3 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

You are “googling” for “do it yourself” home decorating ideas, but so far most of them seem too complicated?! Don’t give up just yet. Here are 3 easy DIY home decorating projects I’ve used to freshen up my flat. Read on. If I could do it so can you.

1. Your Personalized Coffee Table

Paint the coffee table. It is not as complicated as it seems. Buy wood paint and a brush. If your table surface is damaged, sand it first and then paint it with several coats of water proof paint. Pick whatever colour you want, and get to work. To give it a personal touch, draw stripes in different colours or paint the table in e.g. Black and than draw white coffee cups and plates. You will give your room a personal touch, as well as get a unique piece of furniture.

2. Old Jars – New Vases

colorful earthen pots

You don’t have to throw out an empty jar. Use it to make your own flower vase. Paint it in red, green or white, draw a flower or just a few lines over it and you’ll have your own vase. If you don’t want to paint it, place a little bit of sand or small pebbles at the bottom of it to make it more interesting. Old jars can be useful in a bathroom too. Fill them with small soaps in different colours or with layers of coloured sea salt and exhibit them on a bathroom shelf.

3. Monogrammed Napkins

Wouldn’t it be fun and classy to have cotton napkins with your initials on them? Use the ones you already have or buy them cheaply at a supermarket, one- dollar stores or online. Pick a colour and sew your initials onto the bottom of each of them. To add even more elegance to your dinner party, make your own napkin rings. Wrap the plastic ribbon around a rolled napkin, tie the ribbon into a knot and make the ends of the ribbon spiral by placing the ribbon between one blade of the scissors and your thumb and pulling the scissors away from the knot and toward yourself. Your guests will be impressed.

Congratulations! Your first DIY home decorating project is brought to an end. Reward yourself; make a nice cup of coffee, have a big bowl of ice cream and enjoy the work of your own two hands.

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