Things to Do on Your Birthday: 12 Fun and Different Ideas

Not everyone wants a cheesy birthday party, so here are some different and fun things to do on your birthday that will be memorable and inspiring.

You might not enjoy cake and candles, so here are some new ways to celebrate your birthday that are entertaining and you can do them by yourself too. I promise you’ll have more fun doing these things than you would just partying your tail off, and hey, you won’t feel terrible because of a hangover the next day either. It’s better to remember your birthday and to do something that could just change your life!


Do you ever feel like you’re just going through motions? Do you feel like a cog in the wheel, like an anonymous number? Well not after today, my dear! It’s time to get in touch with your unique nature and shed yourself of those false thoughts!

You are beautiful, and there’s no one that can bring what you do to the world! Get ready for a life changing day that you will remember forever! Here are some inspirational things to do on your birthday.

1. Get an astrology reading


Did you know that many large corporate companies consult master astrologers before hiring a new person to see if they are a good personality fit for the role? Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and the mysteries of the planetary movements can be considered a road map for our life purpose. You can get very in depth with it or you can use it to understand how to approach situations in your life.

Astrology can tap into what you’re naturally good at and what you’re inclined to excel at. It’s more accurate than you might imagine, after all, it is a science that is being interpreted. Try not to judge your astrological profile based on your local newspaper horoscope.

You can book a private reading for yourself or you and your friends can book some appointments back to back. It’s better to get an in person reading than an online one, and it will probably cost around $50.

2. Go to a sound healing


A sound healing could be what is called a gong bath or a chakra clearing. You could look for a crystal singing bowl class at a local yoga studio or look for someone leading one in your area. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed and great you feel afterwards, and it will be something new and different to experience on your special day.

Sound vibrations resonate through your body and release emotional blocks. You will feel lighter and more optimistic afterwards. Make it a day about personal healing and sip some herbal tea, take a bubble bath and cuddle up with a good book.

It’s totally fine to take a me day on your birthday or do it with a friend. Maybe start the day off with a yoga class, get a green juice and end it with a gong bath. Now that is something to talk about! It’s fun to try something different on your birthday instead of doing what everyone else does.

3. Get a funky hair do


Maybe it’s time to switch it up and try a new funky hairstyle. It’s so much fun to go out of your comfort zone and think of getting a new color or shape. This is a really fun thing to do with friends or on your own and is a great gift to give yourself. Grab a cup of coffee and show up ready to get fabulous!

It’s ok to focus on yourself on your birthday, so live it up! You should not just choose a random stylist either. Look up their previous work on Instagram if you can or go to someone recommended by a friend. You wouldn’t want to end up with a bad haircut on your birthday!

If you don’t want to do anything too permanent, consider getting a fun braid, extensions, or a blowout. You’ll feel like a new woman! Just doing something different can get you in the mood to have some fun too!

4. Take a circus class


This is an incredibly fun thing to do on your birthday. You’ll get an inside view on what it’s really like to train with circus professionals and see how they accomplish those incredible stunts. It’s fun to hang, climb, bend and fly during a circus class, and of course, it will be fun whether you go on your own or with friends.

You can be proud of yourself for conquering your fear of going upside down or for making yourself sore at a beginner’s contortion class. You may meet some really nice people, and most importantly, you’ll be able to be yourself. The circus culture is all about individuality, so you won’t feel like you have to try to fit in.

5. Attend a festival


Check out what local festivals are going on around the time of your birthday. Maybe try to find a music festival, a food festival, a yoga or art festival, and go see what it’s all about. Some festivals last for a few days and you can camp there or bring an RV. There are so many interesting and different types of festivals that can inspire you and get you ready for an amazing new year filled with exciting experiences and loving intentions.

There are many conscious festivals that are about connecting to our true nature and will help you feel deeply connected to your soul. Other festivals are more scientifically based or cause based. There are green festivals, theatre festivals, street performer festivals and many more. See what your options are, and don’t be afraid to travel a little to get to a good one!

6. See a play


The theatre is a gateway to the soul and when you’re in that suspended reality, you can find deep insights about your own life. Seeing a thought provoking play is a great thing to do on your birthday. The theatre evokes emotions deep within us and can also be a great emotional release. You may finally be able to cry, laugh harder than you ever imagined, or just feel truly touched in some way.

Go by yourself or go with a friend, hey, bring your grandma if you want. Look around your area to see what is playing and read some reviews. Find one you are particularly excited to see and make sure you don’t go to the theatre hungry. It’s usually a good three hour event with parking and intermission.

