Face the World with Clearer Skin: Top 3 Best Acne Treatment Masks

We all have them. Pimples. Zits. Blemishes. Get rid of them or at least get rid of them faster with these top 3 best acne masks.

I blame my most embarrassing moment on a lone hormonally induced pimple.

This mortifying and cringe-inducing tale began like any other day. Alarm sounds, painfully emerge from slumber, consume copious amounts of coffee, shower, dress, primp, depart for office. Somewhere between dressing and primping, I made an alarming discovery. There, between the corner of my mouth and cheek sits an angry, tender, taunting beast of a pimple ripe with hormonal vengeance. Graduate level make up application skills were no match against this sucker. No amount of concealing or correcting or blending would save me.

After arriving at work, I self-consciously scurried past chatty coworkers and into the safe confines of my office. My plan to avoid face-to-face contact was working well until my phone rang. It was my boss. Me and my giant pimple (I swear it had it’s own heartbeat) had been summoned to his office. As I sat opposite his desk, I tilted my head and pretended to listen as he discussed an important client. Then it happens.  “Hey, I think you have something on your face.” I feign surprise and randomly brush the air around my face. “No, its still there. It looks like oatmeal or something.” I am dying.  “It’s just a giant zit” I say. The words hung in the air. I am hot with humiliation. My boss turns red. I turn red. Meeting adjourned.

I slink back to my office and frantically search the internet for miracle pimple cures. My search for the best acne cures continued even after my pimple retreated. Thankfully, you won’t have to call in sick or endure the humiliation of facing the world with a marred face. Take advantage of my research and stock up on my top 3 acne treatments.

1) GlamGlow SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment


Hands down, this is the best acne mask I have ever tried. At $69 per jar, this is also the most expensive acne mask I have ever tried. But what is the price of one’s dignity?

GlamGlow’s website claims the product is the world’s most scientifically advanced clearing treatment formulated with “NEW Pore-Matrix™ with Activated-X Charcoal & New K17-Clay™ for deep pore vacuum extraction [and] encapsulation.” Now, what does this scientific mumbo jumbo mean?

This means when you apply the mask, you actually see oil and impurities as they are sucked from your skin. So, the mask goes on light gray and as it dries, it sucks your pores clean. The oil and impurities are pulled from your pores and turn dark gray. You actually see a diagram of your now clean pores. There is something very satisfying about seeing the dots of junk once trapped in your skin. It is amazing. One application can significantly calm and improve the appearance of the even the most vengeful acne.

GlamGlow is the holy grail of acne treatments. Even if you only have an occasional breakout, you should keep this stuff stocked. Trust me.

You can purchase GlamGlow at various beauty and department stores or at www.glamglowmud.com.

2) Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask


Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is a great alternative that, like GlamGlow, uses charcoal to draw impurities from your skin. The best part is Origins Clear Improvement is significantly cheaper at only $24 for a 3.4 ounce tube. You don’t get the satisfaction of seeing the dots of encapsulated gunk once living in your pores but it still works.

I actually use Origins as an overnight spot treatment for pimples.  Just apply directly to a breakout and hit the sack. The next morning, your pimple will be less visible and you will be less likely to be humiliated by a rogue zit.

You can purchase Origins are beauty stores like Sephora or online at www.origins.com.

3) Murad Clarifying Mask


Murad’s Clarifying Mask used to be my go-to acne product before I discovered the charcoal based formulations. For years, dermatologists prescribed sulfur based acne treatments that calmed breakouts while making your face smell like the gassy end of eating 1000 burritos. I can cover a bad smell. I can’t cover bad face. I’ll take that trade.

Murad’s Clarifying Mask is one of the old school sulfur based products. It works really well especially if you have never used sulfur based treatments.  Apply to your entire face or just spot treat blemishes. I also use this product as an overnight mask. Your bedmate may not appreciate sleeping along side the smell so use with discretion. If you sleep alone, pile the stuff on.

For me, the results of sulfur masks are not seen as quickly as charcoal based products. Also not all sulfur masks are created equally. Many drug store based lines carry similar sulfur products but Murad’s is definitely more effective. And at only $36 a tube, it won’t break the bank.

You can purchase Murad products on QVC.com or in stores like Sephora and Ulta.

I know that beauty is only skin deep and that real beauty is on the inside and blah blah blah. I also know that vanity is never pretty. But facing the world with confidence means people actually will see the real you instead of the you that’s distractedly planning a quick exit because of that giant pimple on your forehead.

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