9 Memorable Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you're pregnant can be exciting, emotional and scary all at the same time. You'll probably never forget how you felt when you first saw that little blue line appear confirming you're having a bambino in the oven, but was everyone else's discovery about your little one as memorable?

How you tell your loved ones your fantastic news can really make or break their reaction; I mean, a Facebook status doesn’t have the same impact as skywriting does it? Here are some fab ways to announce your pregnancy that’ll really make your loved ones feel special!

#1 Balloon In a Box

Tie your scan picture to the string of an inflated balloon and pop it into a cardboard box. Give it to your loved ones to open and watch their excitement as the balloon rises to reveal your beautiful bambinos model shot! This is a great one to do if you can tie it in with a birthday or Christmas but if not never mind, people love presents all year round!

Make sure that it’s a helium balloon though otherwise it won’t rise!

#2  Line Up Your Shoes

Baby shoes

This is an extra cute one! Purchase your babies first pair of shoes or booties and take a picture of them lined up with yours and your partners. You could even pop a sign next to them with the due date on!

#3 Get The Kids Involved

If you already have a little one, or two, then why not get them involved in the announcement? Have them hold up a sign saying ‘I’m going to be a big brother/sister’ or a picture of the scan? You could even get them to hold up a ‘number 1’ sign and have a picture of the scan with ‘number 2’ next to them.

#4  Why Not Get The Pets Involved!

If you don’t have human kids, how about your fury kids? They’re part of the family too and I’m sure would love to be involved in the announcment of the new non fury family member!

#5  You + Me = 3

You and me equals 3

What an equation this makes! Mom and Dad equals 3. Or even add the kids and pets in to get 4, 5 or 6!

#6  ‘Worlds Best …’

Why not give a ‘worlds best’ gift? World’s best big brother to your little one on a t-shirt, worlds best grandma to your mom on a mug? She may be a little confused if she doesn’t have any grandchildren yet but watch the cogs turn and maybe throw in a scan picture for good measure! This pillow picture would make an adorable gift and it’s stylish too!

#7 Decorate


These scan picture decorations are so cute! Perfect for Christmas time but they could work all year round as a door handle hanging or ornament for the fireplace.

#8 ‘We’re Preggo’

This one is hilarious! Like a bit of the good sauce? Use it to help announce your little one with a funny picture like this!

#9  End of Tea Message

What better way to finish off a delicious cuppa then with an equally delicious message at the end of it! If I’d seen this sooner I think I’d have used it to tell my partner, if I could have held the news in long enough! You could also put the news on your dinner plate and wait for your loved one to finish eating to find out the good news!

There are so many cool ways to announce your pregnancy and now is the time to get creative! Start of your little ones journey with a real bang and get all of your loved ones involved.

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