Wake Up Early Every Day: Life Hacks of a Morning Person

Want to wake up early, but it's painful just thinking about it? So you sleep in again and say to yourself-tomorrow. Instead of repeating this vicious cycle for the rest of eternity and beyond, try these simple hacks that will help you get up and stay up!

How many times have you heard the expression: are morning people born or made? Well, the answer is both. Making a decision is the first fundamental step towards actuating a change in your life, even if it regards waking up early. Our bodies have the innate capability to follow different rhythms of nature, such as winter/summer or day/night cycles. This means that independently from our circadian preferences, our biological clock will always easily adjust to a change. The following tips, combined with a just a little bit of willingness and a good motivation to wake up, will surely help you become a happy and habitual early riser.

How to Start

One of the best ways to kick-start your decision to wake up early is to be very cruel and merciless with your body the first day. Kick yourself out of bed, even if your whole soul strongly rebels against it! You will be feeling a little tired during the following day, but this will be of enormous help in changing your habitual rhythm. Don’t ever try to drastically modify your wake up patterns. Our body is used to gradually adjust to new habits. So, at the beginning move your wake up time just by 15 minutes every few days.  Once you have reached the desired time, try to get up always at the same hour, no matter if you went to bed late or haven’t had much sleep. This will help you maintain your biological clock steady.

Things to Do Before You Go to Bed

To wake up early feeling fresh and rested, you need to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. First of all, never overeat late in the evening and don’t exaggerate with coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, since these are some of the main insomnia causes. Avoid stressful situations, let go off the worries and focus on positive and pleasant thoughts. If you have trouble falling asleep, take a warm shower or bath, use some calming aromatherapy oil, and drink a cup of soothing and relaxing herbal tea. Turn off the TV and the computer at least 1 hour before going to bed, and try falling asleep with an interesting book that will help you distract and pacify your thoughts.


Think of one, or even a few important things that you want to accomplish in the morning. Give yourself a good reason to wake up. Once you have managed to fulfill at least one of the tasks that that you’ve established to complete in the morning, you will start being more and more motivated to continue waking up early every day.

Alarm Clock

alarm clock in bedroom

Always keep the alarm clock far from your bed. You will avoid repeatedly hitting the snooze button and you will really have to get up to turn it off. Set your alarm tune to an annoying and pesky sound. Never the one that will ease you to continue sleeping! Once in a while, try changing the ring ton. That way you won’t get too used it one and you will wake up more easily.

Other Tricks That Will Make You Wake up Early

  • Don’t pull down the shades. Why not take advantage the first sun rays and wake up naturally?
  • Go to bed only when you feel really sleepy. That way you will avoid tossing and turning or watching TV for three hours.
  • Stretch yourself while you are still in bed, but don’t exaggerate! It can make you fall asleep again.
  • Prepare your things and cloths and put everything in order the evening before. It will be easier for you to wake up the following morning, knowing that everything is ready and done and the house tidy and neat.
  • Don’t sleep during the day even if you feel very tired. To recover your energies, just relax once in a while or drink an energetic tea. When you go to bed in the evening, the monophasic, 7-8 hour nocturnal sleep, will allow you to counter balance the buildup of sleep, while the polyphasic sleep (more times in a day) will make it harder for you to fall asleep in the night.

Reasons To Wake Up Early

Starting your day without a stressful wake up and having the possibility to enjoy the morning silence is perhaps one of the most important factors that contribute to positive energy balance

Depending on your lifestyle, you may spend much of your day surrounded by other people whether it be family members, roommates, colleagues or even best buddies. Sometimes we just need to be alone. Alone means free, even for a short moment, to give your full and undivided attention to you!

Here’s why waking up earlier is actually a good thing.

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