5 Inspirational Wall Art Ideas

Every now and again, we could all do with something to inspire us – something to fill us with life and force us to seize the day. These 5 wall art ideas will do just that.

Inspiration comes from all kinds of different places and in all different shapes and forms. In the end, it’s not about how inspiration finds us though, it’s about the message it sends us and the journey that little spark of inspiration sends you on.

Of all the ways inspiration can reach us, wall art is one of my favorites. There’s just something so comforting about waking up to a beautiful message across your bedroom wall or being reminded of how wonderful you are every time you step into your kitchen.

To help you find some inspiration of your own, here are five inspirational wall art ideas.

#1 If Not Now, When?

if not now when quote

Sometimes all the inspiration we need is a little kick up the behind. Life is short and it isn’t going to wait around for us, so it’s important that we make the most of each day and take every opportunity that comes our way. This quote is perfect to wake up to and will help you get up on the right side of the bed so you can go out and live each and every day to the full.

#2 ‘Take a Breath and Let the Rest Come Easy’

take a breath and let the rest come easy quote

Taken from the hit song ‘Dear Maria’ by All Time Low, this quote is by far the most inspirational piece of wall art I’ve ever come across. Life will never throw at you anything you can’t handle (even if it doesn’t always feel that way that the time), and as long as you stand, take a minute and breath then you can overcome any obstacle. This inspirational entry isn’t about focusing on everything that’s great in life; it’s about realizing that, yes, there will be hardships, but it’s how you handle them that counts.

#3 Live. Laugh. Love.

live laugh love

No doubt we’ve all heard this short phrase time and again, and, little wonder, it teaches us everything we need to know about life. This phrase makes for a brilliant piece of wall art in part because of its simplicity and in part because of the valuable lesson it teaches us. As long as we have a smile on our faces, love in our hearts, and remember to live instead of just existing then we have everything we need. A little reminder of that can’t hurt.

#4 Birds

Inspirational wall art doesn’t only come in the form of words or phrases; it can be a picture, too. Of all the designs out there, wall art featuring birds is perhaps the most inspirational. They’re a symbol of freedom, of spreading your wings and exploring new heights – something we could all do with being reminded of now and again. The great thing about bird wall art is that there’re hundreds of designs out there, so you won’t be stuck when it comes to choice.

#5 DIY Wall Art

Inspiration varies from person to person, which is why sometimes the best kind of inspirational wall art is unique to you. Instead of heading to the shops and picking up some ready-made inspirational pictures and phrases (as wonderful as they can be), why not try a bit of DIY and create your own wall art?

It can be anything you like: The lyrics from your favorite song, a quote you once heard, something your mother once told you, or even some good old family photos. The list is endless so put on your thinking cap and get creative! If you don’t fancy loads of cutting and sticking, you could even get your local printers to create your personalized wall art for you once you’ve picked a design.

It doesn’t matter where in your house you display your inspirational wall art – the decision will vary depending on the design you choose and what you feel you need out of life – just so long as you display it in a place where it will have an opportunity to work its magic before you leave the house each morning.

One of the great things about choosing a quote for your wall art is that the majority of them come in lots of different fonts so you can make the decision fitting to your home. In the end, there are hundreds of designs you could choose from; the decision is completely personal. However, I think these five are a great example of what’s out there and the inspiration they can bring to your life.

So, have I inspired you? I hope so! If you have any more great wall art ideas to share then feel free to do so and share the inspiration.

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