These Pinterest Makeup Hacks Actually Work

With thousands of beauty tutorials available on Pinterest, which ones have been proven to work? We give you Pinterest makeup hacks that will make your life easier.

Imagine living in a world where you can achieve a salon-quality manicure, healthy hair and a bright white smile without having to leave the comfort of your home. Does it sound too good to be true?

The idea of ‘lazy girl beauty’ has taken the internet by storm as of late with countless tips and tricks on how to transform into a goddess by your own doing, with materials you probably already have in your cabinets.

After sifting through many obvious fails and the downright bizarre, here are Pinterest makeup hacks with the most potential for success.

The Triangle Concealer Hack


A concealer trick that works to cover up dark circles while simultaneously highlighting? Count me in! Luckily, with just a simple change to your usual application, this face brightening technique will become an essential part of your routine.

Start by choosing an illuminating concealer, one that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Instead of the traditional dotting method, take your finger, a brush or concealer wand and draw an inverted triangle underneath your eyes.

How far down you decide to go with the angle will vary depending on your face shape, but, as a guideline, try not to go below the bottom of the nose. Fill in the shape with a few dashes of the product and blend away.

Set the concealer with a face powder to lock it in place and prevent any product from sinking into the under eye creases throughout the day.

Olive Oil as Makeup Remover


Why spend tons of cash on expensive oil cleansers when you can make your own from ingredients in your pantry? While some types of natural oils are comedogenic (meaning they can clog pores and create acne breakouts), there are many that are not and can be used as an organic alternative to harsh cleansers and other makeup removing solutions.

Olive oil makes a great cleansing oil for all skin types as it works to gently draw out any dirt and oil deep within the pores. After just one wash, the skin is left clean, but not stripped, and completely moisturized with a beautiful, soft glow.

It can also be used to remove most makeup from the skin, but may be too mild for some products that are labeled waterproof or long-lasting.

Instant Smoky Eye with a Hashtag


Creating the perfect, sultry, smoky eye has never been this easy. All that you need is your favorite foundation, a smudgeable eyeliner and, of course, mascara. Start with a layer of foundation that will even out your skin tone and provide a base for smooth blending.

There are a few different techniques you can use depending on what flatters your eye shape as well as what you find the easiest. The basic concept is to draw several short lines from the lid outwards and from the edge of those lines into the middle of the crease. For better visualization, think of it almost like a slanted hashtag symbol in the outer corner of your eye.

With the lines in place, take your finger and smudge it out. The goal is to create a smoky effect, so blend as much as you can, adding more layers of liner as needed. Finish off with more eyeliner on the lower lashes and a few coats of your favorite mascara to complete the look.

Spoons as Tools

Utilizing this common kitchen utensil works due to its practical shape for use on the face. When placed in various positions around the contours of your bone structure, it can be used as a guard or a guide to apply makeup to specific areas.

From eyebrows to chees, play with different angles and see how it works for you. The best part? Wash it and reuse it anytime you like; no repurchasing necessary!

Fake Being Awake with Nude Eyeliner

While we all wish there was more time in the day dedicated to beauty sleep, all it takes is a little makeup to fake a few more hours of rest. Take a nude-colored eyeliner and apply it to the inner rims of the eyes, being careful to avoid coating the eyelashes.

This trick will work with many light colored liners, even white. However, the effect will be more natural and subtle when using a flesh-tone or nude shade.

The Art of Baking


No, we’re not talking about cupcakes here! Baking your makeup is the process of applying a layer of powder on the face and letting it sit for a period of time. Most commonly, this trend is used after blending under-eye concealer not only to improve its longevity, but also to prevent creasing and fading.

Try baking your makeup with a light face powder to set your liquid or cream products and create a matte finish, while increasing the longevity of wear. A similar tip is to dust translucent powder onto your lips with a tissue in between to both protect the lip color and keep it looking vibrant.

Homemade Brush Cleaner


There are tons of recipes available online that substitute expensive store-bought brush cleansers, which are potentially packed with harsh chemicals. While what you use is up to your personal preference and budget, generic baby shampoo, dish soap, witch hazel and olive oil have all been proven to get the job done.

The usual method includes pouring a small amount of the solution onto your hand and rubbing all of the makeup from out of the bristles. Rinse until the water is clear and squeeze out any excess until the fibers feel just damp. Dry the brushes upside down if possible to prevent any damage to delicate parts of the handle.

Heat Your Products

While playing with fire might seem like a dangerous idea, when done carefully, it can be very useful in enhancing different types of beauty products.

To make eyeliner apply in a richer, smoother consistency, wave the tip of it past the flame of a lighter just enough to make contact with the heat for a second. Wait a moment for it to cool down, and test out the effect on the back of your hand before applying to your eyes.

If your mascara has dried up or appears clumpy on the lashes, soak the sealed tube in warm water to soften the product inside and create a more emollient formula. Similarly, to enhance the effect of your eye lash curler, use a hair dryer on the low or medium setting to warm up the rubber edge to make a more dramatic curl that lasts longer.

While all at-home beauty hacks are not made equal, the ones that do work are worth the results of experimentation. Let us know which of these you would most like to test for yourself.

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