6 Trendy Ways to Do Your Eyeliner

Feel like you’re stuck in a beauty rut? Refresh your makeup routine in time for the weekend with these 6 simple but trendy ways to do your eyeliner!

Whether you’re a complete beauty junkie or someone who just throws on a lick of lipstick as she heads out the door, you probably have a least one much-loved eyeliner in your makeup stash. The question is: Are you making the most of it? Sure, it’s tempting to stick with your tried-and-true liner technique every weekend, but there are so many different ways to do eyeliner you’re missing out on. It’s time to be bold and branch out with these 6 trendy ways to do your eyeliner!

#1 Natural Eyeliner


Who says simple eyeliner can’t be trendy? Let’s get back to the basics with this classic natural eyeliner look. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw a smooth, medium black line as close to your upper lash line as possible. This will accentuate your lashes and attract attention to your eyes.

Next, use an eyeliner pencil to colour in your waterline. A rich, dark brown is perfect for a natural style and will flatter older eyes. Smudge your pencil liner out a bit to soften the look further if desired.

Eyeliner Tip: If you want a more defined look, use liquid liner on your upper lash line, but for a softer effect, opt instead for an eyeliner pencil. Having trouble creating an even line? Start by applying little dashes along your lash line then connect them to form a single solid line.

#2 Invisible Eyeliner


One of our favorite, totally underrated ways to do eyeliner is tightlining – also known as invisible eyeliner. Tightlining is a great way to achieve alluring eyes while maintaining an effortless no makeup look. This clever technique will also help you create the illusion of enviably long lashes even if you skip mascara.

To tightline your eyes, gently pull up your eyelid to expose your upper waterline. Using a soft eyeliner pencil, carefully apply the product from the inner part of your eye outwards, going over the line until you get the desired opacity. To intensify your look, just add a hint of eyeliner beneath your lower lash line.

Eyeliner Tip: Make sure your eyeliner pencil is soft when tightlining, so you don’t have to apply unnecessary pressure to your delicate waterline.

#3 Colored Eyeliner


No list of trendy ways to do your eyeliner would be complete without colored liner. Colored eyeliner is a quirky, creative and quick way to dress up your makeup routine without having to learn a whole new technique. To get the look, simply swap your trusty black liner for an eye-popping colored pencil or liquid liner.

Colored eyeliner isn’t always about rocking an intense, edgy pop of color though. Next time you’re heading out on an hour’s sleep, fake awake by applying white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes and along your waterline. This will brighten the eye area and open up your eyes.

Eyeliner Tip: The hottest colors for spring 2014 are aqua and hot pink, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Be bold and pair a lick of orange liner with your favourite tangerine dress!

#4 Cat Eye (Pin-Up) Eyeliner


Of all the trendy ways to do your eyeliner, the ever popular cat eye is one of the sexiest. The sultry cat eye eyeliner or pin-up style is just as hot now as it was during the raging 1920s. So, next time Friday night rolls around, ditch your corporate makeup and break out this glam evening look.

Using a black gel or liquid eyeliner, carefully line your upper lash line. Your line should be the thinnest at your inner eye and gradually taper outward as it reaches the outer corner of your eye. Imagine an invisible line connecting the outer corner of lash line to the end of your eyebrow.

Extend your eyeliner so it flicks upward at this angle then fill in any gaps. Voilá! You have a cat eye!

Eyeliner Tip: While liquid liner offers the most polished look, beginners can start by using their favorite eyeliner pencil for a softer, more forgiving line.

#5 Double Flick Eyeliner


If the classic cat eye is already one of your go-to ways to do your eyeliner, the double flick style is a super easy and fun way to refresh the look.

Start by drawing in your usual cat eye eyeliner with a liquid or gel liner then simply add a second, smaller upturned flick in front of your first wing. Easy, right?

Eyeliner Tip: Beginners may find it easier to add their second flick by extending a line upwards from the edge of their lower lash line. In this case, it should be longer than the first wing.

#6 Arabic Eyeliner


Arabic eyeliner is mysterious, seductive and definitely not for the faint hearted. It involves lining the entirety of the eye and finishing both ends of your line with a dramatic feline flick. If you’re looking for a bold and challenging new look, this might just be it! Start by creating a classic cat eye, as described in look 4.

Once you’re happy with the thickness, length and angle of your wing, it’s time to amp things up a little. Do this by extending your eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye in a sideways ‘v’ until it joins up with your lower lash line. Switch to a pigmented black eyeliner pencil to fill in your waterline to complete the shape.

Eyeliner Tip: For a more wearable look, line your waterline with white eyeliner to create a break in the shape.

And there you have it, ladies, 6 trendy ways to do your eyeliner for the weekend!Let us know in a comment what your go-to eyeliner style is!


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