5 Ideas To Organize Your Bedroom Romantically

Are you tired of everyday routine? Do you want to do something different in your home? I have tips on how to organize your bedroom and make it a perfect place for love making. Want to know how? Whether you’ll like it to be a permanent solution, or just a temporary one, just follow these simple steps.

1. Out with the TV


No, I am not joking. The first thing you have to do if you want to organize your bedroom in a romantic way is to get the TV out of the bedroom.

And yes, I know, you like to snuggle together and watch the TV, but you can do the same thing on the couch in the living room. And it’s even better that way, since the couch is smaller and you’ll be closer to each other.

Once you enter the bedroom it’s romance time, so again – NO TV!

2. Out with the books

Reading is not just good, it’s great and we all agree on that, but it can also be a real romance killer. I mean think about it, would you rather see your man all serious reading a book, or waiting for you to come to bed.

Whether you will just cuddle, or even just talk, or it will lead to a great love making, you will certainly be one step closer to it without the books in the bedroom. And don’t get me wrong – read as much as you can, just not in the bedroom.

3. Adjust the light


We are all usually more in a romantic mood when we’re in the dark, or at least in a room with dimmed lights. So, make it darker. Make sure that you close the blinds, or if you don’t have them, buy some thicker drapes.

You can light some candles if you like, they always make a special atmosphere, just be careful, they are also a potential fire hazard. You can also leave the room in complete darkness and then engage in making love.

Trust me, the fact that you can’t see each other and you can only rely on touch, will bring a whole new dimension to love making.

4. Bring romantic scents in

A lot of people are triggered by scent, so if you are one of them, make sure you have the right scents in your bedroom. You can use scented candles, or sticks, or just air fresheners, whatever works best for you, but choose the smells that bring romance.

Forget lemon and orange, even though they are great, those are more of working than romance smells. Try something new, like jasmine, ylang ylang or cinnamon, something that will make you feel relaxed and ready for some romance.

Make sure that those smells suit your partner also – for example, girls usually love lavender, while guys usually hate it.

5. Put some romantic music on


The last, but certainly not the least, and maybe even the most important thing when you’re trying to organize your bedroom romantically, is to put some romantic music on.

Now, the music taste is different for every individual, so you will have to decide for yourself what romantic music is.

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, you certainly know what kind of music you both like, and it won’t be hard to find romantic music.

If you’re just getting to know each other, try to find out the music taste of your new boyfriend, and if it’s not really the same as yours, try going for something neutral.

Don’t put on something you know he’ll hate no matter how much you may love it. Find a mutual ground, something that will make you both feel comfortable and bring in romantic feelings.

You see, organizing your bedroom romantically is not so hard. You only need to put in a little effort, and you could gain a lot. After all, we would all like our guys to be more romantic, but we can’t always expect them to do all the work.

And who knows, maybe your partner will love your new bedroom and it will encourage him to be more romantic, and no work is too hard for accomplishing something like that, right?

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