The Cereal Diet – Would It Work For You?

You may have heard about some weird diets, but is it actually possible to lose weight by just eating cereals?

There are many diets out there, ranging from the weird to the difficult. Diets can involve all types of fruits and vegetables to fresh juices. And then, you have something as common as cereal. Yep, you heard it right – there is actually a diet that anchors on the intake of cereal! So, how does the cereal diet work and would it work for you?

What Is The Cereal Diet?

Healthy breakfast with muesli and fruit

The cereal diet is generally easy to follow. Simply replace two meals with a bowl of cereal and non-fat or skimmed milk each day for at least two weeks.

This eating plan was introduced to the public by Special K and their very popular two-week challenge. Proponents of the diet boast that replacing two meals with a cup of cereal and low fat milk, you can lose up to six pounds in two week’s time. While the initial diet started with Special K cereals, you can go about with this program by using other low sugar cereals.

Simply follow the diet by having cereals for breakfast and either lunch or dinner. Then, have “normal” food for your third meal. By normal, we mean something healthy like chicken and vegetables. Alcohol is not allowed during the duration of the diet.

The Good Side…

The cereal diet is very popular that you’re bound to see it in commercials or come across some versions of it on the internet. Why is it popular, you might ask? Here are some positive aspects of this program.

  • -It is very easy to follow. You have to admit it, wresting with a daily menu can be quite taxing. So is having to cook a separate meal from the rest of your family. With the cereal diet, you can avoid all that. All you have to do is open a box of cereals, pour some milk and you’re done. It is also very convenient, because you do not need to spend a lot of time to cook your meals.
  • The diet does not leave you starving, because the cereal itself is heavy and filling. Unlike diets that drastically reduce your caloric intake by reducing the amount of food, you can actually feel full when you are on the cereal diet.
  • It is very cheap. Most people complain how expensive it is to eat healthy or make better food choices. This diet, however, does not break the bank. Cereals are relatively cheap and can be purchased anywhere.
  • It promotes breakfast among people who actually do not eat or have time for breakfast.

The Bad Side…

Young woman hates cereal

While it has positive aspects, the cereal diet is not without its negatives. Here are some of them:

  • It can get boring. Eating cereals twice a day for two days can get pretty boring – even if you buy a variety of low calorie cereals. Many dieters consider this the main reason as to why they end up ditching their diets.
  • While it is low in carbohydrates (hence, low in calories, too) it can also be low in everything. That said, you might not get enough of protein, fiber and other important nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

Does It Really Work?

Studies show that the cereal diet indeed promotes weight loss when followed properly. And why not – having meals that contain only 100 to 250 calories as opposed to having bagels and bacon or roast beef sandwich for two weeks straight is bound to help you lose some pounds and trim some fat. Thus, losing weight is indeed doable with the cereal diet.

While there is no harm in following the cereal diet for a few weeks, experts do not recommend that you continue doing so on a long term basis as it is quite restrictive and low in fiber, protein, vegetable and fruit content – which are important food foundations for a sound and healthy weight loss plan.

Of course, you can use it to jump start your diet. Then, you can eventually ease your way into a healthier and more stable weight loss plan that involves more varied food options and exercise.


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