The 3 Best Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes and Dark Hair

If you’re a blue eyed beauty, you can’t miss this. I’m going to show you, step by step, how to choose the best make up for blue eyes.

Are you a blue eyed babe with bold black or beautiful brunette hair? Then this article is for you! Today, I’m going to show you three gorgeous eye makeup ideas for making blue eyes pop against the backdrop of your dark, luxurious locks.

They say blondes have more fun, but from the moment I ditched my naturally blonde hair for black, people started remarking, “you’ve got the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.” Did my eyes get bluer? Of course not! However, the stark contrast of dark hair blue eyes instantly intensifies your baby blues for a more dramatic appearance. Adding the right eye makeup to this already enchanting combo can take your look to the next level!

Not sure how to select the best makeup for blue eyes? The secret lies in the colour wheel.


The Basics

Colour theory explains that the hue opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel will best compliment your eyes. This is known as a complementary colour scheme. That’s why so many eye makeup ideas for blue eyes revolve around warm, gold shades of eye shadow. This technique works well, but who really wants to limit themselves to just three or four shades of orange? Not me. Fortunately, there are other ways you can draw divine inspiration from the colour wheel:

Triadic: This colour combination describes the use of three colours that are spaced evenly around the colour wheel. For example, yellow, blue-green and violet.

Analogous: This term describes sets of colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. The primary or second colour is generally the dominant colour, with the two colours on either side being tertiary.

Now that we’ve covered a little theory, it’s time to get into the good stuff, like how you can use this info to create the best makeup for blue eyes.

Look 1: Complementary – Copper (with a hint of gold)

Although complementary colour schemes aren’t the most original, they are a fool-proof way to create a look that will perfectly highlight your beautiful blue eyes. If you’re not super confident with makeup application yet, I recommend you start here, as complementary colour combos are more forgiving than their bolder counterparts.


In this gorgeous example of complementary colours in use, the copper in the crease serves to enhance the blue of the wearer’s eye. To recreate this look, just follow the steps below:

  • Prime your eyes to intensify the colour pay off and keep your eye shadow from creasing. Then, apply a subtle golden beige colour (like Tarina Tarintino Jasper) all over your lid.
  • Next, apply a shimmery copper eye shadow (think Urban Decay’s Chopper) to the outer v of your eye, bringing the colour upwards and outwards (like an extension of your lower lash line) until it creates a dramatic wing. Sweep the colour gradually inwards, letting it fade out smoothly just before it reaches your inner corner.
  • Taking a matte white (Mac Pick Me Up) or champagne colour, highlight your brow bone. Then, switch to a fluffy blending brush to buff out any harsh edges and smooth the transition between your copper crease colour and highlight.
  • Using your favourite liquid or gel eyeliner, line your upper lid as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Line your waterline with a black or brown eyeliner pencil. Then, smudge the colour along your lower lash line with a q-tip until it meets the bottom of your outer v. If you’re craving more dramatic definition, intensify the colour by layering a dark brown eye shadow over the top.
  •  Finish by applying a generous coat of volumising mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Let’s face it, there’s a reason it’s a go-to look for so many girls with dark hair and blue eyes. It’s warm and work-friendly with just a touch of sensuality.

Look 2: Triadic – Yellow, blue-green, blue-violet

When you’re ready to get a little more adventurous, it’s time to tackle one of my favourite eye makeup ideas. Just take a look at this gorgeous triadic combo of yellow, blue-green and blue-violet.


If you’re usually a neutrals kinda girl, this eye-catching colour combo is a great way to slip into something a touch fancier for a fun night out.

  • As usual, prime your eyelids with an eye primer of your choice. This will deepen the colours you place over the top and keep your eye shadow from fading during the day. Then, highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a white or very pale pearlised yellow (like Tarina Tarintino Wonderful #1).
  • Taking a flat, stiff eye shadow brush, pat an antique gold colour (think Urban Decay Maui Wowie) onto the inner third of your eye.
  • Using the same brush, pick up a glittery lavender colour (such as Maybelline Potent Purple) and apply it to the center of your lid, working your way to the outer third of your eye.
  • Switching to a small, angled brush and starting at your outer corner, take the same purple colour two thirds of the way along your lower lash line. Fill in the rest of your lower lash line with the antique gold colour.
  • With a dark, teal eye shadow (like Sephora Midnight Swim) on your crease brush, work this colour into your crease, starting from your outer v. Don’t be afraid to overlap with the edge of your purple colour, as this will create a beautiful gradient.
  • Switching to a fluffy blending brush, sweep the teal colour back and forth in your crease, gradually drawing it up towards the brow bone.
  • Now, highlight your brow bone with a warm beige (Too Faced White Chocolate) or matte white eye shadow. Blend the colour down into your teal crease colour, making the transition between the two colours as natural as possible.
  • Line your waterline with a black eyeliner pencil, then apply a coat of volumising mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

This totally glam combination is flirty and playful with a subtle hint of mystery.

Look 3:  Analogous – Blue, green, blue-green

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told that you shouldn’t pair blue eye shadow with blue eyes. This amazing, sea-inspired analogous look definitely proves that theory wrong.


The real key to enhancing your blue or blue-green eyes is to select a shade of blue that’s less vibrant than your eyes themselves. This will keep your makeup from washing out your eye colour.

  • Prime your eyes with your fave eye primer to keep your eye shadow from creasing and fading throughout the day. Next, apply a shimmery turquoise colour (like Milani Teal the Truth) to the inner third of your eye.
  • Next, pick up a vibrant grass green colour (try Urban Decay Graffiti) on a flat, stiff brush and pack it onto the center of your lid, carefully blending it with your turquoise colour.
  • Select a frosty midnight blue (think Makeup Geek Ocean Breeze) and apply it liberally to your outer v, connecting it up with the grass green eye shadow. Switching to a small, angled brush, drag the colour downwards from your outer corner, taking it two thirds of the way along your lower lash line (the inner corner should remain turquoise).
  • Using a crease brush, work a dark olive green (like theBalm #42) into your crease, starting at the outer v, so that the density of the colour gradually tapers off towards the inner corner of your eye (a dark colour in the inner corner will make your eyes look smaller).
  • With a fluffy blending brush, apply a matte white colour to your brow bone in a windscreen wiper motion. Work the colour downwards until it blends seamlessly with your crease colour.
  • Keep your upper eyeliner subtle so it doesn’t eclipse those lovely colours. You can achieve this by tightlining your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, using a waterproof dark blue or black eyeliner pencil, line your waterline.
  • Apply a coat or two of waterproof mascara to your top and bottom lashes to finish the look.

This absolutely stunning sea blue eye makeup will definitely turn heads, especially on a brunette.

The three colour principles we’ve discussed today can be applied to any set of colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment and mix-and-match. However, for the tried and true best makeup for blue eyes, you can’t go past the stunning colour combinations pictured above.

Give a complementary, triadic or analogous colour scheme a go this weekend. You’ll be amazed at how many people get lost in your breath-takingly blue eyes!

Do you follow the ‘rules’ when it comes to picking eye shadow colours for your eye colour? 

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