What Your Favorite Lipstick Shade Says About Your Personality

Each lipstick packs a punch and makes a statement. With so many colors to choose from, sometimes the problem is figuring out what that lipstick color suggests.

There are so many colors and shades of lipsticks that it’s hard to choose which one to wear. However, the most popular color tones that almost every woman has in her lipstick arsenal have certain meanings.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a color because of your outfit, but sometimes it’s hard because of the message you are trying to convey.

Of course, personality comes into play with color choice. In most cases, your go-to color is the color that represents you best.

Brown shades


These shades are very natural and not too bright. They are generally preferred by women who are dependable, down-to-earth, warm, comfortable, relaxed and calm. Some would say that those who are drawn to these tones see the good in everything and don’t get worked up easily.

Wearing a toned-down color can also hint at a shy personality because you remain neutral with these shades. These shades are great to wear with a statement outfit when you don’t want to have overly bright lips that clash, or in the workplace where hot pink is less suitable.

Orange shades

Orange is a fun, exciting, intriguing and creative color that tells people you are adventurous, warm, kind, light-hearted and always smiling. This color makes a bold statement; it shows that you are confident in whom you are, and are always willing to put yourself out there no matter the challenge.

Orange is a popular trend this year and goes with many trending outfits.

As orange fades to peach tones, the meaning changes. It is similar to orange, but peach is more toned down. It is still warm, fun, light and warm-hearted, but not as wild and out there as bright orange.

Pink shades


As spring approaches, a variety of shades of pink are emerging and becoming very popular. Whether it’s a shade that’s barely there or a bright hot pink, you are bound to make a statement.

Pink, regardless of the shade, is a color that is still predominantly associated with women, so any shade suggests a sense of innocence, girlishness and fun.

Pink is great for various outfits. Light shades have a calmer, lighter quality that suggests a more relaxed yet happy and fun personality. It isn’t bold, but it’s certainly feminine and provides a great pop of color.

Light shades of pink make a person seem more tender and loving. In comparison, brighter pinks are generally associated with big and loud personalities; they tend to signal constant and guaranteed fun like orange.

Those who are drawn to bright pink tend to be outgoing, sociable and bubbly. Regardless of the shade, pinks are very floral and look amazing with most outfits.

Purple shades


Berries, purples, violets, plums—all have been a big hit for the last few seasons and are still going strong. Both dark and light tones match dozens of outfits, and are even becoming very popular nail polish colors.

The darker the color, the more regal a person looks. No matter how dark or light the shade, purples are also perceived to be very romantic.

Wearing berry colors, which tend to be deep and lush, not too dark but not also too bright, make you look strong, independent, reliable and powerful, yet still feminine. This color goes with so many outfits and is very regal, romantic, sophisticated, but also dangerously sexy.

Wearing these tones could make people think you are a risk taker and spontaneous.

Lighter tones of purples and mauve are also romantic, but make the wearer appear less mysterious, intense and passionate compared to darker berry tones. These shades are just as trendy though, and similar to light pink lipsticks.

They are perceived to be fun, girly, light and warm-hearted. They will make you feel very flowery, and suit spring outfits beautifully.

Red shades


Sexy, dramatic, passionate, fierce, strong, loving, regal: these are just some of the qualities conveyed by the boldness of red lipstick. Red lipstick can tell people a lot about your personality before they even talk to you.

Personally, this is my favorite color to wear as it is a color of power and expresses so much feeling and emotion. This color not only makes a statement, but also shows that you are confident, proud, fun and exciting.

The color you wear doesn’t define you or mean that you are everything it suggests. These are just traits that are commonly associated with these particular shades, and the messages conveyed to others through your choice of lipstick.

All of the colors mentioned here are on trend and versatile in the outfits they accompany. The most important thing is to ensure that the lipstick color you choose to wear makes you happy and conveys what you want it to convey. If you have any great lipstick finds, feel free to share them below!


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