What Nail Polish Is In For 2012

After a season of bright reds and neon colors, the nail polish trend for 2012 is nude.

If you are looking for a new color to refresh your nail polish collection for this season, look to trends shown during the fashion shows this year, but also the new collections from the leading manufacturers. Nude neutrals, romantic pastels, light metallic tones and colors of the ocean are what’s in this year.


bloom nail polish

The perfect choice for a neat, fashionable manicure for those who are not into experimenting with color. A nice beige or pearl shade will go with everything you wear, while giving your fingers the classy, pampered look. Wear them on short, neat nails or over a French manicure for longer nails.


opi new york ballet collection

Show your femininity with these lovely shades of pink, purple and gray. OPI came out with a new collection dedicated to the New York City Ballet, consisting of six pastel shades which will transform you into an “urban ballerina”. “You calling me a Lyre” is a soft pink, “Care to Danse?” is a lovely light purple, but you can find many other pastel colors to match your outfit and mood.

All the pastels go great with a summer tan, but make sure your manicure is perfect and touch up regularly to avoid chipping. If you’re not into bold colors or long nails, these pastels will look super cute on short nails, too!


zoya nail polish

Gold or silver nails for the girl who isn’t afraid to shine in every occasion! These polishes will instantly add glamour to your outfit. If you’re feeling confident, go for a full metallic manicure, or pick a shimmery gold or silver polish for a look that will match any outfit and occasion, day or night.

Ocean Colors

dior garden party nail polish

Blues and greens are in right now, so you can choose from a variety of polishes. Shiny, matte or shimmery, a manicure in teal, mint green or a midnight blue will add some pizzazz to your look.

Printed Stickers

nail patch sephora

Easy as 1-2-3! Stick ’em on, and you’re ready to go, no drying or touching up needed. Sephora has a line of nail polish stickers which are super durable and easy to use. Choose the ones with an interesting print if you want your fingers to be a fashion statement of their own.

Last year’s “Chinese blossom” is still in, it’s a black printed with tiny, old-fashion roses in turquoise and pink. Go for “Nail Bling” for a disco look, or Sally Hansen “Cut it out” for a caleidoscopic effect. These take absolutely no time to put on or dry and set, the manicure lasts for more than ten days. The only down side is the removal process, which takes ages compared to removing nail polish.


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