Summer 2015’s Hottest Makeup Trends

The summer season brings the world of makeup to a whole new level. Here’s what beauty lovers are using to summer-proof their makeup bags this year.

Every beauty enthusiast knows that each season comes with new and exciting makeup trends, which are accompanied by the latest and greatest beauty products on the market.

There will always be cosmetic products that are must haves all year long, but these products in particular have been made to achieve this summer’s most desired look: a youthful and sun-kissed glow.

Illuminating Primers


In order to look like you’re glowing from within, prep the skin with an illuminating primer rather than a matte one. This will make the skin look 10 times healthier and glowing before even applying foundation.

The goal is to use makeup to make the skin look natural and like your own, but better and with enhanced features. If you stumble upon anything that has the word ‘illuminating’ in its description, add it to your shopping list, including L’Oréal’s Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer.

Dewy Foundations

Matte foundations had their time in the spotlight, now it’s the dewy foundation’s time to shine—literally. Dewy foundations tend to look less cakey and makeup-like on the skin by giving off more of a natural finish and reflecting natural light. This is everything we want in a foundation in summer.

You want your skin to look as if you’ve stepped off of the beach—hydrated and glowing. A good foundation to try for this look is L’Oréal’s True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup. For a sheer and more natural application, try using a beauty sponge with a small amount of product and build up the coverage if needed.

Sheer Bronzers


A sheer tan bronzer is the key product that will emanate a sun-kissed complexion. This isn’t to be confused with contouring shades, which are often deep cool tones used to chisel out facial features and add structure to the face.

Using a warm terracotta toned bronzer with a natural sheen dusted around the outside of the face will warm up the skin and keep it from looking monotone and flat without making the skin appear too structured and made-up. In this case, it’s okay to select a bronzer with a slight shimmer, but try not to go overboard with sparkle. This will take away from the natural look that’s being sought.


Cosmetic highlighters as a concept altogether have only recently become more available on the market to the average beauty lover. Now that we can all get our hands on one, they’re a complete game-changer for summer makeup. No other powder, blush or foundation will achieve the look of lifted features and a youthful glow like a golden champagne highlighter.

It’s important to apply any highlighting product with a light hand. More times than not, a little goes a long way. Easily placed with a fan brush on the tops of the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and center of the nose, a facial highlight is the icing on the cake when doing your makeup for a summer day. Makeup artist and beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill recently launched a highlighter shade with Becca Cosmetics called Champagne Pop that is perfectly universal for all skin tones.

Lashes Galore

Everyone loves a good mascara any day of the year. However, summer makeup trends focus more on emphasizing the lashes without eyeliner to create a more natural but still glamorous look. There’s no need for a dramatic winged eyeliner when you’re spending the day lounging at the beach. However, a waterproof mascara might come in handy.

Glossy Lips


To go along with the goal to look hydrated and healthy, a glossy lip can pull together any summer makeup look. It’s an effortless step in your makeup routine that will still make a statement, and can easily be thrown into your bag for on the go makeup application whether you’re headed to the beach or a girls’ night out.

Hydrating Facial Sprays

Not only is it important to keep our bodies hydrated by drinking water all summer long, but our skin also needs extra moisture during this time of year, especially while wearing makeup.

There are plenty of facial sprays than can be spritzed over the skin before and after makeup application not only to keep the skin hydrated, but to keep makeup looking fresh all day long. A staple in most beauty bags is Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ facial spray.

It’s not necessary to swap out every item in your makeup bag when summer comes around. Even one or two of these products implemented into your daily makeup routine will put a summer twist on your everyday look. The joy to wearing makeup is being able to experiment with your routine differently each day, regardless of the season.

Please don’t hesitate to share some of your must have summer makeup products with YouQueen!

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