10 Apps That Will Help You Be More Productive

As the apps are taking the world of business by storm, we present 10 that will boost your productivity at work and keep you connected!

You have a fancy new gadget that supports all those amazing applications – but which ones are really useful? I admit it is hard to choose amongst the free, paid, most popular, newest, etc. categories and still get the best products out there.

That’s why we have done some research and come up with these 10 apps that will certainly boost your productivity levels and help you stay in touch with important people!

1. Evernote


This is a free app available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It is definitely one of the must-haves if you are a practical-thinking young entrepreneur, or even a student.

What you can do is take notes, written and audio ones, save images, print-screen web pages and then share them – with others or across your multiple devices.  It is one of those apps that you get so used to once they are downloaded on your device that they become indispensable.

2. Audio Memos

For those who prefer a feel of the ol’ Dictaphone when making those “note-to-self”s, the Audio Memos is a perfect app. I know for sure that I can’t live without it because I tend to forget important stuff when I am stressed or overwhelmed with work.

With this app, forgetting meetings is a thing of the past, because this little wonder-tool lets you actually record everything for yourself so you won’t forget it afterwards. And also, you can upload all of these on Dropbox later! Piece of cake!

3. CloudOn

So, everyone has the tablets and all, but sometimes you just want to use Microsoft Word. The thing is, you can’t actually download these for iPads and androids. You need a special app for that.

Most of these are paid, but this little one is free! So you can in fact run all your favorite MS Office programs on your iPad of Android tablet. Yaay! Plus it is made so it supports the tactile environment of the tablet. Love it.

 4. LectureNotes


If you still prefer the idea of writing in a notebook, why not try this app? It turns your tablet into a real-looking notebook where you can jot down your ideas in your own handwriting, only this notebook is actually digital!

It is perfect for those who hate typing but want to use the advantages of a tablet device. Note: you can also draw in this app, so all of you who need this feature, let it be known that it exists. This one is available on Android.

5. Roambi Analytics

This one is for those of us who do not know how to read into statistical data. Yeah, we might have the numbers and percentages in front of us, but it is hard to decipher those sometimes and use them in context.

That’s where Roambi comes in. It can take all that data you find impossible to read and turn it into graphs, charts or pies that will make understanding them so much easier! It is free and operates on iOS.

6. Addapt

Whenever one of your contacts changes their phone number or email address, this little one automatically adapts the address/phone number in your own contact list.

You don’t have to worry about being out of the loop with anyone you need to keep in touch with. And this app is free!

7. Bizzabo


This free app operates on Android and iOS systems and it actually works as a virtual networking aid. When going to networking events or conferences, switch this app on and it will help you locate and discover which one of the participants uses Bizzabo and what their profile is.

When you have done this, you can also connect all the contacts through Facebook or Twitter.

8. Campfire


Working on group projects is never simple, especially considering that not everyone is available at the same time, nor can they be at the same place. However, the project needs to be done and everyone must be on board.

Instead of using the not-so-practical Facebook chat, email, or (god forbid) Twitter, use this simple chat option – Campfire. It is a free chat, private and easy to install on your device. You can share different types of files without being constantly bombarded with new messages in your inbox.

9. CardMunch


This simple app helps you turn business cards you received in paper into address book contacts by using and integrated card reader, all of which you can later turn into your LinkedIn contacts.

8. Hootsuite

If you are one of the many who use social media for their jobs today, this app will help you keep track of all of the accounts. It actually brings together all of your social media contacts and can easily manage multiple accounts.

No matter how many of them you might have – FB, Twitter, Foursquare, all of those go right into the Hootsuite and you are ready to go!

9. LinkedIn


For those who cannot live without this ultimate business social network, be sure to check out the LinkedIn’s mobile app that brings all the joys of this network on your mobile device.

It is also adapted for the tactile environment so you can actually track all of your colleagues, the big names and also follow all the LinkedIn groups.

10. Yammer


It is another amazing group chat app, which is fast and doesn’t overpower your entire RAM memory when it’s running. You can not only chat but also share different file types and thus make your group work go as smoothly as possible.

So there you have it! If you are a techie, you will already know which one is the best fit for you. If not, be sure to try at least one of these soon. You will not be disappointed.

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