How to Get Rid of Rec Acne Scars in 7 Easy Steps

Most of people who have red acne scars are looking for a quick solution, something that will erase the scars overnight. Well, there is no such thing. If you want your scars to disappear, you need to give it some time. Learn how to get rid of red acne scars in 7 easy steps.

1. See Your Dermatologist

The best idea when it comes to getting rid of red acne scars is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. We all have different skin types; you can’t expect something that helped your friend to help you as well.

Your dermatologist first needs to determine your skin type and the type of your acne. Only after that can a proper treatment be determined. Treat acne as any other illness and don’t do anything alone. Ask advice from your dermatologist.

2. Don’t Get the Scars in the First Place

You have to face it – most of the red acne scars you have are your own fault. Picking, squeezing and scratching the acne is what gives you the scars. Stop doing that!

I know, you just can’t help it and you want your acne to go away. The problem is you’re not really making them go away by squeezing them. You’re making it even worse, because you are hurting the surrounding tissue which leads to scaring. Wait for the acne to disappear by itself. Use special products to dry the acne out and make them disappear faster. Do your best not to touch the acne.

3. Bleach Cream

bleach cream

When it comes to actual products, you can use bleach cream. There are several different types of bleach creams on the market. See your doctor to see which one is the best for you.

Apply bleach cream directly onto acne. Try not to apply it onto surrounding skin, because it may lead to slight depigmentation. If the cream is causing any discomfort, stop using it immediately and contact your doctor.

4. Glycolic Peel

Glycolic peel is the second most popular product used for getting rid of red acne scars. It is also known as AHA peel and as well as with the bleach cream there are several types, and you need to pick the one that’s best for your sin type.

Read the instructions on the package carefully and follow them thoroughly. Don’t apply glycolic peel if you have any type of wounds or damaged skin on your face. Also stop using it if it causes any redness or any other type of discomfort.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

I have to be honest and tell you that I haven’t tried this, but I do have a lot of friends who reported their acne scars being less visible after being treated with apple cider vinegar. It could be the best solution for you if you don’t want to expose your skin to any type of chemical treatment.

All you need is some apple cider vinegar and a q-tip. Dab the q-tip into the apple cider vinegar and apply directly onto the red mark. Repeat this twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. Bear in mind that you can’t expect results right away, you need to give it at least two weeks to notice any difference.

6. Laser Treatment

Laser skincare treatment

Laser Treatment is of course the best way to get rid of red acne scars. Unfortunately, not many of us can afford it. Still, if you can, there are things you need to pay attention too.

Price has a big role in the decision making. If a price for one treatment at a certain place sounds too low for you, there is probably a reason for that. Go to a referable place that has a dermatologist working for them. It’s best to go to a clinic, of course, instead of a laser beauty salon. Ask anything you want to know and take a good look at the laser. It should be of the latest generation. Google the place and look for patients’ comments on the internet. Do your homework, because the laser that is bad or not used properly can create scars bigger than those you want to get rid of.

7. Give It Some Time

The best thing you can do about red acne scars is to leave them alone and give them some time to disappear. If you don’t have a really severe case of scaring that needs a special treatment, your acne scars will disappear over time on their own.

In the meantime, do your best not to create new scars and try to keep your skin as clean as possible. Use special anti-acne products and proper moisturizers for oily skin. Ask your dermatologist for any advice you need in order to keep your skin in the best state possible. The scars will not last forever and until they disappear; you can always cover them up with a concealer.

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