20 Most Romantic Scenes Ever Made in Movies

Looking for a great scene for some heart-warming romantic inspiration, perhaps? Here are twenty of the most romantic scenes you'll ever see in movies.

There’s something about a great movie that makes us really feel something somewhere deep in our souls. From a brilliant psychological thriller to a creepy horror film, some of the best scenes make us feel the most emotion! This is particularly true for romance scenes.

A very well done romance scene has the power to make you feel love again, to make you want to fall in love, and to make you really believe in love again. The magic of movies is a real thing and there’s nothing more heartwarming than a good romantic movie scene.

Here is my list of the twenty most romantic scenes that came from some of my favorite films which made me melt inside.



Just about every scene in Titanic was romantic, but I especially love the scene where she’s being lowered in one of the life boats and she sees Jack standing above her, watching her as flares shoot into the sky above him.

He’s smiling, she’s nervously being lowered to the water with the other women, and she suddenly climbs out of the boat and runs to him! That’s when I knew the movie would have a tragic ending, but it was also the moment I realized how much the characters loved each other.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton


Win a date with Tad Hamilton is one of those rare romantic comedies that make you feel good after watching it. Usually, I feel sad and lonely after seeing a romantic film, but not with this one! The end of the movie, when she’s driving in the rain trying to catch him before he leaves her life forever, causing him to crash (unhurt) into a street sign is romantic comedy at its best! Besides, any scene where they kiss in the rain is a romantic scene.


Flyboys instantly became one of my favorite movies. I loved all of the characters, I really loved the airplanes, and the emotions were very well presented without having to use too much dialog.

However, there is a scene where the main male character is rescuing his French girlfriend from Germans and as they’re taking off in his plane she’s shot in the shoulder. When he lands, he jumps out of the plane and carries her in his arms screaming for a medic, ignoring his commander and knowing he’s in a lot of trouble for taking off in a military plane for personal use.

That scene had an absolutely indescribable effect on me; even now I am tearing up writing it. I felt love and hope and desperation all at the same time, unlike what any other movie ever made me feel.

Gone with the Wind


If you’ve never seen Gone with the Wind, then you’re really missing out on a classic! Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara are one of the most passionate couples ever created, and seeing it on screen is quite powerful!

However, there’s a moment when Rhett picks her up and tells her she’s not going to deny him again that night and carries her to bed. It’s a masterpiece moment! Scarlett also wakes up with a very satisfied smile on her face, so you know they had quite the night!

10 Things I Hate About You


It might be a teenage movie, but this one is based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. There’s not too much in the way of romance, but Kat reads a poem in class, in iambic pentameter no less, and you watch tears run down her face and a pained expression cross over his. It’s very tender and romantic.

Like Water for Chocolate


This movie will make you sob like a baby. No, really, it will. I both loved and hated this film. When the main female character creates a dish with the roses her out-of-reach love gives her, the romance practically comes off the screen and into your home. It truly is a beautiful movie, and one that, although tragic, should absolutely not be missed!

An Affair to Remember


Who doesn’t know the famous end scene of this film? Where he’s standing over her and he’s mad because he thinks she stood him up so many years before, but she doesn’t want to tell him that she was hit by a car that day and can’t walk and he doesn’t ask her what happened…but then he figures it out. When he does, they’re both so overcome with emotion (yes, I am actually crying writing this scene, can you believe it?!).It’s so beautiful.

The Wedding Singer


I’m going to move onto something that won’t make me reach for the tissues now. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore at some of their best! The end of this movie when he’s on the plane and he starts singing to her over the intercom…wow!

Jerry Maguire


There have been so many parodies of this movie, but there’s no denying that it’s romantic. It’s not romantic in a classic sense; it’s not even romantic in a sweet sense. It’s romantic in an “I screwed up and I know I’m an idiot” sense. You know, when he comes into her living room and gives her that “you complete me” speech and she says, “Shut up, just shut up. You had me at ‘Hello’”.

Yeah. I want an argument like that.

Bridget Jones’s Diary


Renee Zellweger is no stranger to romance; in fact, she got to be the one apologizing in this film. She’s in her knickers and throws on a soft sweater and her sneakers just to run out into the snow to catch the man that she loves before he gets away again. Plus, that KISS!



Alright, in all fairness most Disney movies make me an emotional wreck. This one is definitely one of the most emotionally overwhelming films I’ve ever seen. When EVE is trying to spark Wall-E back to life after he saved her…I cried in the movie theater. Seriously, aren’t kids a little too young to feel that kind of heart-wrenching worry?!


There’s a romantic comedy with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell that I just adore. She’s a rich heiress who’s got amnesia and he was stiffed for a lot of money by her. He pretends to be her husband, takes her in, and puts her through hell raising his three boys.

Neither of them expected to fall in love with each other, of course. But, at the end, when they both jump into the water to swim towards each other…well, what can I say, it was cute and romantic, and is easily one of my favorite films in this genre.

Back to the Future


All I want…ALL I WANT in this life…is for some Crispin Glover look-alike to tell me I’m “his density”!

The Mummy

So much romance can hardly be described in one short statement, so all I’ll say is that moment when Rick gives her the stolen archaeology tools was adorable. That was my favorite romantic moment of the Mummy.

The Great Gatsby


Have I mentioned my love of J. Gatsby? I’m sure I have, so understand me when I say that when he’s dancing with Daisy and he’s looking at her and they both wish the moment could last forever…the way he LOOKS at her is devastatingly romantic.

50 First Dates


Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore make a great pair, and this movie is cute and quirky with its usual Adam Sandler style humor. However, at the end, when she’s watching the video of her life, and she meets her daughter on the boat…my heart melted.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Do you remember this movie? Almost all of the scenes between Robin and Marion are romantic, but the one where they’re falling slowly out of the treehouse, holding onto the rope and looking deep into each other’s eyes, is one of the most beautiful movie scenes ever.


I’m a huge Michael Crichton fan, and I didn’t expect him to have a romantic kind of tale, but this one has one of my favorite movie scenes in it. When he’s rescued the princess and he’s walking in the water pushing her gently in a boat to make sure she gets to safety…sweet and romantic.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day


Amy Adams singing in the pub to the piano music of the lover she’s trying so hard to deny is absolutely one of the best cinematic moments I’ve ever seen. She gets choked up and so does he, and they express all their emotions through their eyes…it’s so romantic!

Music and Lyrics


Hugh Grant is one of the best known actors for romantic movies. Even if he’s playing a character you really don’t like, you still kind of like him! In this one, you can’t help but fall madly and deeply in love with him. At the end, when he is on stage singing a song he wrote for Drew Barrymore, and you see her face light up in recognition…that’s love.

So, now that you know which romantic films make me warm up inside, how about sharing some of your favorite romantic movie scenes?

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