Office April Fool’s Pranks to Pull on Your Colleagues

Are you thinking of playing a prank on your co-workers? If you can’t come up with fun ideas, I’m here to help with some fun-tastic office April Fool’s pranks!

While it’s rare that anybody likes being “punked”, there is something wonderfully fun and surprising about April Fool’s Day. This is the one day a year you can get by with pulling a prank on your boss, your favorite co-worker, your boyfriend, and your enemies.

Of course, I’m sticking with office. Most of us spend forty hours or more a week inside our office next to the same people every day. Sure, we might get to grow and love those people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to harmlessly torment them every now and again.

For that simple reason, April Fool’s Day is the perfect day for revenge, and these office April Fool’s Pranks are proof that revenge is sweet!

1. The mysterious paperclip

Use clear tape and stick a couple of paperclips to the underside of the copier machine cover. When your co-workers go to make copies, they’ll have mysterious paperclip shadows all over their work.

2. Hide a chair


Randomly, throughout the day, hide an office worker’s chair. It’ll make them all crazy trying to find their missing seat!

3. Hide all your co-worker’s pens

One way to really get them good is to hide all of their pens. Most people keep pens in a little cup on their desk, so all you have to do is hide the cup! You can also superglue the lids on their pens, so when you give the pens back, they’re useless.

4. Stick tape on their mouse sensor

computer mouse prank

You can do this to one co-worker or make it an office epidemic with random co-workers. Stick a piece of tape on the bottom of their mouse over the sensor, and watch the office flip out when they can’t move their cursor.

5. Change their screensaver

Change your co-worker’s computer screensaver to something ridiculously funny, like a photo-shopped image of them riding a dinosaur.

6. Make them call the zoo


In all seriousness, tell your co-worker that a “Mr. Monk” called, give them the number to the zoo, and when they ask for the guy’s first name, say “Chip”.

7. Have all of your co-workers call in sick

On April Fool’s morning have all of your co-workers email or text your boss and “call in sick”. Of course, you’ll all show up, but your boss will really freak out!

8. Get everyone to ask “what smells?”

Get everyone to ask “what smells?” whenever they’re around the person you want to prank. Eventually, your victim will begin to think it’s he who smells.

9. Hold their item for ransom

Snag their stapler and leave a post it with a ransom note attached.


10. Plastic-wrap their chair

If you want to make your co-worker’s day a little more difficult, all you have to do is prank them with plastic wrap. You could wrap all of their desk items with this stuff, too, but the chair is usually enough.

11. Prank calls

Every time your co-worker stands up to take a break, call their desk and then hang up before they pick up. While you’re calling them, talk into the phone so you don’t draw suspicion on yourself.


12. Hide a squeaky toy in the back of their drawer

Hide a thin squeaky toy in the back of your colleague’s drawer, between the drawer and the cabinet. Leave the drawer open, and when your co-worker goes to shut it, all they’ll hear is the squeak!

13. Change their ringtone

Many of us leave our cell phones on our desk without thinking, simply because we know everyone we work with. While your co-worker is gone (any random co-worker who happens to leave their phone on their desk) quickly change their default ringtone to something very 80’s and somewhat embarrassing.

14. Rick roll their email

There’s an old email gag where you can “rick roll” someone by sending them a link (which you can easily google and find on YouTube). When they open the link it plays Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna’ Give You Up”.

When they go to close the link, it only opens another one…this will continue indefinitely until the song plays itself out. If you want to stay anonymous, create a fake email and send it through that.


15. Completely change their desk location every day

Why limit your April Fool’s fun to just one day? Every day for a week, change your co-worker’s desk location. No time? Change the items on their desk around instead. It’ll drive them nuts!

16. Change the name on all their icons

Have a little fun and rename all of your victim’s desk icons. You can say things like “The super fly files” or “My plans to take over the world”. Get creative and have fun with this little trick.

17. Have all of your co-workers trade clothes

On April Fool’s, drive your boss insane by having people randomly switch their clothing around. Ladies can change blouses or change their hair barrettes, and guys can change their jackets. Your boss will do a double take.

18. Random faces

Make a few copies of a scary face or choose a famous face to copy. Place the photos under toilet seat lids, in random drawers, and in closed cabinets. No matter what the face is, it’s sure to shock those who aren’t expecting it.

19. Wrap their stuff in rubber bands

rubber band

A quick and easy (but time consuming) way to pull an office April Fool’s prank is to wrap your co-workers stuff in rubber bands. Wrap their stapler, their calculator, their pens, and anything else that’s loose and useful. Make sure they’re wrapped in LOTS of rubber bands so they can’t easily be acquired.

20. Photoshop Waldo

Make a copy of all the family photos on your co-worker’s desk and then use Photoshop to insert “Waldo” from the Where’s Waldo books.

All of these pranks are safe and harmless and will undoubtedly keep you and your co-workers busy through all of April Fool’s Day. So tell us, who are you going to prank?

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