7 Smart Tips On How To Be Confident On A Date

Dates can be exciting, but nerve-racking for singles that are trying to navigate the dating pool without sinking. Here's how to be confident on a date.

Forget butterflies in your stomach. There may well be a zoo in it especially if the one you’re going out on a date with is someone you’ve been eyeing for some time now. You know that you’ll have to set a good first impression and make sure this isn’t the first and only date you’ll have with him, right?

We know how tough this can be especially if you have issues in the self-confidence department. So in an effort to help you, we’ve rounded up these seven tips to live by so you can be confident on a date (and every time you’re with this person you hold dear to your heart).

1) Have a realistic plan

how to be confident on a date

A wise man once said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. This genius saying isn’t only applicable in careers; you’ll also do good living by it in your dating life. Chances are, you’ll have enough (if not plenty) time to prepare before the day that you’re going out on a date arrives.

Having said so, it would be smart for you to make use of the time you have to develop your self-confidence. Set SMART goals. If you’re the shy type, practice making small talk with yourself in the mirror or with a friend. Learn how to be comfortable with conversations.

Monitor your gestures and body language and work on the stuff which will tell your date that you’re becoming anxious. Think about what you want to wear and how you’d want to look like so you don’t end up reaching for anything you can get your hands on from your closet. When you feel you’ve prepared enough, you’ll surely be more confident on your date.

2) Start the day in a good mood

Your mood before you arrive at your meeting place is so crucial; it can make or break the day or night you spend together. Having said so, it’s important to engage yourself in doing things that make you feel satisfied, happy, and confident as a person.

It can be anything from a relaxing massage to singing your heart out while having a shower. What matters most is you’re happy before you meet them so when the time finally comes, you’ll radiate a vibrant and positive aura which will then help you be confident on your date.

3) Dress appropriately

Yeah, sure. You’re supposed to be yourself on your first date (and every date you’ll have with him in the future) but that doesn’t mean that you can arrive in sweat pants or tattered jeans. You have to consider where you’re having your date and how people in your surroundings would normally dress and conduct themselves.

This way, you won’t end up looking unprepared. Remember, better to look overdressed than underdressed. So forget about dressing up the way you want to because that’s who you are. You have to arrive looking your best beautiful as this is one of the most effective ways to start and stay confident on your date with him.

4) Focus on your positive and admirable qualities

how to be confident on a date

When you’re feeling too anxious that your hands start to sweat and your words start getting mumbled as you engage in a conversation with him, pause. Breathe in then breathe out. It’s okay to admit you’re feeling nervous but as you let him know about that, remind yourself silently that you’re just human and the one you’re on a date is one, too.

This means you don’t have to be perfect; you just have to be authentic and spontaneous. This way, you don’t end up too anxious that you send him worrying about your health or wondering whether something’s wrong with him or with you.

If you need a breather, you can always excuse yourself by letting him know you need to go to the powder room. Just make sure you return to him the soonest time you can so he’ll see that you’re just nervous but that you still enjoy his company, increasing the chances of a second date if he feels the same way, too.

5) How to be confident on a date? Smile!

Nothing can make you forget all your qualms about life than when you smile with all your heart. This can be an issue if you’re struggling with your self-confidence but as with anything, you can perfect this by practicing.

A good way to start is to smile every day whenever you come across the mirror. You can also try showing your teeth to people you’d not normally show them (like your boss or your loud neighbor). When you start conquering your issues with smiling and maybe exchanging pleasantries, you can be sure that your confidence level will start to increase each day.

Now when the day that your date with your special man finally arrives, you’ll be surprised how you smile and laugh without much effort because you’ve put in the effort in conquering your fears way before you met him. Isn’t that an awesome way to start being confident on any date you go to, right?

6) Enjoy the moment

Don’t over think but rather just go with the flow. You’ll never know if your date is as nervous as you and if he is, then you’re in good company! Just be you and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable as doing so will allow him to see you as an authentic person instead of someone who’s too desperate in proving something or someone who’s just trying way too hard.

Ask and respond to questions as you normally would to a friend, smile, laugh, and more importantly, listen and maintain eye contact. This is how you let him see that you’re nice and interested without looking cheap.

7) Give yourself the pep talk

how to be confident on a date

Now, this may sound a bit corny but trust us when we say this: This helps. Before you walk out the door to head out, face yourself in the mirror. Give yourself the encouragement you want to hear. Jump. Turn around. Smile. Dance.

Do whatever you have to do to release the tension, stay calm, and start being confident. Trust yourself to do this right on this crucial date and if you ever make mistakes along the way, don’t beat yourself up too much. Just laugh, learn the lessons, then move on. It’s all part of learning how to be confident on a date so don’t sweat it too much! You’ll get through this, girl!

Don’t forget, confidence is sexy and beautiful

There’s nothing more beautiful and attractive than a woman who radiates confidence wherever she goes. With our easy guide, you’ll be on your way to being your confident self. Just keep on practicing and never be afraid to commit mistakes along the way as it’s all part of the process.

More importantly, remember that your date is human, too and chances are, if he’s attracted to you, he’ll appreciate your confidence and will accept you all the same, despite of your mishaps. So just be your confident self and have fun. It will all go well, if not perfect. Good luck!

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