6 Ways to Cure Dry Skin

Have you ever washed your face with tap water and found it uncomfortable to smile afterwards? Is wintertime especially difficult for you because you skin turns soar and is peeling off like a mask? Does it itch? If you answered YES to these questions, you are having xeroderma or in plain words – dry skin. Here is how to cure dry skin. Follow our few basic guidelines and implement them into your daily routine.

1. Don’t Spend too Much Time in the Shower

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What? You heard me. No more than two showers a day. It is absolutely forbidden if you have dry skin because tap water dries it out immensely. Also – hot tubs, public pools, having bubble baths in hot water – lower it down to a minimum, its fun but it’s not doing you any good. It’s enough to wash your face and body twice a day, in the morning and in the evening; everything on top of that is just helping your skin run dry. Instead of soap, use different nourishing oils. It will keep your skin moisturized and silky.

2. Don’t go Crazy on Products

Peanut size amount of face wash gel is just enough. If you apply more, it won’t have time to dissolve in hot water and therefore will only cause skin dryness. Apply it gently and don’t rub it aggressively, go from cheekbones to mouth and nose area and back. Rub forehead separately and be careful not to get product into your eyes. If so, rinse immediately. Aloe Vera is your best companion so be sure to use products that contain this healthy plant’s juice. Remember, in this case – less is more.

3. Go Crazy on Nourishing Creams

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Unlike gels and baths, where the extensive amount can be contra productive, you can treat yourself with as much nutritious facial and body creams as you want. Woohoo! Word of advice – don’t stick to just one favorite cream, experiment! Sometimes our skin develops immunity to some healthy components so either use few of them or change them once every 6 months. It’s favorable to apply a generous amount of body cream right after shower and to let it absorb. Don’t dress right after, let it soak in every dry pore on your body. That way, you won’t feel like adopting another woman’s body, usually two sizes smaller than yours. No itching, no tighten skin, just smoothness.

4. Use Anti-allergic, Perfume-free Products if Necessary

Sometimes dry skin is accompanied with allergy to certain components of dry skin product. Usually, you can tell if you’re allergic to some product right after using it, when redness appears and skin begins to itch terribly. If so, wash off with cold water and wait till it goes back to normal. Never use that product again; it won’t change the negative effect. Instead, switch to creams without perfume, artificial colors, or other types of additives. Maybe they won’t look or smell as nice as you thought, but sure will feel better then itching redness.

5. Oil It up!

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This is simple – use nourishing essential oils as much as you can. Oil is your friend, soap is not. Whether you apply it as massage oil or shower oil, it don’t matter, it will feel royally and will do wonders as cure to dry skin. Lavender, grape, olive, coconut, aloe vera, even sunflower oil can bring you comfort and skin smoothness you have been longing for. Go crazy!

6. Home Remedies

Regular beauty products are often not sufficient enough to maintain it hydrated, but many natural nutrients may be of great help!

5 awesome home remedies for dry skin on the face include bananas, avocados, apricots, oatmeal, and Aloe Vera gel. You can use these fruits alone or combined between them, as well as with other additional ingredients such as argan, almond or coconut oil, egg yolk and honey. Have you tried them?

Read on and discover how to use  home remedies for dry skin on the face.

Those were the few basic DO’s and DON’Ts on how to cure dry skin. Change your showering and nourishing habits and watch your dry, sore skin turn into velvet heaven which you deserve. Remember – no soap, no bubble baths and lots and lots of cream and oil. Doesn’t sound so bad, ha girls? Enjoy.


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