10 Incredibly Inspiring Movies You Must Watch

If you’re looking for inspiration right now, you need to watch these incredibly inspiring movies about strong women and important human rights issues.

If we can get more women to talk about issues of equality and to be aware of the important issues these movies touch on, we can help to make the world a better place.

These movies will make you cry, but Hollywood has also done a great job of shedding light on issues that we all should be working to alleviate in our world.

Before we get too comfortable in our luxurious lifestyles and forget about the marginalized people, let’s have our girlfriends over to watch these inspiring movies!

1. Goodwill Hunting

Goodwill Hunting

This film is about education and coming up from nothing just based solely on goodwill. It shows the lead character (Matt Damon) getting books from the library to become smarter than everyone at the college where he is a janitor.

We won’t tell you the ending, but this will inspire you to use your time for good. If you haven’t seen this movie, or if it’s been a while, it’s worth watching. It can truly inspire you to know that the deepest attraction comes from the heart.

2. North Country

Charlize Theron’s role must have taken a lot of courage. She doesn’t play a pretty socialite, but rather a coal miner who is stuck in a cycle of abuse.

This touches upon women’s rights issues, and is a graphic depiction of the types of assault women still experience today. This is an important topic that we all need to be aware of and able to talk about so that we can put an end to workplace violence and discrimination. This movie was nominated for a myriad of awards including Oscars and Golden Globes.

3. Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda Movie

This movie, with Don Cheadle, is about diamonds. The marketed slogan that ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is linked to a violent diamond trade industry in Africa.

After watching this, you will be inspired to buy only conflict-free diamonds. This movie shows the struggle faced by the people during the Rwandan genocide. Don Cheadle was nominated for an Oscar in this film for best performance of a male actor.

4. Avatar

This is a more ethereal movie that killed it in the box office. If you want to feel a deeper connection to your life purpose, this movie will get you there.

The movie helps to highlight our connection to nature and to each other in an energetic and moral way. It touches upon important issues like natural resource management and protection of indigenous tribes.

There’s a reason this movie is the second top grossing box office movie of all time! Director James Cameron also has Titantic under his belt, which is the fourth highest grossing movie of all time.

5. Tears of the Sun

tears of the sun movie

Honestly, I cried my eyes out. This movie about the displacement of refugees will help you to understand an important part of history that most people don’t know about.

It shows the inner-conflict of following orders versus doing what is right. It will inspire you to be brave in life whenever you need to be. Bruce Willis leads a group away from ethnic cleansing guerrillas, and the movie is based on a true story.

6. Shaolin

This movie is action packed, and has a strong message. The kung fu movie genre always has deep meanings infused. The message of honor and integrity are epically portrayed in this heart-wrenching story involving the power of a country and protecting the innocent against corruption among the higher ranks.

The message of hubris and arrogance as a weakness is paramount. After watching this, I had a newfound love for kung fu movies!

7. Sweet November

This is a movie about living a simple healthy lifestyle instead of one in the rat race. Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron take center stage in this romantic drama.

The movie is lighthearted on the surface, but hits home on important issues surrounding what is most important to society. This one touches upon LGBT issues, sexuality and work addiction.

When Keanu’s character loses everything because of his arrogance, he finds himself living with a vegan dog lover and having fun for the first time in a while. It’s a highly relatable movie that could very well change your life.

8. 7 Years in Tibet

7 years in tibet movie

This is a true story about a remote part of the world in the Himalayan mountains. Brad Pitt plays the role of a man who makes friends with the Dalai Lama during China’s occupation of the peaceful nation.

It’s unbelievably inspiring and a must-see for everyone. Brad Pitt’s character is very egocentric, but learns humility and selflessness through developing a relationship with another culture.

9. Crash

This 2004 movie depicts some serious issues of gender inequality and racism. It will compel you to think about where we have come from and how far we still have to go.

It won a lot of awards for it’s message that is portrayed with such brevity and courage by the actors. With so many big name actors standing behind this movie, it’s refreshing to see Hollywood going after such important issues.

Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris, Brian Phillipe and many more are among the A-listers who made this movie a success on all fronts.

10. The Help

This movie won many awards for it’s depiction of racism in the south. It shows how the women feared for their safety and struggled to stick up for their rights and the rights of their children because of retaliation.

Octavia Spencer is brilliant alongside Viola Davis and Emma Stone. It also shows how the pressures of family can pressure us not to do what is right.

This movie is so well made and worth watching for many reasons. The women who are the hired help are abused and decide to write their stories.

A brave journalist, played by Emma Stone, sends it to a publisher, and the book hits the shelves, bringing karma back to the families that abused these poor women. The plot is perfectly executed from start to finish.

We would love to hear how these movies inspire you and change your life. We love when cinematography makes magic for the right reasons and we want to support the arts to do more of this. What do you think of these movies?

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