Dream Moods Interpretation: What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

Dreams are peculiar things. Your subconscious has a way of talking to you through fun – and sometimes odd – dreams. Knowing the right dream moods interpretation can help you know just what your mind is trying to tell you.

Not everything is as clear cut as it seems. What you feel in your dream can often have more to do with your day to day life than with what’s going on inside the dream.

Even nightmares can show you a bigger picture. Your brain may be trying to tell you that something is wrong and you’re scared of it – even if you feel fine in real life.

If you’re someone who has a lot of dreams or even if you just started to dream more, we can help you figure it out. Here’s how to figure out your dream moods interpretation correctly so you can make sense of what’s going on at the deepest level of your mind.

1. Abandoned

This is sometimes a powerful emotion in dreams. People end up leaving you and you really can’t do anything about it. You wake up feeling abandoned and lonely. Dreaming this often means you fear someone in your life drifting away.

It could also mean you’ve become distant from those closest to you and feel alone. You may not realize it when you’re conscious. Think hard about your relationships and if any have really changed. Your dreams may be trying to tell you they are.

2. Anger

Dreams, where you’re unreasonably angry, can have a lot to do with stuff that’s frustrating you in real life. Many of us are dealing with infuriating situations and just can’t react to them. Dreaming about being angry can mean that you need to let your frustration out and solve the things upsetting you in the first place.

3. Violence

Do you have dreams where you’re extremely violent toward people? It’s not uncommon for the nicest, gentlest of people to have nightmares where they’re hurting people or even killing them.

Usually, this is a major sign that someone or something is affecting you deeply in the real world. It could mean you’re losing control of your life or even that someone is frustrating you so much so that you need to let it out.

4. Sex

Sex dreams are very common. People get intimate with their significant others, strangers, and even celebrities in their dreams. Often times, this means you’re seeking intimacy in many forms.

On the other hand, it could have nothing to do with sex at all. The act of sex is about two people coming together and forming as one. It could also mean that you have two ideas that need to come together or that you want to come together. You’ll just have to do some deep thinking about your life to figure out which meaning a sex dream has for you.

5. Romantic

Having a very romantic dream isn’t the same as having a sex dream. In the romance dream, your deepest feelings of affection are coming out of the woodwork. Sometimes these are feelings you can’t express in your real life or even things you don’t think you can confess to someone else.

It’s your brain’s way of telling you that you have those deep feelings and need to release them in some way. Romantic dreams can also be about the strong desire for something in your real life. It doesn’t even have to mean you have a feeling for someone but that there’s something in your life you are extremely passionate about.

6. Teeth falling out

This could be one of the most common dreams that cause alarm in those who have it. When your teeth fall out or you’re missing teeth in your dream, it means you could be losing something or you fear something to come.

It’s the idea of not being in control. Oftentimes, those with this dream can’t stop their teeth from falling out and it causes extreme anxiety. This could be your mind’s way of telling you that things in your real life are spiraling out of your control a little bit.

7. Falling

We’ve all had that dream where we end up falling and wake up just as we hit the ground. This is a powerful feeling since it actually wakes us up. It usually means that you’re slowly letting yourself succumb to something.

This could be a new hobby, a person, or even a habit. It could be positive or negative depending on the thing or person you find yourself falling into. This dream may also indicate a loss of total control. When you fall, nothing can stop it but the ground. Your brain may be trying to tell you that you’ve lost control of something completely.

8. Failing at something

Dreams where you fail at something, whether it’s big or small, has a very simple meaning. It just means that you’re worried that you’re not good enough in some respect. Whatever’s going on in your day to day life can point you in the direction of these worries.

9. Being naked

Vulnerability comes into play with this dream. It doesn’t even have to mean physically vulnerable but rather, that you’re feeling open and exposed emotionally, as well. When you get into new relationships, this dream may surface as a means of your mind telling you that you’re becoming more vulnerable toward people.

This dream moods interpretation can also mean that you’re becoming new again and breaking through a difficult time in your life. The essence of starting over and freeing your mind and body from constraints in the real world can be seen in naked dreams.

10. Death or dying

These are always sad, difficult dreams to wake up from. Either you died or you watched a loved one pass away. Death dreams often mean it’s the ending of something. It could be an emotion that you’re finally getting over or a relationship.

This can even mean that you got through a trying time in life and need to move past it. When someone dies in your dream, think about how that person is connected to any struggles or turning points in your real life and you’ll find the dream moods interpretation.

11. Drowning

Many of us have dreams of drowning or being taken underwater against our will. This most often signifies no having control or being swept away by something in life in an emotional or mental sense. Being in a new relationship can often trigger these dreams.

This could also mean you’re drowning with duties and even stress. If you’re really busy and have a lot on your plate right now, you may have dreams that you’re drowning.

12. Being lost

If you find yourself dreaming of being lost and stumbling around a forest with no direction, it could mean you’re confused about something in your life. You have a decision to make but aren’t sure what to choose.

It’s basically metaphorical. Emotionally and mentally, you’re lost. You don’t know what to do or feel. The more you struggle with a decision in the real world, the more you’ll dream about being lost.

Since your dreams can be so vast and mean so much, having the proper dream moods interpretation can make understanding your subconscious so much easier. The next time you have a dream like the ones above, figure out what your mind is really trying to say.

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