Are You Overly-Emotional Person? Here’s How To Deal With It

Having more emotions than you know how to handle is always difficult to deal with. We feel so deeply about everything that it can be difficult to decide what is worth our emotions.

I hate the term “overly-emotional.” Who gets to decide how much a person gets to feel about something or how much a situation affects another person? Yes, there gets to be a point where too much is just too much and we need to calm down.

I can never doubt that, but it needs to be something that isn’t seen as such a hindrance like it is. Here are some of the things people who are overly-emotional deal with and why we feel so many things about it.

1. We want better for people

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We can easily see when a person is in a situation that they don’t deserve to be in. This absolutely kills us because we want to believe the best in people. We don’t want to think that bad things can happen to good people because karma shouldn’t work that way.

We see that people don’t always get what they deserve, and we wish we could give them better, even though we know it’s not always possible. When we see people involve themselves in behaviors that we know won’t help, all we want to do is take them away and assure them that everything is going to be okay and that they don’t need to be whatever they’re doing just so they can feel better.

2. We know what we want and don’t want to settle

You should expect that we have already mapped out everything we want to happen in our lives. We have this horrible habit of being upset when something doesn’t go the way we expected it to or wanted it to go.

We know what we deserve to have in life, being good people and all, so we don’t appreciate settling for anything we know we deserve. Often what we do, though is want better for other people than what we get ourselves.

Although we know what we want, we don’t always make people treat us the way that they should. We want so badly to believe that people are better than they may seem. This can often turn out badly for us when it comes to dating.

3. We attract people who need help

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We don’t tend to attract people who are sure of themselves because we know we wouldn’t be able to help them through anything. People who need help are great for us because it gives us a chance to channel our emotions and our empathy so we can really feel like we are helping someone.

It’s a great feeling for us to know that we are part of the reason why a person is feeling better that day. We take it to heart if we really can’t help someone.

4. We hate the “game”

There is nothing worse for us than playing “the game” when it comes to dating. Everything someone does to annoy us hurts us so much more than people will think. Being ignored is one of the worst things that you can do to a person who deals with a lot of emotions.

We can tell the immediate second when someone begins to treat us differently. It’s not a good feeling to know exactly when someone feels differently towards us than when they once did.

We would much rather someone be upfront with us than play a game and make us feel like we aren’t worth being treated correctly. We understand that people can be afraid to tell us how they’re feeling because they don’t want us to get too upset, but what they don’t seem to realize is that we will get over it. We won’t feel that way forever.

The only thing that would extend our negative feelings is if we are being played for a long period of time, which is what ends up happening. It’s counterproductive. Just be straight up with us, it’ll help both of us out in the long-run.

5. We have baggage

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There is a reason why we are the way that we are. Yes, we have always been emotional to a point. But there is something that happened to us that made us feel like we cannot control our emotions.

Do we need therapy? Yeah, probably. But we deal with our emotions to the best of our ability. We have been primed to believe that the way we react to things isn’t right, so we end up doing whatever we can to suppress our emotions.

We don’t want people to have to “deal” with us. We want people to want to be around us. So if that means us hiding how we really feel, then so be it.

Yes, everyone has baggage and everyone is dealing with their own demons. That’s something we are hyper-aware of and we are upset about. We don’t want anyone to go through the things that we have gone through, but we know that many people have had it worse than we do. It’s something we struggle to accept because we know how bad it feels to be in those situations.

6. We take longer to make decisions

We are so afraid of making decisions because we do not want to make the wrong decision. We spend so much time weighing out the options to make sure that nothing bad happens.

We are aware that many things could happen as a result of our decision, even though we are aware that not every decision we make is going to be life or death.
When we do make a decision, we are constantly wondering if we made the right choice.

7. We’re mostly introverts

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It’s very unlikely that you find someone who is both overly emotional and extroverted. Usually, people who are extroverts are very open about what they’re feelings, so they don’t internalize things as much as introverts do.

There are negative aspects to being overly-emotional, but overly-emotional people are the way that they are because they care so much for other people. We don’t want to see people fail or see people upset.

On the same note, we focus ourselves more on helping other people rather than helping ourselves, which can be devastating for ourselves.

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