Rosa Mosqueta Oil Benefits

Rosa Mosqueta (also known as hiprose) is a wild rose shrub, which grows in South America, particularly in the Andean part of Chile. The essential oil is obtained from rosa mosqueta hips and contains a very high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Its superb skin healing and beauty properties were well known to the native people of Chile for many centuries. In the recent times, numerous big pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies have started using this oil as one of the main active ingredients of their products. However, let’s take a look at some of the fabulous rosa mosqueta oil benefits.

Reduces Wrinkles and Rejuvenates Skin

Rosa mosqueta oil contains carotenoids, Vitamin A, a high concentration of vitamin C (well known for its rejuvenating and repairing properties) and 77% of essential fatty acids (EFAs). These are of extreme importance for skin tissue regeneration. These acids attract and retain moisture making our skin look younger, healthier and with a more elastic structure.

One of the main ingredients of Rosa mosqueta oil is also retinoic acid (vitamin A). It directly affects skin cells and aids skin renewal and repair. It is used in many anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams produced by major cosmetic houses.

All things considered, rosa mosqueta oil has incredible rejuvenating properties and the capability to retard signs of premature ageing, regenerate skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkle.

You can apply it  directly on the skin or taken orally in capsule form.

Effectively Treats Scars and Stretch Marks

Many scientific studies have proved that rosa mosqueta oil can efficiently attenuate and treat surgical or accidental scars, stretch marks, burns and improve their color. It has strong cell regenerating and wound-healing properties and is very effective in repairing skin structure. It has the capability to replace fibrous and thick scar tissue with new and healthy skin.

If you apply it to post operative scars as soon as stitches have been removed, rosa mosqueta oil can avoid the formation of keloid (lump) scars. It also improves the color and the texture of burn marks. It helps make less visible chickenpox and acne scars, and increases skin elasticity.

With its high amount of fatty acids, rosa mosqueta oil helps hydrate skin, making it look renewed, toned and clean. It also regenerates torn skin tissue and considerably reduces and prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Apply Rosa mosqueta oil 3 times daily and massage into the skin with circular movements. Fore best results use it every day for at least 1-2 months.            

Enhances Skin Tone, Lightens Pigmentation and Protects from Sun Damage

Rosa Mosqueta Oil Benefits

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of certain patches of skin.  Rosa mosqueta has the capability to help skin create new cells, replacing the old ones. As old cells disappear, pigmentation spots lighten.

It is very effective in repairing skin damages caused by overexposure to sun and dehydration. Also, it stimulates tissue repair and evens out skin tone, and is also very efficient in smoothing the drying effects of the sun, which cause the appearance of fine wrinkles around eyes and lips.

Heals Dry And Cracked Lips

You can also use rosehip oil to make your lips less discolored. Combine one teaspoon of coconut oil and two drops of rosehip oil. Coconut oil can be substituted with butter. On your chapped or cracked lips, apply this natural lip conditioner several times per day.

Enhances Eyelashes

Apply the oil gently to your eyelashes by dabbing two to five drops of it onto a cotton ball.

You can make That’s not all. Here is how to make a basic Rose Hip oil.It’s not difficult at all!.

All summed up, isn’t this oil simply miraculous? If you have experienced some rosa mosqueta oil benefits, please tell us about them and leave a comment.

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    • Hi! I’m from Chile and I’ve been using Rosa Mosqueta products for a long time (no skin expert this time, sorry) and, regarding pimples, what it does is hydrating the skin and erasing/preventing scars. Depending on your skin type, you should use it as a moisturizer (if you have acne-prone skin I would suggest a light moisturizer, you don’t want to clog your pores). Either way, it’s a great alternative to most scar lightening products, without the peeling effect.

  • Hi, let me tell you something, I have being using other facial cream to lighten my skin and see it glow, but nothing like rosa mosqueta this really works , I don’t need nothing else, I LOVE IT, I really recommend it. I am using it for 2 years its amazing!!!!, my face glowsss

  • i have 50 bruises on my hands when i was inpatient hospital from blood transfusion and canulae insert ,i have treated it with mosqueta oil lotion oh my God the bruises have faded away in no time ,am a patent beauty products manufacturer really the only genuine oil i met is this ,

  • Vitamin C does not dissolve in oils, so I doubt about this info. But vit. E and A do. Rosa Mosqueta does have a lot of vit.C, but it is not in oil.