How to Keep Your Skin Healthy Over the Years

Keeping your skin healthy over the years begins in your teen age. You can’t start thinking about your skin once you’re 35, you need to start early. Find out how to keep your skin healthy over the years.

1. Teenage Years – Keep It Natural

A lot of teenage girls think that they need to do a lot of special things for their skin. The truth is – the less you do the better.

Your skin is really young and it doesn’t need any special treatments when you’re a teenager. You basically need to think about keeping it clean and free of acne and to stay away from the sun. Don’t pick or squeeze your acne and consult your dermatologist to find the best possible treatment for them.

Stay away from sun and absolutely stay away from tanning booths. I know you like bronze skin, but really – it’s neither as pretty as you think nor as safe as you think. You’ve heard about skin cancer, I don’t need to repeat that to you. Always apply sunscreen and avoid tanning during the hottest part of the day.

Another thing, and I know that every teenager that read this will hate me for saying it, but try to keep makeup to the minimum. I know you don’t believe me, but you really are the prettiest without it and it really does damage your skin. Trust me, I was a ballerina and I used really strong makeup as a teenager and I got my first wrinkles in high school.

2. Twenties and Thirties – Keep It Hydrated

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The most important thing when it comes to your skin while you are in your twenties and thirties is to keep your skin moisturized. Staying away from the sun and tanning booths still implies.

You’re probably already working and you probably wear makeup to work every day. All of that, combined with the age makes your skin dry and makes it age faster. Most of those problems could be avoided with a simple moisturizer.

Don’t use anything too strong, you really don’t need it. Your skin still produces enough collagen, it only needs a small moisturizing boost. Consult your dermatologist and start with very light moisturizing creams in your twenties. By the moment you reach thirty, you will need to start using one of those face creams that fight first wrinkles.

3. Forties and Fifties – It’s Time for Some Rejuvenation

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Once you reach forty, your skin slowly reduces the production of collagen. This results in aging of your skin, because it loses its elasticity. This period calls for stronger face creams and some rejuvenation.

By this time, you’ll need stronger day and night creams and anti wrinkle creams. Skin masks with vitamin C are a must, and regular trips to your dermatologist are advisable. You’ll need to choose for yourself if you want some work done on your skin.

I would always suggest to age gracefully and remember the moment that gave you every wrinkle on your face, than to inject yourself with the strongest toxin in the world (yes, that is Botox) in order to look a couple of years younger.

Think about your skin while it’s young in order to have a beautiful skin once it ages. Try to eat healthy food, and at least lower the amount of coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

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