great humectant, that helps to draw moisture into your lips and keep it there.

It also has very small exfoliators in it, so it’s a two in one! Another great option is the Clarins Lip Oil, it’s quite thick – almost feels like liquid honey. Again, that’s why I like to wear this one at night.

During the day, something less intense may be more comfortable, but if you want to wear the above during the day that is more than welcomed by your lips!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve has been go-to of mine for years. While on Accutane and my lips were incredibly dry andI could not get enough of it.

It has a slight rose scent, nothing too “mature”, but that rose adds great hydration without being too sticky or heavy. If you want to add moisture, with a tint of color I recommend the Dior Lip Glow or ELF Lip Tint. Two very different ends of the price spectrum but both add light moisture and a hint of color.

Priming tips for wearing dark lipstick

tips for wearing dark lipstick

Depending on the time your have to do your makeup and your previous experiences with deep fall lipsticks, priming may be an option you might want to consider!

You prime your face and eyelids for color, why not the lips. Especially when dealing with dark colors that can either slip around and bleed outside your lip line. Priming can also help with making sure the shade shows up true to color. If you have particularly pigmented lips, this could be an issue you run into.

If you find your lips are quite pigmented and they alter the shades of your lipsticks, a tinted primer is a great option. NYX makes a lip primer that comes in 2 different shades, which I really appreciate because not everyone is of the same skin tone.

MAC also has a similar product called Lip Erase, and it does just that. These products will help to ensure your natural lip color does not interfere with your lipstick and gives you a blank canvas to work with. In a pinch, or if you don’t want to spend the extra cash you can always apply a little concealer to your lips, this, however, can be a little drying.

When it comes to deep fall lipsticks, another primer that can really save the day is a primer that will smooth the lips along with stopping your lipstick from feathering.

The can be called primers or invisible lip liners. Urban Decay makes the Ozone Multipurpose Lip Primer; it comes in a chubby stick or lip liner style pencil.

This has jojoba oil for moisture but also smooths lips for lipstick application along with stopping the lipstick from feathering or bleeding outside of your lip line. ELF makes a lip primer/plumper that does something very similar if you are looking for a more affordable option.

Dark lipstick application tips

tips for wearing dark lipstick

It can be scary working with deep fall lipsticks. You want your lip lines to look crisp and clean. Lip liner, concealer, and a lip brush can be your best friend.

Lip liners: I didn’t really understand lip liners for a long time. I wasn’t sure if they had to match my lipstick exactly, if I should totally fill in my lips, or if I should overline my lips to make them look fuller.

But don’t be scared, especially when it comes to fall lipsticks, they can help with application and wear time. I recommend picking up a liner that is a few shades deeper than your lip color. This way you can use it with just about any lipstick, light or dark.

In addition to that, it can’t hurt to have a deep wine or berry shade dependant on the colors you normally wear. Make sure your liner is nice and sharp to ensure you are getting a sharp line, this will make your lipstick a nice clean line.

I like to fill in entire lips with the liner, this gives you extra wear time on your lipstick. If your lipstick wears off there should still be some lip liner to back you up and give your lips color. My personal favorite lip liners are from ColourPop, Make Up For Ever and essence cosmetics.

Concealer: When things go array or if you just want that Instagram-worthy lip look, grab for your concealer. Make sure it is a shade that more or less matches your skin color.

Take a lip brush or another small precise brush that will allow you to draw a thin line around your lips and clean up any areas where your lipstick got onto your skin.

Make sure to blend it out so you don’t have an unwanted concealer line around your lips! I also like to close my mouth, protecting my lips and dust some powder around to set it all.

Lip brush: This isn’t for everyone! I personally have only done it once or twice. If you have a particularly dark or staining fall lipstick you can opt for a lip brush. This will allow you to get a precise application that just may not be possible with a lipstick tube or doe foot applicator.

Do you prep your lips before applying dark lipsticks? Do you have any more tips that we haven’t mentioned? Leave your tips for achieving the perfect fall lip in the comment section down below!


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