Body Language of Men in Love: 16 Things to Pay Attention to

It only takes a split second for your brain to read a person’s body language, so it should be easy to read the body language of men in love if you pay close attention.

Even if they aren’t using the three magic words, certain body language will give feelings away. If he is doing these things, your man has fallen and it’s in the best way possible. You may not have noticed these subtle cues, but after you read them, they may stand out more.Communication in relationships is much more than words and we can use our intuition to read them.

You can read body language to determine whether it is love or lust. This is an important skill for women to have so they don’t get their feelings hurt, and learn to interpret the body language of men in love correctly.

1. Hand holding

couple holding hands

Is he the one reaching for your hand more often than not? If a man holds hands with you in front of friends and family, he’s hooked. He’s head over heels and doesn’t even know it. His body language will tell you before he even realizes how much he loves you.

If he is holding your hand in the car, at the movies and especially across the dinner table, there is no question about it, he is smitten. When he is vulnerable with you in public by holding your hand, he’s saying that he is proud of who you are and proud to show people that you are a couple. If you’re not an official couple yet, it shows he’s definitely flirting with the idea.

When your man begins to think of the two of you as a unit instead of separate beings, he will make gestures that show that bond. He will try to stay connected to you even when you’re apart by sending you pictures, poems, checking in to see how your day is going and ensuring you that he is waiting eagerly to see you. When he isn’t avoiding you and is trying to remind you that he is there, you will feel safer with him.

2. They touch your hair

When men are trying to be sweet, they will treat you really well. They will try to make you feel special by complementing your natural beauty. When they begin to notice your freckles, dimples and birthmarks, they are noticing you and not just their idea of you.

When they are paying attention to the details and imperfections on you, it shows they are trying to get to know you better. If he is petting your hair, either he thinks you are an animal, or he loves you. You be the judge.

Frankly, if someone who doesn’t love you touches your hair, and they aren’t your hair dresser, it’s just weird right? The only time your man will touch your hair is if he is trying to show you he cares. Either that or he’s trying to figure out how it magically goes from curly to straight.

3. They open doors

Is he walking to your side of the car every time you get in and out of it to open the door for you? Is he opening the door for you when you’re in public going out to eat? This is a sign that he is trying to impress you. When men are being chivalrous, it shows that they like you and want you to think highly of them.

Men are not usually nice to women because they don’t like them. This is a sign that gives them away every time. Even if he’s trying to play it cool, you’ll know he loves you.

Even when men are very aware of women’s rights and supportive of gender equality, they still usually act chivalrous when in love. It’s like a part of the male behavior that we all accept as a sign of respect. Just because a man holds the door for you, doesn’t mean he’s old-school and wants to be the head of the household.

4. They sit on the floor

Body Language of Men in Love

There are certain signs that show a man is comfortable with you. When he sits on the floor, it shows he is not intimidated by you and wants to be more open with you. If he sits on the floor and holds your hands, he wants to get to know you better and have deep conversations about the meaning of life. Either that or he is going to ask you if he can borrow some money.

5. They are a cuddle bug

How does he act when you’re just hanging out on the couch? Does he pull you close? If he is resting his head on your shoulder or just acting like an adorable cuddle bug, the proof is in the pudding. It’s written on the wall, this man’s heart has been stolen.

6. They keep their arm around you in public

When men haven’t decided if they want to keep you around long term they will often keep a safe distance from you in public. If he places his hand on your shoulder or waist, this man is marking his territory in the most primal sense. He’s telling the other men not to consider you as an option, even if he is not conscious of it.

7. They kiss your forehead

It has been said that a kiss on the forehead means just one thing; that he wants to keep you forever. It’s an endearing gesture that is respectful, and when he has reached this level of sweetness, you have won his heart. Whatever you are doing, keep it up because it’s working. Keep being the fierce woman that you are because he digs it.

8. He keeps getting up to get you everything you need

Have you noticed that your man gets up to get things you forgot when you sit down for dinner or a movie? Or that he asks if you are warm enough or if you need anything else? Have you noticed he is paying extra attention to see if he can make you happy? This is peculiar behavior for men and if he’s doing this, it’s a sure sign he’ll be using the L word pretty soon.

