How to Brighten Dull Skin with Homemade Facial Masks

Glowing skin is easy to achieve with simple, homemade facial masks. These masks are cheap and easy to make at home and can help you brighten dull skin. Check them out for healthy-looking skin.

Nobody wants dull skin, but sometimes it happens and for some reason you are hit by dull-looking skin that doesn’t seem to improve. Dull skin is often characterized by skin that looks tired, aged and lifeless.

It makes people look older than they actually are while giving the impression of ill health. In contrast, someone with radiant and glowing skin looks lively and often are a sight to behold. Such people even seem easier to approach than those with dull-looking skin.

.All of these facial masks are natural, cheap and have no side effects.

1. Lemon Mask

Brighten Dull Skin with Homemade Facial Masks

There are things that, though not intentional, can bring certain negative effects in our lives. One of those is the sun. The sun is an awesome source of vitamin D. However, you have to know when to be under the sun for those benefits. When exposed to excess UV rays, your skin may become tanned or burned and, in extreme cases, skin cancer may result.

Use a lemon mask to deal with tans. Lemon, with its natural bleaching properties, will remove the tan effectively. Have your skin tested by a qualified doctor before using this mask if you suspect you might have skin cancer.

2. Tomato Mask

This mask is made from tomato paste and yoghurt. It works by exfoliating the skin, removing the dead skin cells. Any toxins on the skin are removed and minor blemishes are cleared. Thus, you will have acne-scar-free skin with no tan and an even skin tone.

To make this mask, you need 2 teaspoons of yoghurt and a teaspoon of tomato paste. Mix these together and apply the paste to your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes then wash off with some cool water.

If you are allergic to tomato, don’t use this mask.

3. Papaya Mask

Beautiful caucasian woman having fresh papaya natural facial mask apply

‘Papain’, a nutrient found in papaya, has been proven to be great for brightening the skin.

It works by exfoliating the skin, leaving it tan-free and removing all dark patches on the skin. The yoghurt lightens your skin so together they work synergistically to give you a radiant, glowing skin.

The ingredients for this mask are: a half cup of papaya pieces and a teaspoon each of yoghurt and honey. Blend these together to make a paste that should be applied to clean skin. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes.

4. Coconut Mask

A coconut mask, just like other masks, brightens dull skin giving it the healthy glow that you have been yearning for. The ingredients for this mask are simple: two teaspoons of coconut milk and one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients together and massage the paste for a few minutes. Leave the paste on your face for about 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a warm towel.

5. Avocado Mask

Homemade Facial Masks

Avocado has many awesome benefits… it’s known as a moisturizer and also acts as an inflammatory. In addition, it contains vitamin C, which is full of skin-brightening properties.

Another ingredient in this facial mask is honey. Honey is known to contain humectants that rejuvenate the skin, bringing back the glow. Thus, this mask will deliver the full package as you want it.

To make the mask, you will require a teaspoon each of organic honey and plain Greek yoghurt as well as half an avocado. Mash the ingredients together and apply the mixture to your clean skin. Leave the paste for several minutes then wash it off.

6. Banana

Mash up a ripe banana and mix it with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help brighten and nourish the skin, while yogurt contains lactic acid that can help exfoliate dead skin cells.

Things That Work Against Your Skin

Overall, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. These are neither healthy nor will they do any good to your skin.

Alcohol in particular takes a toll on skin as it dehydrates the body, leaving your skin dry and gloomy-looking.

Smoking is one of the causes of chapped lips, which, no matter how beautiful you are, is quite a turn off. I don’t think I need to tell you about its effects as far as your health is concerned. Drop such habits already!

There are many things that can cause dull-looking skin, including excess exposure to the sun, not observing general hygiene and overall ill health. A stressful job that is extremely tiring with little or no me-time can also lead to dull-looking skin. Whatever the case, try to determine the cause so that as you apply the masks, you deal with the root cause.

As for sun exposure, if the situation demands you be in the sun for a long time, be sure to take with protective gear such as long-sleeved shirts and a hat. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with the correct SPF. Lastly, apply the above masks and within time you will have glowing skin, which might even boost your confidence around people.

See which mask works best for you and tell us about your experience with them. Don’t forget to mention which one worked best for you.

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