10 Movies Guaranteed To Get You Out Of The Rut

Everyone goes through those periods in life where they’re just unmotivated and downright sad. If that sounds like you, these movies will help!

No matter the reason for your current negative state of mind, you probably want to get out of the funk you’re in and back to your happy self. I think everyone would rather be happy and content with life than dread doing anything because they’re in a bad mood.

It’s completely natural to go through these lulls in life. Nobody can be 100% happy with themselves and their life all of the time. However, the sooner you can get past those trying times, the better.

Personally, when I feel like punching a wall or crying myself an ocean, I just need to unplug and get lost in something—anything. I prefer to sit back, bury myself in a heap of blankets and just watch movie after movie.

In order to feel better faster, I tend to watch only happy and uplifting movies that will surely rub off on me. Here is a list of all my go-to movies that get me moving again when I’m stuck in a rut.

1. Big Fish

Big Fish Movie

When one man falls ill, his estranged son travels to be by his side. Their tension-filled relationship, caused by the father’s over-telling of fantasy-filled stories that he claims to be true, comes to a standstill when the man recounts yet another story on his deathbed. This time, his son listens and discovers more about his father than he ever thought possible.

This movie hits you right in the feels because it brings you back to a time when thing were simple and life was full of excitement and happiness. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you’re done.

2. Pursuit of Happyness

After being evicted from his apartment and forced to live on the streets with his young son, one man must find a way to overcome these obstacles. When he lands a job interning at a prestigious brokerage firm, it just might be the thing he needs.

This film is full of excitement, sorrow and, most of all, happiness. You won’t be feeling bad about your own life after watching someone with nothing rise to the challenge.

3. Freedom Writers

One white teacher, a bunch of misfit, gang-affiliated teenagers and the desire to make a difference can transform the lives of many. When a teacher takes a job in a rough and tough neighborhood, they think she’ll never make it. Not only does she make it, but she makes a difference.

This movie is based on a true story struggle and brings willpower to a new level. You’ll be out of your bed and back to feeling like your happy self in no time.

4. Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans Movie

Another movie based on a true story film, which follows a Virginia high school football team as they face the struggles of an all-white school being integrated with an all-black school. In 1971, football is everything. So, when some white students have to give up their spots on the team for the new black students, it seems as though all hell will break loose.

This story faces challenges, racism and hardships. Although this sounds like a hard movie to watch, you’ll enjoy every second of it and be in more than a good mood when it’s finished.

5. A Cinderella Story

Hillary Duff stars as a young teenager who loses her father and is raised by her evil stepmother alongside her materialistic stepsisters. When she meets a mysterious boy in a chatroom and plans to meet him for the dance, things go awry after she loses her cell phone—and her stepmother doesn’t make things much better.

A classic coming of age movie for anyone who’s feeling a big nostalgic, this movie will inspire you to get off your butt and do something about the bad situation you’re in.

6. Matilda

One girl with incredible gifts and a terrible family life battles her bully principal and defends her friends in this classic feel-good film. She finds what makes her unique and makes a better life for herself alongside her beloved teacher, Ms. Honey.

When a little girl can take on all that Matilda has, you’ll realize that you can take on anything, too. This will lift your spirits and make you feel great about life.

7. Up

Up Movie

This animated film follows an old man’s attempts—and success—at following his dream and flying his house to South America by tying hundreds of balloons to it. He thinks that he’s accomplished it all until he realizes that there was an unexpected stowaway onboard his flight home.

Animated films usually tend to be unrealistic. However, this movie takes it to a new level and makes you believe you can do anything and you’ll feel extremely happy when it’s over. Trust me.

8. Little Miss Sunshine

What do you get when you combine one eccentric man, his wife, an uncle, a bored brother and a half-crazy grandfather all piled into an old VW bus on the way to support one little girl as she attempts to win the Little Miss Sunshine contest? The Hoover family, that’s what.

This quirky movie will pull you away from your own concerns and shove you face first into the insanity that is this family’s adventure across the country. The hilarity of this movie is enough to make you feel happy.

9. The Breakfast Club

When five high school students from completely different cliques are forced to spend an entire Saturday together in detention, you might think that chaos would ensue. However, these students—who are all facing different struggles in life—might realize that a rebel, a princess, a jock, a nerd and an outcast might not be so different after all.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies that has the ability to make me feel happy despite some of the harsher content. You’ll learn to let the little things go and appreciate who you are.

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller seems to have everything figured out—especially how to cut class and get away with it. When he decides to take one more hiatus before graduation, he calls into school claiming to be sick and then spends his day roaming the streets of Chicago in a “borrowed” Ferrari. Little does he know that his high school principal is hell-bent on catching him.

This feel-good film is one that everyone needs to see at least once in their life. It’ll bring you back to your high school days when things were simpler, and make you forget all about the hardships in your life.

Your number one priority when you’re feeling down should be to get back in a happy mood. These 10 movies were unintentionally designed to do just that. What movies always make you happy as can be?

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