6 Chic Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Save the gaudy Santa Clauses and tacky multi-colored lights for Grandma’s house, and transform your home into a classy winter wonderland with these chic holiday décor ideas.

There are many subtle and elegant ways to decorate the home for the holidays without plastering every surface with Santa’s face. It’s becoming more and more popular to find ways to match your holiday décor with the preexisting theme of your interior design. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Flannel Sheets


To bring some holiday cheer to the bedroom, switch out your normal bed sheets for some seasonal flannels. Avoid prints of flashy snowmen or candy canes and opt for a subtler pattern that offers a holiday hue, but can be used after December 25.

Some ideal designs for this are traditional red and green or red and black plaid, while a new trend that has surfaced this year is a simple reindeer antler print on cream colored bed linens. This seasonal switch will have you waking up in the holiday spirit daily.

If you don’t feel likes stopping at the sheets, some festive yet coordinated throw pillows will complement the swap of textiles. Don’t feel the need to restrict the joyous pillows to the bedroom; the sofas and other living areas can see some holiday comfort as well.

Just remember to have a central theme in mind, whether it’s for individual rooms or the whole house, and do your best to follow it. Mismatched decorations from different design eras is what makes for holiday decorating gone wrong.

2. Accent Colors

It’s evident that there is no shortage of red and green décor during this time of year. To avoid going overboard with the Christmas color duo, treat them as accent colors while decorating rather than the stars of the show.

Focus on colors like white, silver, gold and crystal when choosing your main decorations. After all, nothing says winter wonderland quite like a room full of white. Place colorful accents like red ribbon around a glistening white Christmas tree or green garland and red poinsettias intertwined with twinkling white lights to achieve a balanced holiday ambiance.

3. Set the Scent


A room’s fragrance must be included when tackling interior design in full. Reach for pieces that will fill your home with the smell of Christmas and which will also act as holiday décor.

Scented pine cones are the epidomy of the Christmas scent. They’re affordable and they look beautiful as a table centerpiece. Candles are another key ingredient in the recipe for a home in the holiday spirit. Although they’re welcome in the home all year ‘round, your favorite winter scent will never fail to bring back fond memories of holidays past.

4. Less is More

Because many holiday decorations are passed through families from generation to generation, it’s easy for one household to accumulate a large quantity of knick-knacks and adornments. However, crowding every inch of table space with these items can make a space appear more cluttered than decorated.

This is not to say that these heirlooms shouldn’t be included in your annual décor, but there are ways to organize an abundance of supplies in order to achieve a most-desired, chic result.

If you have extra time and space, go on a mission to find a piece of furniture that will proudly display your decorations in a neat and coordinated fashion. This can be a bookshelf or another type of multi-purpose hutch.

If you happen to already have a similar accessory in your home, you may consider designating it to be the seasonal décor display. This will give you a designated place to arrange your décor during the season, and will make sure that the overall interior design isn’t compromised.

This tip isn’t to limit space for decorating, but to open up opportunity for more.

5. Incorporate Nature


The outdoors is a great part of what signifies the winter season. This is why many people choose to bring certain elements of the outdoors into their homes as decorations for the holidays. There’s no reason to stop at scented pine cones when shopping for some household accent pieces.

Greenery is a simple piece of décor that can heighten a space’s elegance and maturity in an instant. Line the mantel with greenery and allow company to be greeted by a wreath on the front door embellished with bright red berries and frosted pinecones, setting the scene for what’s inside. If you’re feeling frisky, hang some real mistletoe in a doorway to be discovered by your guests.

6. Set the Table Holiday Style

Bring the décor to dinner by investing in a holiday table setting that no one will forget. Stick to your central theme and the rule of accent colors when choosing a set of Christmas dishes to celebrate with. Spending the time and money on a dish set and table setting especially for the holidays will be worth it for years to come.

The most important element to include while decorating your home for the holidays is to enjoy doing it with the ones you love. Feel free to share your home décor tips in the comments!

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