Dream Meanings – Cheating

What is your mind trying to tell you when you dream of having an affair?

If you are in a stable and loving relationship, you’re in for quite a shock when you have one of these dreams. You wake up panting, sweaty, memories of getting it on with someone else in the world of your dreams that is still fresh, and your partner is oblivious to all of this and is still sleeping. What does this mean?

Lack of Passion

One of the most basic meanings of this dream is your frustration with the sex that you are getting in your relationship. Is there not enough passion, is it not regular enough? Ask yourself what your sexual expectations are like, and compare them to what you are getting. If your expectations are not met, your mind will “send” you someone who will fulfill them in the dream.

Is the sex in the dream different in any way? We often dream of what we really want, so maybe it is time for a frank conversation with your significant other. If you have unfulfilled fantasies or wishes, take them to the bedroom and make your dreams come true!

Cold Feet

If you are nearing a significant change in your life, maybe you secretly fear it. Are you engaged, is your wedding date soon? Getting cold feet about a change in your personal life will often be reflected in your dream, so take a close look at what’s bothering you.

OMG, I cheated!


A dream in which you cheat almost involuntarily, instantly regret it and wake up ready to start bawling, represents the deep feelings that you have for your significant other. It shows that maybe you are feeling insecure about yourself (NOT the relationship), that maybe you feel like your relationship is “too good to be true,” so you make up a dream in which you do something that will destroy it.

Dreaming of an Actual Person

Dreaming of getting it on with someone you know may be a sign of you actually wanting that person in real life. Is it someone that you have recently met and maybe find attractive? Your body will have a mind of its own in terms of sexual desires, so if your relationship is solid, you don’t have to worry. It’s just your body’s way of telling you “wow, that someone is hot!” If, on the other hand, you may consciously find the person attractive, take a look at your relationship – maybe it’s time for a change.

Sex with a Mysterious Stranger

If you are dreaming of a steamy night with a person who doesn’t really exist, it’s your libido’s way of telling you – “hey, I’m bored!”

Not with HIM!

Lovers in bed

Many girls have the cheating dream with a person they know in real life, but don’t like or even despise. If the guy in your dream is that creep from down the street or the really unattractive guy from the next office, this dream has a deeper meaning.

Sex in dreams may mean actual sex, but it can also represent romance and relationships, and show you that you are not happy with what you currently have. Dreaming of hooking up with someone who you wouldn’t ordinarily touch with a 12 foot pole is your mind’s way of telling you – “hey, even that would be better and more interesting than what we have going on these days.”

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