These Are The Harmful Skincare Mistakes You Make Every Day

You may think that you know what's best for your skin, but I bet you're making one or more of these harmful skincare mistakes every day without even knowing it. Read on.

We all make harmful skincare mistakes every day. I thought I knew exactly what to do in order to achieve clear and glowing skin, but my skin kept on getting worse and worse, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I decided to pay my dermatologist a little visit, and she had quite a bit to say.

It turns out that I was making terrible skincare mistakes every single day that I never would’ve thought would have that big an impact on my overall complexion. They were really common mistakes that you could be making, too!

Thankfully, once I ditched those bad habits, my skin started clearing up and I was once again blessed with the skin I had when I was 10-years-old—okay; maybe not that flawless. If you want amazing skin, stop making these harmful skincare mistakes.

1. Washing too Fast

woman washing her face

How long do you spend actually washing your face? 30 seconds? A minute? While it is great that you’re washing your face, not washing it for long enough may be causing more harm than good.

If you just rub a cleanser over your face for 30 seconds, you’re not giving the product time to work and really get deep into your pores. Really, you’re only washing away the top layer of dirt and oil that’s on your face when deep in your pores is where you really need the cleansing.

2. Not Rinsing Off Your Face Completely After Washing it

After washing your face, do you just splash on a bit of water and dry it off? While this may make it seem like your face is clean, leaving dirty facial cleanser to sit on your face for hours will cause acne and dryness to occur. Make sure you’re taking the time to rinse your face thoroughly rinsing after washing.

3. Using the Same Towel to Dry Your Face and Your Body

This is one of the most harmful skincare mistakes. I was all too guilty of this—especially since I used the same towel a few days in a row to dry off after a shower. The problem with this is that moisture attracts bacteria and allows it to grow on your towel. While this may be okay for wiping off your body, you never want to get bacteria all over your face after just washing it, do you?

4. Using Water That is Too Hot

I love a scalding hot shower. It helps me to unwind after a long day, but it also dries out my face immensely and causes all sorts of acne to erupt due to my outer barrier being broken down for so long. You should only use lukewarm water to wash your face with in order to avoid the dryness.

5. Not Following Up With a Moisturizer

woman putting on moisturizer

Come on, ladies. I don’t care how moisturizing your face wash claims to be, if it’s meant to get rid of dirt and oil, it’s drying. So many women ditch the moisturizer and make their skin susceptible to dryness, which causes black heads and white heads form, not to mention the wrinkles!

6. Using a Cleansing Brush

Some people swear by cleansing brushes. I have been told that they are far too harsh for the delicate skin on your face. When you’re constantly using a brush on your face, you’re going to cause small tears and weaken the outer layer. Not only that, but these brushes can also house millions of bacteria if you don’t take care of them properly.

7. Using an Exfoliating Cleanser Every Day

Those cleansers with the little beads might make your skin feel soft and amazing, but you’re actually making your skin worse. Over-exfoliating your skin has become a huge epidemic as of late.

Women believe that the more they brush off those dead skin cells, the better their skin will look. While exfoliating is key to having healthy and glowing skin, if you exfoliate too much you can get rid of that skin before it’s ready and expose the skin underneath to harmful bacteria.

8. Not Washing Your Face Post-Workout

I know it’s easy to get a quick workout in and not sweat too much and just forget about washing your face off, but you should always wash after working out! Even if you don’t think you’re sweating much, you are sweating on your face.

Sweat is your body’s way of ridding you of toxins, and if those toxins get out through your facial sweat glands and then sit, unwashed, for an entire day, you’re just loading up your face with toxins and harming your skin.

9. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Often


You use your makeup brushes every day. While you might use them on clean skin, they do pick up oils and moisture from your face, which remain there until you actually wash it off. This means that any oils and bacteria you pick up one day can just be transferred to your face the next. So, be sure to wash your brushes at least once a week.

10. Not Washing Your Face Before Bed

It has been my staple to wash my face before I go to sleep. No matter what I did that day I always want to wash off the dirt and oil that’s built up. You always want to go to bed with a fresh face because it allows your skin time to breath and rejuvenate itself without having to fight off harmful bacteria.

Oh, and remember never to put these 5 things on your face!

If you’re guilty of these harmful skincare mistakes, don’t feel too bad. There are many women making a lot of these same mistakes. Now it’s your job to fix it, and allow your skin to become healthy, glowing, and beautiful.

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  • Using exfoliating cleanser every day can be harsh for your skin and it may cause damage to your skin.
    And I also accept this fact that cleaning Your Makeup Brushes is very much important because it can cause bacterial infection to your skin.
    Thanks for these tips :)