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Fool-proof make up tips that will work anytime and for every occasion! Here's all you need to know about make up.

Every girl has a makeup routine which can be simple – blush, gloss and mascara – or complicated and time-consuming. Well, we all do what we can to look our best, but there are a couple of things you need to know that will make your routine easier and more effective. All of these rules are universal, so they will work for any occasion, whether you’re just running down to the store or going to a fancy party.

Even Out The Skin Tone

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A good foundation is… well… the foundation of a well made-up face. Choose a quality product that is right for your skin type, and do not be fooled by a good color into choosing something that will run or dry out quickly. The tone should be the closest to your natural skin color. Try it at the store, and if you can’t see it’s there, that’s the one you should choose. Apply to clean, moisturized skin. If you want to know more about how to make your skin look glowing and healthy, head on over to our skincare tips.

Foundation – Using a makeup sponge, apply a thin coat all over your face to even out the skin tone. Remember to rub into the edges of the face to blend it towards your hairline and neck, to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask.

Concealer – The best friend of every girl who hasn’t had her eight hours of beauty sleep! Apply lightly to any areas that need covering, especially under your eyes. Use your fingers and tap it lightly onto the skin, instead of rubbing it in. This will set it better and avoid creasing.

Powder – Using a large brush, dust powder all over your face. It will absorb skin oils and set your foundation for the next steps.

Oh My, You’re Blushing!

Whether you put it on every day or never go near the stuff, you should know that a good blush is the key to your face looking fresh and beautiful. It’s also ideal for making little optical illusions such as accentuating features.

Using a round brush, apply it to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards. Choose a natural looking shade of rose or peach to give your face just a hint of color.

Wonderful Eyes

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Just mascara, eye shadow or heavy eyeliner? Well, depends on the occasion, but there are rules you should always follow. Eyes are what other people notice first about your face, so play them up as best as you can – make them look bigger, brighter, more alluring… Here are three looks that work for every occasion.

Mascara – Put just a bit of shimmering eye shadow in the crease of the eye, and do both upper and lower eyelashes with two coats of black mascara. Easy and effective!

Eyeliner – Trendy since forever, just a line of it will make you look dolled-up and glamorous. Go with black for a fool-proof look, or experiment with other dark colors. If you’re not sure how to put it on to get the perfect cat-eye look, click here to watch a great tutorial.

Smoky eye – Make your eyes stand out with smoky eye shadow that never goes out of style. A lighter version will work for both day and night, work and play, while the full, black look should be done only in the evening. Get the vixen look by checking out our Kim Kardashian smoky eye tutorial here.

Luscious Lips

Professional Make up Lipgloss

Draw looks to your pout by using a lovely shade of gloss or lipstick. Lightly draw in your lips with a lip pencil, and blend in color with your fingertip.

Gloss – You may think this is the “lighter” version of lipstick, but you’re wrong! Gloss can look inviting, glamorous and sexy. Choose a shade close to your natural lip color, or try out a bold hue to really get people’s attention.

Lipstick – We’re rooting for red on this one! Red lipstick is a makeup must-have for every woman. Feminine, sexy, eye-catching, if you wear the right shade and quantity of it, you will look impeccable in every occasion. Find out how to get it right every time with this helpful tutorial.

Always Do This

Check your make up every 30 minutes or so, just a quick glance in your compact will do. Wipe off anything that may have smudged, and reapply anything that needs reapplying. Not sure if you have too much makeup on? Check out these helpful tips.


Whatever you do, never, ever, do bold eyes and lips at the same time. You will look overdone and older. And if you really overdo it, there’s a chance kids will point to you in the street and ask for a balloon animal. You do not want to be mistaken for a clown. Also, never pick a really dark blush, because your face will look like you’ve been in a fistfight.

Never combine dark lip pencil with a bright gloss or lipstick. Never draw your lips way outside their natural edges. Don’t get too trigger-happy with your mascara, or your lashes will clump together and make your eyes look freaky.

What are your ultimate make-up products, ladies? Any Do’s and Don’ts or personal peeves you would like to share? Let us know!

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