Show Your Love This Mother’s Day With These Brilliant Ideas

Mother's day is approaching and you have to start thinking about a present for your beloved mother. Find out the ways to show her your love.

Mother’s Day has a long and rich history. In Greek history, the celebration was an annual spring festival that was held in honor of Rhea. It was a festival in religious observance of the maternal goddesses and dates back to the earliest times.

The Romans held a similar festival, but they honored Hilaria, known as a mother goddess. In history, it can be seen dating back as far as 250 B.C.

This festival lasted for three days and included a number of games, parades and other activities. Christians celebrated this day originally in respect for the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. It was England that expanded this day’s festivities to embrace all mothers.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries worldwide. Even though this day may be celebrated on different dates throughout the world, it has one true meaning to all people and religions: the honoring of mothers.

From the Far East to the Wild West, from old to new traditions, one thing is constant: the love and caring of a mother. There are no variations of a mother’s feelings for her children and the love a child holds for their mother anywhere in the world.

Thus, this one day a year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and mothers around the world are showered with love and gifts to show appreciation for all they are and all they do. In many countries, it is seen as a holiday and some churches have special services on this day.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with love

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Start this day with love by spoiling your mother; this can be done without costing a fortune. A mother wants to feel loved and appreciated, and that does not require money.

Many children wake early on this day and, with or without assistance, prepare a scrumptious breakfast for their mother. This meal usually includes some of her favorite foods or whatever is available, and can be made by the child depending on their age.

As a child grows and moves out, they may prefer to shower her with gifts, have a picnic or go out for a special dinner. In many schools, children are assisted in making drawings or cards for their mothers the week before to give to their mothers on the day, showing their love.

This day is meant to make a mother feel special, loved and appreciated. It is a day of rest for many women to honor all that mothers sacrifice and do to keep their families happy and functioning.

All a mother wants is the love of her children, so what better way to show this than with love in return. Gifts have become a formality pushed by commercialization, making it less personal than what it should be.

Spend the day giving your mother love, reminiscing about the fun times shared, laughing and treating her with the love and care she has bestowed upon you all your life.

Traditional gifts on Mother’s Day

Traditionally, Mother’s day was celebrated with a meal prepared for breakfast and served to a mother in bed. Generations would gather and spend the day relaxing as a family. Celebrations were simple, but the day was filled with time off for mothers, pampering and love.

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Give her a foot or back massage—you might not be a professional, but it will mean more to her than any spa treatment. Write her a letter or make a card and fill it with your feelings for her, not just some card scripted for commercial purposes.

Don’t rush in: deliver a kiss and some gifts, spend time with her, hold her hand and share your fondest memories. Mothers deserve to know the impact they have made on your life, and that you truly love them for all they have done.

Mother’s Day gifts of relaxation

Do you know what your mother enjoys doing to relax? If not, now is the time to find out. Does she enjoy lazing around the pool, playing golf, reading, camping, yoga, meditation, gardening or something else? This is her day, and you should try to spend it with her doing what she loves to do.

So, if she loves golfing, take her to the golf course and play a couple of holes with her. If she prefers gardening, buy her some herbs, trees or new flowers and assist her in planting them. If she loves camping, make it a weekend thing for the whole family. Spoil her in a way that will help her relax.

Give a gift on Mother’s Day that portrays love

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Breakfast in bed is only the first step to spoiling her this Mother’s Day. The whole day should be filled with love and spoiling.

Most mothers love flowers, but why spend money on a bouquet if some freshly picked flowers will mean so much more to her. Knowing that you collected them, and went to the trouble of picking them yourself just for her, makes a difference.

If she loves jewelry, you could make a bracelet or necklace yourself to give to her. There are so many tutorials online to assist you, and multiple shops where you can get the materials you need. Giving a handmade gift truly shows care and love.

Make Mother’s Day special

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Give her the day off, do the dishes, clean the house, make your own bed and cook for her, allowing her to relax and rest. If you do feel that you want to get her something in a form of a gift, there are a variety of unique gifts to consider. Go for something that is out of the norm that cannot be bought at any local store as it will make her feel special.

It could be something as modest as a coffee mug or pillow with your name on, or a personalized bottle of wine, rolling pin or more. There are many printing shops, gift shops and more locally and online that assist with such unique gifts. Show your love in ways that portray what you feel.

What are you doing for your mother this Mother’s Day? Share your ideas and thoughts with us by commenting below.

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