OPI Polishes You NEED This Winter

Sure, you're going to need scarves, gloves, and cute winter boots, but you can't forget one of the most important (not to mention customizable) winter accessories – nail polish! OPI offers an extensive range of colors for the holiday season. Here are a few that are sure to be conversation starters!

“Color So Hot it Berns”

opi color so hot it berns

Who said winter had to be dreary and boring? In fact, it’s the perfect season to spice things up! Get noticed with this bold, red-hot polish that sets any hand ablaze with bright color and shine!

“Metallic 4 Life”

opi metallic 4 life

This pretty, “charcoal sparkle” polish from the Nicki Minaj collection will bring out your star-struck personality, and give your outfit a little extra OOMF. Wear this color on a night out in the city or at a holiday party. It’ll catch anyone’s eye – you’ll get tons of compliments!

“Sweet Heart”

opi sweet heart

Pink is always in season, and this soft, rosy color compliments your blushing cheeks in the winter snow. Sophisticated and subtle, it goes well with many skin tones and most outfits. Try this color for a casual brunch with your girls, or when you just need a cute pop of pink!

“Road House Blues”

opi road house blues

This rich, dramatic blue is your ideal winter color. It’s mysterious, and will make you feel luxurious. It goes best with darker skin tones. This polish is classic-chic, & perfect for evening occasions!

“Over the Taupe”

opi over the taupe

Professional, neutral, and effortlessly chic, you could show off this classic polish anywhere from a business meeting to brunch. It adds a new level of sophistication and elegance to any casual outfit.

“Thanks a Windmillion”

opi thanks a windmillion

This minty blue shade is a must-have this season. You’ll love it’s cool, trendy feel and the way it brightens up your finger tips without being too summer-y.


opi Vampsterdam

This glamorous plum polish certainly lives up to its name by “vamping up” any look. It gives you a solid, bold color with a hint of glitter. Can you say va-va-voom?

Let us know what’s your favorite OPI nail polish ;)

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