How To Find A Suitable Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

You can wear any lipstick color, but there are specific colors that makes us shine and pop. Find out here!

Who doesn’t love lipstick? The first lipsticks were made from readily available natural sources like fruit and plant juices. While these natural lipsticks are the healthiest, they don’t last very long.

This led to the need for a stronger—and longer-lasting—pigmentation. For example, Mesopotamian women ground precious gems and used the dust to give their lips an appealing glimmer. However, it was the Egyptians who made the most significant advancements in the manufacturing of lipstick.

Egyptian royalty, clergy, and aristocrats used several types of lipsticks, but some of them contained poisonous ingredients, such as nickel, that caused serious illness and even death. That is why many modern companies eventually stopped producing lipsticks that contained high levels of nickel.

Today, even though companies continue to improve the manufacturing of their lipsticks, the products still have some chemicals. In a response to this, we are returning to more natural and safer ingredients.

Having more options is great, but you also need to know which lipstick color suits you best based on your skin tone. While you can wear any color you like, some colors just suit us better. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Dark skin tone


Women with this skin tone can rock white and yellows, and they’re lucky because their skin tone mostly stays the same year round. Golden beiges, dark fuchsias, browns and magentas all look fantastic with this skin tone. In particular, fuchsia adds a glow.

If you’re after a shade of red, I recommend sticking to cool, deep and orange shades of this vibrant color. For nudes, you can’t go wrong with a brown, chocolate or peachy brown while dark pink is your most flattering shade if you’re after a more girly color.

Tanned or olive skin tone

This skin tone is considered to be the ideal because you never need to use bronzer or worry about tanning. The most flattering colors for this skin tone are dark reds, magenta, dark pinks and dark oranges.


When choosing a red lipstick, stick to those that are true reds or have a pink or cranberry base. For a nude lipstick, choose a taupe, warm brown or mauve brown. As for a pinks, any dark shade is a good choice, but hot pink will look especially fabulous on you.

Medium skin tone


Having a medium skin tone means that you have the best of both worlds and can look for colors that are neither too dark nor too bright. You can rock mostly medium pinks, reds, corals and oranges.

You also have the widest choice of reds as all the shades suit you. However, I recommend intense reds or those with a hint of orange. For nudes, opt for a medium brown or peach.

Finally, medium and rosy pinks are good choices for this skin tone.

Light skin tone


Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can wear any color if you have a light skin tone. While it’s true that pastels and warm colors look great on you, beige, light pink, golden brown and light peach look just as good.

Keep to coral reds or those with orange undertones while light nude, beige or nudes are your best choices for more natural colors. Light pink is another shade you should choose, but sandy, peachy and pale colors are just as good.

Lipstick is great for when we want to add a touch of color, but not too much makeup. It’s a cheap(er) and easy way to glam up an outfit when you can’t afford that new dress you really want.

Changing your shade of lipstick can also change your entire look.

If you’re after fuller lips—or at least the illusion of fuller lips—apply a lip gloss over the center of your lips. For the opposite effect, use a darker color. It’s amazing what you can do with lipsticks.

Let us know your favorite colors, textures and trips when applying makeup.


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