5 Truths About Change to Live By

We all know how the idea of change can be terrifying. So, how do you survive the process with your mental faculties still intact?

Some people are good with change and welcome it with open arms. They live on the edge and take each new thing as it comes. Then there are the rest of us.

We see a change headed down our path and fear sets in. We become paralyzed with the “What if’s?” that consume our mind. We can’t see beyond the change, as if it is a mountain that stands in our way of happiness.

Although the idea of things not remaining the same can test every ounce of strength you have, surviving change is actually fairly easy to do. As long as you can keep in mind a couple of key ideas.

#1: Change is necessary

Imagine what your world would be like if it never changed. What if you woke up every day and did the same thing time after time?

You put on the same clothes, ate the same breakfast, went to work and performed the same functions, returned home to watch the same television programs and went to bed at the same time, knowing that the next day you were going to do it all over again. How boring would that be?

Change is necessary in life. It is a normal process by which we grow and evolve and challenge ourselves. It is there not to break you down, but to help build you up. It molds you and shapes you into the person that you were destined to become.

So, when you feel overwhelmed by the notion that things will no longer be the same, remind yourself that change is just part of life. It keeps things interesting and doesn’t let boredom or staleness set in.

#2: Change is good

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While it is easy to look at change as some evil part of life, it is actually a very good thing. It keeps you progressing and advancing as you learn new things and experience new situations. It teaches you about life and all of its endless possibilities.

Remember that nothing in life is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ These are simply labels that we assign to things based on our expectations and/or experiences.

For example, I may think that moving across the country is good as it allows me to live in a new area and create a new life, whereas you may think it is bad as that would mean you have to leave family and friends behind. It’s the same act, but we have assigned very different meanings to it.

If you want to pull a lot of the stress out of change, the best thing you can do is keep positive. Look at the advantages of the change and let go of the disadvantages. It’s up to you how you perceive it and whether you welcome the idea or despise it. Choose the former and you’ll be much happier.

#3: Change can be fun

Have you ever moved around the furniture in your living room just to change things up a bit? It’s kind of fun, right? You didn’t have to go spend a ton of money on new items; you just rearranged them in a way that makes you smile.

Well, that’s the great thing about change. It can be fun, if you let it. Even something as minor as moving the couch down a foot or two or changing the lamp shade can be a joy as it opens your eyes to the fact that you can be happy no matter what. You can play around with change and still end up with positive results.

When you’re facing a change that you’re dreading, find a way to make it fun and enjoyable. Tweak it just enough to bring you smiles and laughter.

Admittedly, it may be difficult to do if you’re adamant that the change is something you don’t want, but the more pleasurable you make the process, the more likely that you’ll make it through it with your mental attitude still intact.

#4: Change is temporary

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I’ve already said that change happens continuously through life, so how is it that it is temporary? Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that the feelings you get from the change are temporary. In other words, you’ll become accustomed to the change before you know it and it will likely seem like it’s always been that way.

Just like anything you do in life, you grow used to what you repeatedly do and know. So, even if something is new and different to you today, it won’t be so new and different to you tomorrow or the next day. You’ll have time to adjust to the notion and each day it will seem a little more a part of your ‘normal’ life.

This is important because when we’re confronted with change, we often can’t see beyond the initial shock of it. It’s like we’re stalled in time and create this image of how life will never be the same.

While it likely won’t, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay stuck in the feelings you have right now. It’s just a temporary feeling that will lessen the more you get used to it.

#5: Change is survivable

This is probably the most important idea to remember when you’re going through a period of adjustment. Although it may feel like you’ve been irreparably scarred, you will survive. Why? Because you’ve done so in the past and you will do so this time too.

Think back to times when life threw you a curveball and you thought your world was over. Was it? No. You figured out a way to move beyond what happened and still do good, right? Well, this time is no different.

Keep telling yourself that you’re strong enough to survive whatever is going on in your world. Decide that you will not let it break you. Instead, use it to grow and achieve new levels in life. Look at it as a challenge – one which you intend to pass with flying colors.

Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting. Look at it like a child would look at a new toy. Learn how to master it and make it your own. Before long, you’ll be looking forward to change and wondering why you ever used to dread it.

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