9. He does everything possible to make you comfortable

Body Language of Men

Is he offering you his jacket? Has he gotten you an extra blanket when you said you were cold? Did he buy you gloves because he noticed your hands are cold often? If he is being extra thoughtful of your level of comfort, he’s getting ready to drop the bomb on you in a good way. Hope you’re ready, because this guy is on cloud nine and will tumble for you.

10. He walks you to your car

It’s easy to say goodbye to someone and let them show themselves out, right? Well, if he makes it a point to walk out his own door and all the way to your car to say goodbye to you, that shows he really cares about you and wants to make sure you’re safe.

He wants to spend every possible moment with you because he can’t get enough. You have his full attention and whether you realize it or not, this guy is into you.

11. He comes outside to meet you when you arrive

If you have ever showed up to a guy’s house and he didn’t get up to let you in, it was quite disappointing, right? It feels like he doesn’t care if you are there or not. However, when he is waiting outside for you to arrive or comes out to meet you, it shows he thinks highly of you, maybe even wife material.

If he doesn’t respect you, he won’t fake it with body language. Men are very transparent and women are very intuitive, if you feel like this guy is vibing with you, he probably is.

12. He carries things for you

If you went traveling or gone grocery shopping with him, he’s had another opportunity to show you with his body language that he flat out adores you. Is he carrying things for you even though you can do it yourself? I find it kind of funny when guys do this because often it doesn’t even make sense. But if he’s gone into man mode, which is different than guy mode, he wants to prove himself to you, so why not let him?

13. He fumbles sometimes

Unconscious love cues include fiddling and fumbling. A guy who is secretly in love with you might fiddle with his drink’s straw while staring at you, or he might fiddle with the coaster on the table. He might stumble while speaking. This is a result of his suppressed feelings and nervousness around you.

14. He offers his hand to help you up or down

Has he been lending you a hand like you’re Cinderella hopping down from your carriage? That means he thinks of you as a queen (of course, you are one). When he offers you his hand to make sure you’re safe or just to make your life a little easier, it’s his way of saying ‘I love you.’ He is trying to reinforce that he will take care of you and protect you.

The gesture of lending a hand goes way back in history. The hand is reminiscent of when a man gets on one knee and asks the question. When a man wants to offer his hand, he probably wants to offer more. He’s knocking on the door to your heart and asking for you to love him back. Way before you both say I love you, you both will know.

15. He looks you in the eye

Man Body Language

Gestures are a way of communicating. They say you can’t look someone in the eye when you don’t trust them. Don’t get me wrong here, everyone that looks you in the eye isn’t in love with you, but when you do look people in the eye, it allows a sort of mutual vulnerability.

It’s a very strong way to connect with someone and if he’s looking into your eyes a lot, he may be searching for validation that you love him too.

Pay attention to the way he looks at you. If he avoids eye contact, chances are he’s unsure about his feelings for you, but if you get the eye lock often, you can bet there are deeper feelings there. The eyes are the windows to the soul and they speak more than words. Often we pick up on feelings we can’t put into words just by looking into someone’s eyes. So look into his eyes and see what your soul hears.

16. He cooks epic meals for you

Body language says it all. Did he put on an apron and chop, dice and fillet for you? Did he bake, broil, sauté and skewer? If this man is trying to appeal to your senses, he’s trying to get on your good side for a reason. If he wants to melt your heart with his rosemary chicken, he is trying to get you to love him back.

He may want to settle down and have a few munchkins with you too. If a man is trying to impress you with his hands buy cooking, building or repairing, he is trying to show you that he is capable of being a family man and that he is capable of being a great spouse.

The act of cooking for someone says a lot. They are letting you into their domain and saying it’s ok if you judge them. It also shows they are willing to use their energy for you.

The art of reading body language is extremely interesting

Actors study body language in order to pick up on the other person’s emotional state. If you pay attention to it, you may be able to notice when your man needs some emotional support even when he’s not saying it. When his shoulders are slouched, he may have had a tough day.

If  he’s standing up tall, he’s probably proud of something. When he turns his head to the side he’s contemplating something, when he touches his chin he’s mulling something over. You will get better at reading body language as you open your eyes and use that sense to improve your communication just as professional actors use it to create intensity on the stage.

Suddenly, body language becomes a strong and charged means of communication that can deepen your relationship because you are paying attention to each other and nothing else.

Feel free to add your comments below and share these fun secrets with your friends. Thanks for being a part of this women’s network here on YouQueen.


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