How To Host The Perfect Oscar Party

On Academy Awards Sunday, Hollywood will honor the best pictures of the previous year and it's the perfect time to host Oscar party for your friends. We can't wait to find out the winners, and you?

As tempted as you may be to toss on some sweats and wolf down chips in front of the Oscars, you may want to reconsider your plans. Yes, you probably have work in the morning, but you and your girlfriends have been waiting all month for this moment. It’s an excuse to dress up, party and feel a little like a star yourself!

It’s easier than you think, too—even on a Sunday night. Follow these tips to host a celeb-worthy Oscar party that’s second only to a real front-row seat at the Academy Awards.

Go glam and dress to impress

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Who are you wearing? Even if the answer to that question is last year’s Target (and your party space is a tiny, third-floor walkup), remember that glamor is all about the illusion. Throwing on your best heels can make any outfit classier and a set of a champagne flutes is a sound investment no matter the occasion.

There is no end to the inspiration that can be found on Pinterest, though steer clear of Holly-Weenie Tuxedos and think about going for the gold. With a glittering fringe backdrop and photo booth props, golden balloons and crisp white tablecloths, even a modest party pad will look very chic.

Roll out the red carpet


Literally. And why not? Your guests will feel like stars for a night when they have to walk the carpet to get to your glammed up screening room (aka the living room). Have a camera handy to snap pics of the best looks and encourage your besties to strike a pose. After all, you know what they say: the paparazzi are everywhere!

Think beyond the chip


The best supporting actor at your Oscar party will be the refreshments, so make sure you fill the role wisely. Channel your inner Nadia G. and get hands on in the kitchen with a menu inspired by your favorite movies. Does that mean you need to whip up a multi course meal for your girlfriends? Absolutely not.

Think hors-d’oeuvre and pretty. There’s plenty you can arrange on charcuterie and cheese boards that will require nothing more than a designer’s eye and careful hands on your part.

For the bar, keep your party planning equally simple. Everything feels more Hollywood with stemware in hand, so build your bar around bubbles. Champagne dreams may have to give way to sparkling wine wishes because your tastes say leading lady, but your income says best boy.

The good news is that variety can erase a multitude of sins. Spain’s Freixenet is a surprisingly good budget buy and the bottle is perfect Oscar party décor. Those who eschew champagne and its ilk can sip Guinness’ new Nitro IPA if they prefer. The nitrogen-infused bubbles have a bounce that’s every bit as festive as the real deal.

Make it interesting

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You’ve been scanning the Oscar predictions and now it’s time to cash in on what you’ve learned. Ask guests to contribute something small—say $5 or $10—to a kitty for a ballot binge or costume contest.

Whoever picks the most winners or shows up in the best celeb-inspired frock takes home the pot. Your go-to party game could have guests delivering their own acceptance speeches—may the best woman win.

Of course, not every game requires heaps of preplanning, creativity or extra cash. Toast to making your soiree really interesting with a custom drinking game that you create yourself. Red carpet awkwardness? Bottoms up! Or, if yours will be a dry affair, try Oscar bingo instead.

Call in sick the next day

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The Oscars are notorious for going overtime and keeping the biggest fans awake long after the host has said goodnight, so turn the first day of the work week into movie Monday by calling it in. Make it extra fun and safe by declaring your Academy Awards bash a sleepover!

Who knows: after all the drama (and bubbly), you may actually need a day to recover so why not plan for it?

Awards shows are a lot like holidays if you think about it. We look forward to them all year long, and then they’re over in a flash if we let them pass us by. Making 2016’s show an Oscar night to remember doesn’t have to be a lot of work, which is good news since it falls on a Sunday.

However, you need to put in some effort if you want to be nominated for Best Oscar Bash next year.

The Oscars are a huge production, but the ingredients that make a great Oscar peeping party are simple: Best friends, great eats and even better drinks make a soiree—everything else is optional!

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