How To Fight Acne: These Are The Best Morning Skin Regimens

Don’t let a new pimple ruin your whole day. With our tips you'll learn how to fight acne and to enjoy more clear-skin mornings.

The worst feeling when you wake up is noticing a new pimple. You could have picked out the best outfit in your closet, your hair could be behaving (for once!) that day, or you could have finally got rid of those pesky extra five pounds, but if your skin doesn’t look its best, you think that’s all anyone is going to notice and your good day has been ruined.

Never fear. I have the answer on how to fight acne and a solution to having fewer of those ruined good days. These essential tips for your morning routine will leave you smiling in the mirror and realizing why I call them the best morning skin regimens to help fight acne.

3-step facial cleansing to fight acne for good

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Start with a gentle facial cleanser—something that foams. The more it foams as you massage the cleanser into your skin, the better. Foaming cleansers allow more oxygen into the pores, helping the cleanser to get in deeper to clear out dirt and oil.

Next, you’ll want to use a toner—preferably one that also works as a dark-mark remover. The toner will improve the look of your skin, giving it more of a flawless appearance over time by minimizing pores and controlling any excess oil that may get into your skin throughout the day.

Also, most toners have salicylic acid to fight existing pimples, which is the most important goal.

Last, you’ll want to follow up with a moisturizer because both cleansers and toners contain some alcohol, which dries out skin. Dryness makes the skin feel tight and uncomfortable and creates more pimples. If you’re prone to oily skin break outs, I suggest all oil-free products, including makeup.

Makeup can impede your fight with acne


Though not wearing makeup isthe best routine for pimple prevention, abstaining is difficult to do—especially so soon after a breakup. If you decide to wear makeup, you should always use a makeup remover before your nightly cleansing routine.

Even when you wash your face, makeup could still be deep within the pores. Using a makeup remover wipe before washing your face is like adding a second line of defense.

The next morning, when you put on foundation or powder, try using a product that doubles as acne-fighting medication. They’re rare, but there are foundations out there that have salicylic acid in them that help to fight breakouts while covering them up. Another line of defense for your cleansers.

Keep acne at bay by using toilettes, not towels

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Towels can hold a lot of bacteria. We use them to dry our hands and bodies, so all the body oils and bacteria we carry around end up on the towel—don’t put them on your face. All that bacteria gets into your skin.

There are cleansing toilettes that help to cleanse pores as well as conserve water as most of them are already wet. Therefore, there’re no bacteria and no need to wet a towel.

If you’d rather not spend the extra money on toilettes each month, a less expensive suggestion would be to use a separate hand towel to the one you use to wash your hands and body.

Use one side of the hand towel one day, the other side the next day and wash the towel after that. On days you’re switching sides, wash the whole cloth with soap and water before using it.

Fight acne with a lot of water

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Yes, water! Water naturally hydrates your skin to repair damage and keep skin from drying out. I suggest drinking 4 or more bottles a day, about 24 oz. Drinking more water gives skin a natural glow because the oxygen in H2O stays in your pores.

Start your morning with a bottle on the way to work, sip it while stuck in traffic and then follow up with three more bottles throughout the day—one in late morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

You’ll notice an improvement in your skin in as little as one to three weeks. The benefits of drinking more water are endless.

Caring for yourself is essential, and that includes caring for your skin. Healthy skin comes from making healthy choices. By changing a few things in your morning routine and adding these tips, you’ll wake up to more clear-skin mornings.

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