The theatre is designed to ask deep questions about how we view life and it can really help to change your personal perspective.

7. Go to hot springs


Imagine floating in a saltwater pool, soaking in a mud bath and sweating in a lime sauna. You will feel invigorated and detoxified and your skin will feel amazing! This is another experience that is amazing to be had alone or with other people, so take your pick. You can find luxurious hot springs and very natural hot springs.

Some of them will charge you based on which bath you would like or you can get a day pass and just hang out. Each place is unique, but it is an experience you don’t want to miss. Be sure you check to see if it is clothing optional, just so you don’t show up with your mother and have an unexpected birthday surprise!

8. Make sushi


It doesn’t have to be made with fish if you’re vegan. You can make veggie sushi that is epic and delicious. Check out ideas for how to make vegan sushi or regular sushi on Pinterest. YouTube also has some great tutorials for how to make sushi rice and how to cut the vegetables and fish.

Essentially, you will need what is called sushi rice, one of those bamboo rolling mats and seaweed sheets or rice paper. Cucumbers, avocados, mango and cream cheese are all fun to incorporate into sushi for extra flavor. Soy sauce and wasabi will make it feel authentic too.

9. Go thrifting


It’s time to revive your wardrobe. Start by getting some bags and filling them with the clothes you never wear. You can either bring them to a store that will give you some money back or you can donate them. Then go about thrifting and finding those diamonds in the ruff. Get some fun funky pieces that will be different than what you usually wear.

Taking some older styles such as vests or pleated high-waisted pants can look really fun. This is a fun activity to do with friends or solo. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous, and you will have a whole new wardrobe to feel like a new person in and start your next year off with a new vibe.

If you have enough clothes, maybe find some fun furniture you could paint or some fun art for your home. You can spice up your room or get creative and make something for someone else. It’s fun to do things for other people too!

10. Fun photoshoot


Most of us know a photographer these days who will do an artistic photoshoot with you for a discount. Think of a beautiful and inspiring place and theme your photoshoot with a color or a mood. Look at this as an artistic experience and just have fun with it. It’s fun to get out of your element and explore how the light catches you in different ways.

If you don’t like the spotlight to be on you, think of doing a photojournalism project to highlight an issue you’d like to bring attention too. Maybe you want to take some pictures of nature to inspire people to respect it and go out and experience it.

Maybe you want to take some pictures of design or capture how the weather interacts with the human made environment. Maybe focus on human emotions. Have fun with it, and again, you can do this solo or with friends.

11. Start a library for your dreams


Go to Barnes and Noble and get some books that truly inspire and interest you. Make this next year about inspiration, a journey of your soul to unlock your inner happiness and to connect to it. If you’ve been thinking about studying photography, film or modern art, you can pick up some books to start learning about it.

Hey, maybe you’re considering a career change and you’re looking for inspiration. Browse around until something catches your eye and you may find something unexpected. Let yourself be surprised and don’t just go for the practical books.

12. Go on a nature hike


Start your next year off on a healthy note, and take a fun nature hike. If you’re hiking in a remote area, don’t go alone and bring a map, but if you’re going to a place with clearly marked trails, short hikes by yourself are fun too. Waterfalls, rocks, beaches, trees and desserts all have so many fun secrets to be discovered and you will get sun, fresh air and exercise in the process.

You may want to look up what the native animals are, and maybe you’ll get a chance to see some. Connecting to Mother Nature can be one of the most inspiring things in life. You could combine the hike with a camping trip or use to find a funky place to stay in a local city.

Collect something significant and maybe make it a yearly tradition to go on a hike for your birthday. You’ll be able to reflect on the direction your life is going and think about what new things you want to introduce to your life.

Your birthday doesn’t have to be something you dread or a day to just drink a lot. It can be a milestone of positive change in your life where you empower yourself to go in a good direction. You can start your next year knowing what you want to accomplish, feeling alive and optimistic about being another year wiser.

Have an incredible birthday and share these funky ideas with your friends. Thanks for being a part of the empowered group of women here on YouQueen.

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Shannon Y.

Shannon is a contortionist and yoga teacher that loves to inspire people to lead empowered and healthy lives. She writes practical advice for health and gives real world insights to empower women emotionally.

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  • Excellent ideas, thank you. How about a beauty treatment, going out for breakfast, being a tourist in your town and taking a class?