Why Do Men Like Curvy Women: 10 Real Reasons

Why Do Men Like Curvy Women 10 Real Reasons

Why do men like curvy women and are not impressed by skinny models that we see as perfect? It’s no secret that many men prefer a woman with a few extra pounds.

I’m not skinny, but I used to be very skinny. When I quit smoking I gained about fifty pounds. At first, I was pretty horrified about it. My boyfriend at the time told me he preferred it when I was skinny, but after the relationship ended and I learned to love my smokeless, overweight body, I had a few different ideas about it.

The thing that changed my mind about missing the skinny me was all the men that were hitting on me. I was getting flirted with left and right! It was nice. I was a little shocked about it, but I finally got a man to fess up and tell me why he liked my curves. Why do men like curvy women you ask? Here’s what I’ve learnt.

Do Men Really Like Curvy Women?

The preference for curvy women has been a subject of debate and speculation. Some individuals argue that men are inherently attracted to curvier body types, while others believe that societal beauty standards play a significant role in shaping these preferences. Let’s examine this matter further.

1. Bigger boobs

Why Do Men Like Curvy Women

There are many men who are “boob” men and curvy women have bigger boobs. It’s that simple. They don’t mind the few extra inches around the middle as long as they get to play with the goods. Make note here, ladies, use those boobs to your advantage!

2. More booty

In the history of rock and roll, there has never been a song about a flat butt. Ever. My butt was pretty cute when I was thin, but it really grew and rounded out when I put on a few pounds. I thought for sure it was going to make men move along to the next girl, but I was wrong. In fact, I got more compliments on my bigger butt than I did on my tiny perky butt. Although I miss my perky little rear, I do like the compliments.

3. They’re softer

Curvy women are softer and men like to be the strong, hard ones in a relationship. It’s more satisfying for a guy to curl up and snuggle someone soft and round, than it is to snuggle up to bones and sharp elbows, so I’ve been told.

4. No bruised thighs

I prefer men with weight for one main reason: I hate having bruised thighs after sleeping with a man. A skinny guy leaves my sensitive body bruised and sore, but a softer body isn’t as hard on my thighs. I’ve been told that sentiment works both ways.

Men Like Curvy Women

5. They eat

Men do not want to be the only ones eating when they go out, it’s weird for them. If you’re sitting there nibbling a salad and you finish an hour before he’s done with his steak and potatoes, he gets pretty nervous about it. Men like curvy women because they eat with them and it’s always more comfortable to eat with someone than to have someone sit and watch you eat.

6. They look younger

Men also like curvy women because, generally, they look younger. It’s true, that extra fat smooth’s out those wrinkles, ladies! I got told the other day I looked twenty five. I’m thirty seven. My round cheeks play a big role in looking younger.

7. It’s a sign of fertility

Curvy Women

Another one of the main reasons men like curvy women is actually biological and subconscious. Men associate wide hips and large breasts with fertility, they always have. A woman with curves was said to be good for child bearing and men associate curves with that notion. Even if they aren’t ready to have children, the fact that you look fertile makes them want to mate with you.

8. They’re not afraid to get a little rough

I had a guy tell me once that he was afraid of hurting me. He would rather put me on a shelf like a little china doll and not touch me. That was when I was skinny. I’ve never had that problem with my curves, in fact, most of my boyfriends haven’t been afraid to ask for something a little harder or kinkier in the bedroom. I guess they think a curvy girl can handle it.

9. It’s classic beauty

Curvy Women - It’s classic beauty

All of the old, classic statues and paintings had women with curves. From ancient Greece to the Renaissance, women who had large, cellulite thighs and chubby arms were considered beautiful. There are a few reasons for this. Aside from the “fertility” idea (which we’ve already discussed), women who are curvy are known to be well fed.

Food is a sign of health. Food is also a sign of wealth (being able to buy food and all). It has been proven that during times of economic depression or repression more men preferred curvy women, because in their mind, they associate it with health and wealth.

10. It’s less “boyish” and less “child-like”

I have known men to be genuinely turned off by skinny women because it is a sign of immaturity to them. Many men associate curves with the “mother” figure and a more mature woman, so dating a skinny woman doesn’t appeal to them. Also, some guys feel like dating a skinny woman is too much like dating another guy, they don’t like the way it feels.

While there are some men who do prefer thin women (I’ve been turned down by a few, believe me), there are still many men who prefer women with curves and extra weight. Italian men and Greek men are excellent examples of guys who like they’re women a little on the rounder side. I’ve met guys who like their women a LOT on the rounder side!

Do Men Like Curvy Women? Q&A

Are all men attracted to curvy women?

