How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out On a Date

Tired of waiting for him to make the move? Don’t worry! We’ve got 10 great ways to spark interest and speed up the process for you! Here is how to get a guy to ask you out on a date.

Knowing and believing that there’s something there, or at least feeling there could be, but waiting for him to acknowledge it can be excruciating. Girls unite, and guys listen up – WE HATE THE WAIT!

Even though it’s becoming perfectly normal and in fact common for us to approach them, many of ‘us’ wouldn’t dare to be so bold and upfront. Most girls would rather wait and hope and drop little hints to get the guy to do something. And we all know this can last for what seems like ages, especially if being all flirty and seducing isn’t really your thing. Or, you know, if the guy you have your eyes on is a bit dense about this stuff and doesn’t get it unless you spell it out for him.

However things are, unless you pluck up the courage to ask him out yourself, all you can do is try and get him to do so. Here are some great ways to go about it!

#1 The Eyes Have It

how to get a guy to ask you on a date

Your look can say a lot. The way you look at him is pretty much instinctively going to be different and more intense than when you look at a random guy. Use it to your advantage. Next time he catches your gaze, suck it up and don’t immediately look away as most would. Locking eyes across a crowded room is a clear invitation for him to come over. So, use these 8 eye contact flirting tips and get the guy you like to approach you without saying a word.

#2 Smile Big or Go Home

Smiling makes the world of difference in every situation, and especially when you’re trying to conquer the guy. Smiling means you’re in a good mood, you’re a positive person and you like what you see, so it’s definitely going to bust up your chance of being asked out. Besides don’t you know that a smile is your most important accessory? It looks good on everyone! So when your eyes meet be sure to flash him a smile, it will knock him of his feet! Nothing beats a bright, healthy smile! Yet, keeping the smile you deserve will require some sensitive loving care on your side. Here is how to achieve sparkling white smile.

#3 Accentuate Your Best Features

smiling female in a dress with sunglasses on

You’ve got legs that go on forever? Flaunt them! In a tasteful manner of course. Got the piercing baby blues? Rock daring make up to make them stand out even more! Whatever it is that you like about yourself and feel like is one of your qualities use it! Yes, yes, it’s not all about the looks, I know, and it shouldn’t be. But let’s be real here, guys are visual creatures – at least at the very beginning. They have to like what they see to want to get to know ‘it’ better. The important thing is to not change anything drastically while trying to get his attention and that date.

#4 Being Positive = Looking Approachable

Negative people give off a negative vibe. That’s just how it is, without exception. If you’re being whiny, nervous or unhappy about whatever it is that got you wind up, everyone’s going to be able to tell. Even if you think you’re doing a good job trying to mask it, and pass it off as tiredness, be sure that most people can still catch on that you’re not in the best mood. And so will your potential date, and yes, it will turn him off.

#5 Body Language Matters

flirting girl posing and playing with her hair

Body language gives off so much that it’s crazy! You may think that you look happy and relaxed and totally appreciable, but if you’ve got your arms crossed it’s not looking like that at all. Bad posture, crossed arms, snapping fingers and such communicate to others that you’re uncomfortable, nervous, annoyed and all in all defensive. And what’s worse is that most people read these signal basically unconsciously, they just sort of get that impression without even thinking about it twice.

It is important to know how to read body language. You want to make sure to promote the proper messages while decreasing the risk of attracting the wrong people. This can help you interpret how a man feels about you, and much more.

So if you want to be approached and asked out by the man you like make sure your body language is not working against you.

#6 Always being in a “Pack” is a No-No

Girls always ‘travel’ in a pack, that’s a known fact. But being surrounded with bunch of other girls at all times isn’t making it easier for him to come over and ask you out. Think about it, if he never gets a chance to catch you alone even for a moment chances are he’s not gonna want to do the asking out in front of others. This doesn’t mean you should go around alone cause it’s going to make it easier on guys to ask you out, of course. It just means maybe once in a while you go to the bathroom by yourself or something like that.

#7 Never Fake It

Don’t ever try to be something else just to catch someone’s attention! Only acting like you normally do, being yourself and being comfortable and relaxed is going to make the right guy ask you out. If you have to go out of your way to make someone notice you it probably means you don’t think he’ll be able to appreciate how awesome the true you is. And that only means he doesn’t even deserve a date with you!

#8 Create an Opportunity

how to get a guy to ask you on a date

Most guys aren’t comfortable doing things on the fly, so they’ll wait for the perfect opportunity and time to make the best impression and get the best response. So if you’re anxious to get to that point as soon as possible maybe try and play the puppet master just a tiny bit! Like, arrange that you two turn up at the same party, go out with the same group of friends, go see the same movie or something. It really depends on what’s your situation but you get the picture.

#9 Hint That You’d Say Yes

If he’s more confident about the outcome he’s more likely to pop the question. Of course this needs to be super subtle. Maybe just compliment him once in a blue moon, saying something like ‘You’re such a nice guy, I wish more guys were like that’ or something along those lines. That’ll make him see you like the way he is and make him more certain you’d say yes if he asks you out. This obviously won’t work if you don’t know the guy you’d like to date, so if that’s the case just use the looks and the smiles and all of the above to make him get on it.

#10 Make Sure He Knows You’re Available

If he’s under the impression you’re already taken, he’s probably not going to ask you out. Or if he gets the feeling you’re being flirty and loose with everyone. Make sure he knows you’re open for dating and looking for that special someone but aren’t committed to anyone else. Also, it’s really important he sees the difference in the way you look at him and the way you look at other guys around you. So if you have a flirtatious nature it’d do you best to tame it and focus your attention to that one man.

Getting your crush to realize that you’re eyeing them isn’t rocket science. There are easy and doable ways. Here’s how to make your crush notice you.

So there you have it – 10 little strategies to get a guy to ask you on a date. Before I let you go on to applying these in real life I’d like to add one more thing. Just for the daring girlies out there. The eleventh way – which is the least hassle with the quickest end result – is simply ask him out yourself. This way at least you’ll know where you stand instantly. Plus, guys actually love it when a girl takes initiative. So, why not? Take your chances after all, love is crazy isn’t it?

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  • uhmm….. ill try this. Theres this guy i have been hanging out with and flirting wiht all weekend and we had a snowball fight and me and him always had a 1-on-1!! hes and amazing guy<3 then we were randomly fighting over a scooter and a skateboard everytime i had them, he would grab me and take them away ( playfully) hahaa!! when we fought over the scooter it was just us alonne in the dark, and his hand was directly on mine <3

  • i will try to use these steps and if it doesent help i hate the steps if it does I LOVE UR STEPS!!!!!<3 i always wanted to ask him out but i was too afraid so i guess here is a way for making him ask ME out……..thanx!!!!!!!!!!!