Spice Up Your Fitness Program: 4 Reasons to Jump Rope

Why should I jump rope? Some information on one of the most beneficial, yet under-utilized exercises.

Jumping rope is one of the most beneficial exercises that a person can do. It burns a tremendous amount of calories in a very short amount of time, spikes your metabolism, increases your energy, and improves your coordination and overall health. Its quick and effective results make it one of my favorite cardio exercises, for both me and clients.

Despite these great benefits, many of us are still not doing it.  Why do we pass up on such a great exercise? The same reason many of us are not nuclear physicists. Because it is not easy. Because it is hard. Because we sweat, we huff and puff, and we are completely drained when we finish our workout. Even so, the benefits more than justify the difficulty, and it is an exercise that we all should dedicate a little more time to.

#1 Calorie Burn


As far as cardio goes, it does not get much better than jumping rope. It is a favorite among boxers and mixed martial artists, who are some of the most toned and elite endurance athletes on the face of the planet. This is because the calorie burn rate is unmatched by almost every cardio alternative.

A few short minutes of jump rope will leave you soaked in sweat, and cardiovascularly spent. While the average person burns 10-13 calories a minute jogging, they can burn up to 18 calories a minute jumping rope. If you’re looking to turn up the heat, hit the ropes.

#2 Short and Effective

As if the increased calorie burn wasn’t enough, jumping rope considerably decreases your time spent in the gym. You are burning calories at a faster rate, which tires you out sooner, so you finish your workout in less time. You can essentially complete the same workout, burning the same amount of calories, in less time. More time? Who can complain about that? We always feel as though there are not enough hours in the day, and find it hard to justify using our time on a treadmill or elliptical.

In our busy over-scheduled lives, jumping rope is suddenly a very realistic and viable cardio option. At the very least, if you’re not gonna try it out, make sure time is not your excuse.

#3 Metabolism and Energy Spike


What I find to be the most beneficial aspect of jumping rope is the effect it has on your metabolism.

Due to the speed and high intensity of the exercise, your heart rate spikes, as well as your metabolism. This is what triggers the phenomenal calorie burn. While your heart rate will slow to its normal pace soon after you finish your workout, your metabolism will continue running hot, burning calories for hours after your workout. Overtime, this will cause the general speed of your metabolism to rise, resulting in a metabolic boost that will increase your daily energy. You will soon find yourself energized and running at 110% all day, everyday.

#4 Improved Coordination

We often think of improved coordination as some sort of elite skill, something left only for professional athletes and fighter pilots.

Why would we need it? Our bodies do just fine with the coordination we’ve already developed, right? Wrong. Jumping rope improves coordination, balance, and stability in our ankles. This is very desirable when you consider that the ankle is a part of the body that is very prone to injury during everyday activities. In addition to sweating out a great workout, you will be seriously improving your body’s durability and longevity.

After the addition of jump rope to your workout, your body will be much more agile, and your ankles will be less susceptible to sprains and breaks.

Get At It!

It is said all the time that nothing worth having comes easy. This phrase could not be more applicable here. Yeah, jumping rope is tough. You’ll sweat, you’ll struggle, and you may even hate it sometimes. But when all is said and done, it’s time (and calories) well spent. You’ll torch calories, save time, have more energy, and your body will perform better every single day.

Spice up your current fitness program, and add some jump rope to it.

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