4 Steps to Treating Sunburns

Summer is the season of sunbathing and spending a lot of time at the beach. Unfortunately all this fun sometimes ends with some nasty sunburns. Here’s how to treat them!

Sometimes the most amazing days spent at the beach, leave you with a painful sunburn. Fortunately, you can treat most cases of sunburns at home – only its severe forms require medical help. If you’re suffering from a not-so-serious sunburn, here’s what you should do, in order to treat it efficiently:

1. Prevent It

The best way to be safe from sunburns is to prevent them. It’s not very hard to do that – all you need is a high SPF sun cream, sunglasses and a hat. If you have fair skin, be extremely careful since your skin is more prone to sunburns.

Apply the sun cream at least 30 minutes before leaving the house, and reapply it every two hours – you’ll be safe enough to hang out at the beach! However, no matter how cautious you are, the sun still has a negative effect on the skin, so you should stay out of it between 11am and 5pm.

2. SOS

If you’ve underestimated the sun and ended up leaving the beach with a nasty sunburn – here’s how to treat it. If your skin looks burnt, and also feels bad, and it hurts, run a cool bath and soak in it. After finishing the bath, use some calamine lotion that will help to relieve the sunburn symptoms. Although applying calamine might cause itching, it is very effective in treating sunburns.

3. Rehydrate

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In summer, it’s very important to stay hydrated. You should do it both inside and out – drink plenty of fluids and take lukewarm, or cool, baths in order to rehydrate the sunburnt skin. Stick to water and ice tea, and avoid drinking alcohol – alcohol will dehydrate you and won’t help treating the sunburns.

4. Moisturize

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After a while your skin will start feeling dry and uncomfortable, and that’s when you should start moisturizing. Do not apply moisturizers to open blisters. If you have oversensitive skin, use products that are not perfumed – they’re less likely to irritate your skin.

Choose moisturizers that contain natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, that have a soothing effect, and can help you to fight sunburns. Instead of usual moisturizers, another natural soother you could use is yogurt – apply it all over the sunburnt skin. Use unflavored yogurt and make sure it’s cool!

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