No, individual preferences vary. While some men are undoubtedly attracted to curvy women, others may have different preferences, such as preferring slim or athletic body types. It’s important to remember that beauty is subjective and varies from person to person.

Are curvy women at a disadvantage in the dating world?

Not necessarily. In today’s society, diverse body types are celebrated, and many men find curvy women incredibly attractive. Confidence, self-acceptance, and being true to oneself are key factors that contribute to success in the dating world, regardless of body type.

Do curvy women face body shaming?

Unfortunately, body shaming exists in various forms, affecting individuals of all body types. While curvy women may face criticism or judgment, the body positivity movement has played a vital role in combatting this negativity and promoting acceptance and self-love.

How can curvy women feel more confident in the dating scene?

Building self-confidence involves embracing one’s unique qualities and focusing on self-care. Engaging in activities that bring joy, surrounding oneself with positive influences, and practicing self-love can significantly boost confidence in the dating scene.

The point is, no matter what your weight is, there is always someone out there who finds it attractive. Honestly.

So, instead of worrying about needing to lose weight (or worrying about needing to gain weight), appreciate your body as it is.

If you’re a woman with a few extra pounds, don’t hide your figure, go out and flaunt it! Don’t you want to show off those curves?

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  • The article is very well researched and proven fact that few men really do prefer teen skinnies. I have unique exquisite good looks, I never wear make-up to highlight these and far younger looking for my age (not because of any excess weight), yet because of genetics. If anything, always conscious never to make the most of myself because always encounter unfriendly female envy – especially from other overweight women who are less physically attractive and typically project their own inadequacies onto others. I do get a lot of male attention and not because I seek it out – it always finds me and although a really nice thing, sometimes would rather be noticed for my incredible artistic skills or ability to speak several languages, diverse employment background, to name but a few of my individual attributes.

    It makes a huge difference to be blessed with natural good looks whether skinny or curvy, yet particularly in the case of bigger women on the whole, yet very few of these women look like Kelly Brooke or the most exquisitely beautiful Bjork – large almond eyes like mine. Not that men are seeking out exceptionally beautiful women as life partners, yet does not mean that our lives are as self-assured as is oftentimes assumed. It is hard work being modelesque without actually being a model and curvy all in one shot – their lives sometimes made a misery by others in the process.

  • I have always loved curvy girls. I think a big problem is where men and women divide curvy and fat. Men like curvy, but most are turned off by fatties, and the two words are interpreted differently by men and women, and even different men. The one thing I can tell women is there are guys out there that will love your body no matter what your shape, you just have to find them. Just remember you make a difference too. If you are overweight, you will probably not attract the body builder type. Be realistic about yourself, and what you are looking for in a man.

  • I love curvy women, because they love you a lot, they are caring, you forget all your stress when you hug them, they are soft and tender, they are loving and good in bed, they love to cook and pamper you. the best part is that they never nag or crib.I had a girlfriend in college days who was curvy, my frenzs used to laugh at me upon her, but i knew what i had and was happy wid it.

  • Depends on the men, I suppose. Some of those reasons are pretty cracked. Bruises? Seriously? I would think being hopped on by 250 pounds would bruise and hurt much more then someone that weighs 120 pounds. Sometimes I look at plump couples and wonder how they even manage to have sex. I mean they certainly can’t do missionary, because they would never reach each other! And forget about wrapping your legs around the guys waist if your legs are wider then they are long. As for “classic” beauty, well….not quite. Yes, people used to think of bigger women as being beautiful, but they meant bigger for THEIR TIME. Curvy Marilyn Monroe fits today’s size 2. Ruebens was one of the few painters who painted big girls, and he was married and in love with a very slender woman himself. Look A Botticelli’s Venus. She has supermodel legs. The important thing is that we are happy with what we have, and the men we like are attracted to what we have.

  • Stop trying to make yourself feel better…in denial. Fat is unhealthy, not natural (see human evolution), and men prefer thin women according to worldwide studies on what is OBJECTIVELY attractive. Go for a run dear.

    • Still at it huh? This isn’t your first comment and for some reason you feel the need to keep circling back to this article in what I assume to be validation for your thoughts and preferences toward skinny women. Speak for yourself, I’m a man (a combat veteran who is a strong, powerlifting, bodybuilding type with a graduate degree) who MUCH prefers curvy, thick, voluptuous BEAUTIFUL women. Stop being such a miserable scourge and find the beauty in ALL women. As long as she doesn’t have a bad attitude, nearly every woman has a unique quality that makes her interesting. I just prefer those qualities to come with curves and softness. ;)