Easy Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

Yes it is summer already, and yes, I’m sure you’ve worked hard on being healthy and fit so far. And I also know that you are not looking for the easy way out. You already know the right way to lose weight and stay healthy. You work out hard and you eat light.

But the summer is the time to play. And everyone must have some easy tricks up their sleeve to get rid of those few extra kilos. Mine range from optical illusions and pedaling, to (surprise!) eating and relaxing, and I‘m happy to share.

1. Ride Your Bike

bike on the beach

Days are long and hot, and buses and cars are even hotter. So, let’s simplify things. You don’t need four wheels. Two is a perfectly fine number. Peek in your basement, shed or at a bike rental shop, and find your alternative means of transportation. Go for a bike ride. Do it solo, in a pair, or with friends. Anyway, burn some calories, have a lot of fun, and be nice to our planet in the process.

2. Eat Some Watermelon

watermelon slices in bowl

You thought the ice cream was the ultimate summer treat? Come on, let’s be original this summer. This summer let’s all adore its majesty, The Watermelon. If you are like me, just the smell of it will send you back to your childhood, and those long summer afternoons. After going swimming you simply must eat watermelon. It’s tasty, it’s basically water, it smells divine, it frees your body of toxins and it’s pretty to look at too. And don’t worry – you can never, ever have too much watermelon.

3. Wear a Top Knot

woman making top knot hairstyle

Wear a top knot, instead of wearing heels. Because it’s summertime, and living should be easy, just gather your hair on top of your head, twist and pin, or tie. You just made yourself a few inches taller and balanced the (probably imaginary) few inches in the width. Easy as that – you look elegant and slimmer, and you are not hot. And you know what? I can barely remember how my hair looks like, and what length it is. It’s the top knot all day, every day. Sometimes, you can add some accessories, just to spice it up, and if you don’t feel like it, leave it simple. Feel free to play.

4. Read a Book

Book collection

Yes, easy as that! You don’t even have to move. Let me clarify. For example, you really, really crave a snack between meals. Forget about it and find another obsession. Like reading, for example. Find a book to take you to another reality, era, or just another country. Or find one that you can learn something from. You will rest and relax, skip an unhealthy snack and then it’s time for a regular meal already. Congratulations! You win!

And in the end, the best advice I can give you is really to relax and have fun. Do not overthink anything and do not overdo anything. Life is your playground and you make the rules. So whether you are riding your bike, wearing a top knot or you are reading a book after devouring an enormous portion of watermelon, just stay happy and healthy.

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I am a creative girl who loves her family, cats and books, and I am also a fashion addict. I can find inspiration in every corner of this world. I believe that the best ideas are simple and the hardest projects are easy with optimism and devotion.

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