7 Fun Crafts to Do at Home

More and more people are saying how much they would love a home based business. The advantages are many – you’re the owner of your own time and all the money you make, you don’t have to spend hours going to, and from, work and you can choose what to do. One of the things people, particularly women, usually turn to for a home based business is a craft.

Most of us are crafty at something. So why wouldn’t you use that craft to make some extra money? Who knows, maybe in a short time you’ll be a true businesswoman, the owner of a successful company that once started from your home. Check out the things you could do.

1. Jewelry

Many of my friends make jewelry at home and sell it. Some use clay or fimo, others are crafty at making copper wire jewelry, while those most crafty even make their own silver and precious metals jewelry at home.

Unfortunately, this is something that can’t really be done by anyone. I mean, you can always try, but if you’re not a little bit talented, you’re not very likely to sell any of your stuff. Try making something for yourself at first and wear it. Ask your friends if they like it, you don’t even have to tell them that you made it. If the response is positive, you can try making something for a couple of friends as a gift. The world will spread, girls do love their jewelry after all.

Of course, advertising over the internet is always a great idea. Make your own website and Facebook profile. Important thing – put the prices on the site, even if the products cannot be ordered online. People usually don’t want to bother with sending you an email or a private message, just to ask how much something costs. They will rather find a page with visible prices.

2. Pottery

Pottery has been gaining its popularity back, in the last couple of years. So, how do you feel like taking that dusty potter’s wheel down from the attic, and make some extra cash?

The most popular clay items are those that have a slight authentic touch. For example, if you want to make salt and pepper shakers, decorate them with something distinctive for your town, or state. Make it all in a way it could represent a souvenir from your town. Choose authentic shapes, colors and styles.

The best way to sell your pottery, apart from internet presentation, of course, is to apply for local crafts fairs. You’ll need to check in your local community center about this, but they are usually held at least couple of times a year. Choose smaller things, like mugs and small bowls, rather than something big. People will more easily decide to buy it, if it’s not too expensive.

3. Painting

Woman Painting

Ok, this is not really a craft that will easily bring you extra income. Paintings are expensive. You can’t really offer your painting for 20$, because you had a bigger initial investment to make it. Decide for painting only if you’re sure you’re good at it.

For starters, I would gather my best friends, showed them my best painting and asked of them to be cruelly sincere, and tell me what they thought about it. You’ll need more time to start selling paintings, but it’s not impossible. Ask at your local gallery if they offer possibilities for exhibitions of amateur painters. See if there’s an amateur painter’s society you could join. Try to make as many connections as possible.

4. Knitting

Woman Knitting 3

You can thank your grandma if she taught you how to knit when you were a kid. Knitting is not only about heavy sweaters, scarves and gloves. Sure, you can make that too, there’s nothing wrong with it, but you could also make something else. How do you feel about knitting a hand bag, or toys, or even bracelets and necklaces? Just let your imagination flow and put and old craft into a new role.

5. Crochet

Here comes another craft you may have learned from your grandma. But forget about crocheting a pillow case, or something similarly boring, and move along to something different.

Crochet hats are quite modern. Bags, belts, clothes or even jewelry are also a great idea. Make something for yourself and start giving your products as presents to your friends. Ask them to recommend you to their friends and of course, advertise on internet.

6. Sewing

Due to the fact that many people don’t have too much money, a lot of us have turned to sewing our own clothes. If you’re a bit creative and know how to do this – there’s a potential for home based business.

You’ll only need one sewing machine and some fabric. You could make a “yard sale” of the clothes you sewed for yourself and first let your neighbors see your work. Be prepared to do small repairs on old clothes, someone will surely ask you to do this. And why wouldn’t you? Wear the clothes you make. See if some fashion design school would be interested in displaying your work. Send photos of your clothes to anyone who could possibly agree to work with you, and be prepared to give it some time.

7. Baking

Woman Baking Cookies

Last but certainly not the least, baking is a very fun craft to do at home, that could bring some extra money to your budget. Lots of women work long hours, and don’t have the time to bake cookies for their kids, or cakes for their birthdays. This is your chance.

Invite your neighbors over and prepare as many different cookies and sweets as possible. Use every chance in your kid’s school to bring the cookies. Decorate your cookies the best you can – after all what appeals the eye appeals the stomach too. Slip in the conversation, that you baked the cookies yourself, and that you also take orders. People do love their sweets and if your cookies are tasty, you’ll get your first orders in no time. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out the article on selling cakes from home.

And there they are – 7 fun crafts to do at home, and a chance to earn some money with each of them. Are you crafty at any of them, or anything else that’s not mentioned in the article? Have you already tried to place your products on a market? I’d like to hear your experiences.

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