6 Reasons Every Girl Should Have A Guy Friend

Having a platonic male friend or two can provide all of the perks of male companionship without the complications that come with having a romantic relationship.

The love I have for my true girl friends runs deep. I have a select few lady friends in my inner circle whom I adore, but aside from them, I find it hard to connect with other women.

Whenever I casually strike up a conversation with a woman, I can’t help but feel like I’m secretly being judged. Our exchanges usually seem a bit disingenuous, like we’re running through the motions—being polite on the surface while making it through the sea of small talk.

Men, however, are a different story. I’ve always found it much easier to be around guys for various reasons. Here are the top reasons why every girl should have at least one good guy friend.

1. There is no competition between the two of you

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For starters, male companionship eliminates the element of competition that female friendship tends to create. Women are competitive with other women by nature.

Even if the competition is one that is purely unspoken, we still like to ‘win’ over other women when it comes to just about everything.

By being one of the guys, there is no worrying about who looks better, who’s dressed better or who gets more attention from the opposite sex.

There is no hidden rivalry and no secret worry about trying to outdo one another. When it comes to run-of-the-mill girly things, jealousy is a non-factor between you and your guy friend.

There’s no need to impress him constantly, and you can just be yourself around him without worrying about what he thinks.

2. There is less drama

As much as I love having girl friends, they sure know how to bring the drama. Even the closest of female friends can find reasons to fight with one another.

Whether the bickering is over something as big as a new boyfriend who nobody likes or something small like borrowing a dress and never returning it, there is never a shortage of cattiness among a group of the fairer sex.

Guys seem to be more carefree and go with the flow. Being around a group a guy buddies is generally more relaxed than the pressures of being around women.

You will probably fight way less with your guy friend about things that hardly even matter. Guys are fairly simple, and being in male company can be a much needed change of pace from the stresses of being around women all the time.

3. Men are honest to a fault

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When you ask your guy friend a question, be prepared for him to be brutally honest. Since the two of you aren’t involved romantically, he has nothing to lose by telling you how he really feels.

If you ask him how you look in a new pair of jeans, just know that he won’t hold back saying that you look smoking hot or absolutely awful.

Men are less sensitive than women in general, and they are less careful about insulting you or hurting your feelings when you go to them to advice. Guy friends don’t sugarcoat anything.

They tell you their true thoughts whether you want to hear them or not. This kind of honesty can be refreshing in comparison to the delicate manner in which your girl friends give you advice.

If you’re going through a rough patch, a girl friend will be there to soften the blow, be your shoulder to cry on, and tell you all of the morale-boosting things you want to hear.

A guy will tell you flat out where things went wrong from a man’s perspective and will you when you’re being stupid. Advice from men can serve as a much appreciated reality check.

4. They are funny—in a dirty way

Let’s face it, men have great humor. There is a certain level of disgustingness that we can achieve with our girl friends before we reach our limit.

With your male counterpart, you can really let your freak flag fly. Guys have almost no boundaries when it comes to discussing everything from fart jokes to every last detail of their latest sexual endeavor. If you and your girl friends ride the fine line on explicit antics and absurdity, your guy friends have already crossed that line.

Sometimes what guys talk about in their free time is a little too much for ladies to handle. If you’re lucky enough to be considered ‘one of the guys,’ you get the scoop on all of their wild shenanigans.

Men tend to be less embarrassed about oversharing their true thoughts or experiences, and that’s why we love having them around. Having a guy friend will provide you with some seriously laughable moments that you just can’t get anywhere else.

5. They are protective of you

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Guy friends are like the brothers you never had (albeit sometimes like the brothers you never wanted). They will be there for you at the drop of a hat, and stick up for you when you need it.

Your guy buddy has your best interests at heart, so when you get hurt or caught in a tricky situation, he will be there to pull you out of the trenches.

The kind of love he has for you can make you feel safe and secure. As much as we love being fiercely independent, it’s comforting to know that he always has your back when you need him the most.

If you are dating a guy who mistreats you, you guy friend won’t stand for it. He will be there to make sure you aren’t disrespected and stand up for you always.

He treats you like a little sister, and steps up to the plate when he feels like someone has overstepped their boundaries. A good guy friend provides assurance that there will always be at least one man that you can count on no matter what.

6. They are helpful

Need a last-minute date to your cousin’s wedding without the awkwardness of bringing that new guy you’re actually into? Give one of your guy friends a call.

Moving into a new place and need some help packing heavy boxes and carrying your couch up two flights of stairs? Bribe him with a couple of beers and your guy friend will be all over that.

Did you break something (again) and can’t figure out how to fix it? Guy friend to the rescue. We know that having a man around can be useful. Of course, we don’t need a man to do any of the aforementioned things, but it sure is nice to have the option, isn’t it?

Do you believe in the benefits of having a really good guy friend, or are you more of a ‘girl’s girl?’ Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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