15 Amazing Facts about Kissing

You may know how to kiss, you may even be an amazing kisser, but, how much do you really know when it comes to some kissing trivia? Here are some interesting facts about kissing that’ll teach you everything you need to know and more!

Fact No 1

Around 50 percent of people have their first kiss before the age of fourteen. These pubescent kisses are often quite awkward and clumsy but, as they say, you live and you learn! The more you kiss the better you get at it. And, what’s even more important, if you tone down the nervousness and getting all stressed out about it – it all comes very naturally!

Fact No 2

The science of kissing is called philematology and the most important muscle when it comes to kissing is called orbicularis oris. It is the same muscle you use to pucker your lips. However depending on the kiss up to 34 facial muscles can be used. That’s quite a workout you’d agree!

Fact No 3

Passionately kissing for one full minute can burn around 26 calories. So, a little make-out session with your man should make up for that chocolate cake you had earlier!

Fact No 4

Kissing customs vary around the world. It’s estimated that around 90 percent of the world population kisses – there are some cultures in Africa and Asia that do not seem to practice kissing.

Fact No 5

Lips are a 100 times more sensitive than the fingertips. They hold even more sensitivity than the genitals!

Fact No 6

Young couple in love  kissing

Kissing can be healthy in many ways! Not only can it burn a few calories, it can also be good for the teeth, since the extra saliva it produces cleans them out and prevents teeth decay. It can also help reduce blemishes and even add a couple of years to your life span according to some studies.

Fact No 7

No two lip impressions are the same.

Fact No 8

Approximately two thirds of people tip their heads to the right side when they kiss.

Fact No 9

It’s possible for a woman to reach an orgasm while kissing.

Fact No 10

Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in the brain as bungee jumping, parachuting and running so it can most definitely produce quite a rush!

Fact No 11

The Kama Sutra doesn’t only contain countless sexual positions, but also 36 different kinds of kisses, such as ‘tongue fighting’ and many others. The ancient Romans, on the other hand recognized only three kinds of kisses: osculum – a kiss on the cheek, basium – a kiss on the lips, savolium – a deep kiss.

Fact No 12

Ancient Romans also used a kiss to conclude any kind of a contract – so, kissing as the way to conclude the wedding ceremony can be traced all the way back to that time.

Fact No 13

On average people spend around two weeks, or 336 hours, of their lives kissing.

Fact No 14

Young couple kissing on a tropical home balcony

Kissing is considered by many to be an act even more intimate than sexual intercourse. Men are for example much pickier when it comes to choosing the women they wish to kiss, than when trying to get laid, as many studies have shown.

Fact No 15

Do you know anything about Blarney stone in Ireland? The legend says that the builder of Blarney castle was involved in a lawsuit, so he asked the Irish goddess Cliodna for help. What she told him is to kiss the first rock he came by on his way home. He then pleaded his case with great eloquence thanks to this and won it, so he took the lucky stone and built it into the parapet of the castle.

These days, many people come to this exact place looking to become more eloquent. The thing is – kissing the stone is way more difficult than it sounds. You’ll have to climb dozens of stairs to even get to it, and then comes the tricky part. Sitting, back turned to the stone while someone’s holding your feet and arching backwards to reach it while holding on to the handles placed there specifically for this purpose.

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