5 Signs You’re on the Right Life Path

Do you ever wonder if you’re headed in the right direction in life? Here are 5 signs you're on the right path.

Usually in life, the signs that reaffirm our decisions and actions are so subtle that they’re easily dismissed. We either don’t even realize they are there or we pass them off as something else entirely because we fail to see the connection

So, if you’re contemplating whether or not your footsteps are leading you where you desire to go, here are five signs that you’re on the right life path:

#1: It just feels right

Sometimes signs aren’t shiny metal squares illuminated along the side of the road with destinations written clearly on them. In fact, more often than not, they’re a mere gut feeling that you’re headed in the direction you meant to go.

Call it intuition or instinct but, either way, it is that feeling that you get deep down in your body that you can’t justify based on anything tangible or any sort of proof. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

You see, your sixth sense isn’t actually just a feeling that comes out of midair. It is your body picking up on cues that your mind isn’t realizing or recognizing. So, if you’re a proof-based person, then you’ll be happy to know that the proof is there; you’re just not able to verbalize it.

Trust your gut to know when things are going the way they’re supposed to. It’s smarter than you may be giving it credit for.

#2: You smile more often than you frown


This is a huge telltale sign that you’re on the right path. After all, if you’re spending more time happy than you are sad, you must be doing something right.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all of your days will be lollipops and rainbows from sun up to sun down. That is completely unrealistic and would probably get pretty boring if you think about it. The bad days do help you appreciate the good.

Now, if you feel like you’re not as happy as you could be, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re headed in the wrong direction. It may just be that you’re failing to see the beauty in the path that you’re on so perhaps it’s time you change your perception.

Instead of looking at all of the things that are wrong with your world, look at all the things that are right with it.

Point out the positive aspects of your world and focus on them and you may just begin to finally see the signs that have been there all along.

#3: You feel fulfilled

This is the goal that many of us are trying to reach. We want the feeling that we’re whole and well-rounded; we want to be fulfilled in every aspect of our life.

Of course, this feeling is a very good sign that you’re on the right path. When you can look at the things you do and feel as if they complete you, then there should be no doubt.

For a lot of people, this involves doing some sort of charity work. It’s giving to others with no expectation of receiving. It’s the knowledge that you’re taking the time and energy to do your part to make sure the world is a better place for everyone in it.

When you give the minutes of your day to help someone else succeed or to show them that you care, how can you not feel fulfilled?

#4: You’d do your job even if you didn’t get paid for it


This is one major sign that you’re headed in the right direction with your career. That’s why people say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. It’s like you’re always playing because you’re so content with your field of choice.

Sadly enough, most people never have this feeling. They do their job because it pays the bills or fits into their life. It’s not that they love it or would do it even if they weren’t paid to do it. It’s that they need it to put food on the table or keep a roof over their family’s head.

Certainly, any job is better than no job and there’s nothing shameful or wrong about being in a position that doesn’t resonate with you. However, instead of accepting that as your lot in life, use it to drive you to be where you ultimately want to be.

Even if you can’t just up and quit your job to do what you’d like, you still have a lot of options. Take classes on the side to earn a degree in the field you want or get a part time job doing something that excites you and satisfy your career related urges that way.

If you can’t do what you want full time, at least do it part time. Get some sort of enjoyment out of doing work that completes you.

#5: You’re getting closer to your goals


This one can be tricky to figure out as it is often the one closest to the situation that can’t see it clearly. So, if you’re trying to decipher if your behaviors and actions are sending you in the right direction, you may need to ask yourself if you’re closer to your goals today than you were last week, last month or last year.

If the answer is yes, then you’re definitely taking steps that are moving you the right way. Just have faith that you’ll get there eventually. It may be a long road, but that will make your success that much more sweet.

However, if you’re getting further from your goals, then maybe you need to reevaluate what you’re doing. As yourself what you’re doing that is sending you in the wrong direction. What changes could you make that will push you forward versus hold you back?

Sometimes friends can help with this as they are able to see things about us that we either can’t see or choose not to acknowledge. Ask one of your best pals what she or he sees you doing that is beneficial and what you’re doing that is hurtful. Their honesty may help you realize how you may be sabotaging yourself in the pursuit of your dreams.

When you analyze your life looking at these five aspects, you’ll have a clearer idea about whether or not you’re walking the route you need to in order to succeed and feel fulfilled.

After all, the best sign is the one that is seen and acknowledged. All others become irrelevant.

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